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Mac News (104)

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  • Q2 2005: A Closer Look at the Numbers
  • My Shuffle Doesn't Need Protecting
  • Apple's Second Quarter Results: Pure Speculation
  • The Next Big Thing: The Apple Watch
  • Busting the myth of the iPod Halo Effect
  • The Next Great Apple Peripheral: The PSP
  • Great Design: Apple gets it...Others Don't
  • Apple and the Disney Store Effect
  • No One is Perfect: Ten Apple Mistakes Since the Return of Steve jobs
  • The $25,000 OS X Virus Challenge: Anatomy of a PR Nightmare

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  • Turn Off Your Push Notifications. All Of Them, by David Pierce, Wired
  • Apple And Other Tech Titans Should Tread Carefully In China, by The Washington Post
  • Ireland Seeks Custodian For Apple Cash As Collection Nears, by Peter Flanagan, Bloomberg
  • Reviewed: A Used, Year-old MacBook Pro From Apple's Refurbished Mac Store That Saved Me $450, by Antonio Villas-Boas, Business Insider
  • How An Anonymous Messaging App Beat Google, Facebook, And Snapchat, by Karissa Bell, Mashable
  • How Do I Know If I’m Good At Programming?, by Daniel Slater
  • The Billion-dollar Palaces Of Apple, Facebook And Google, by Rowan Moore, The Guardian
  • In 1995, This Astronomer Predicted The Internet’s Greatest Failure, by Rob Howard, Medium
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  • Two VP's Annonce One Product
  • Verizon iPhone to Offer 5 Device Mobile Hotspot
  • No Data and Talking on Verizon iPhone
  • Tim Cook makes surprise Appearance
  • Apple iPhone is Official
  • Verizon iPhone Deal Could Cost 5 Billion
  • Verizon Press Conference Coverage
  • Happy Birthday iTunes
  • Apple's filing with the SEC Reveals Executive Salaries
  • April Fools Joke Turns into a Real Product at CES
  • Apple Not So Green on the Retail Front
  • Apple Pulls VLC App from iTunes
  • Re-download App's from the Mac App Store for Free
  • Apple Tv Disappears From Stores During CES
  • Verizon Press Conference Scheduled from 1.11.11

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  • Disney and Pixar characters come to Apple's Clips app
  • Steve Jobs opera opens this weekend
  • Panic releases Transmit 5
  • 1Password for iOS eases one-time usage
  • Report: How Apple vs. Samsung Became a Smartphone Beauty Contest
  • Apple previews new upcoming emojis
  • Apple's back-to-school promo now available
  • Report: Software issues affecting rumored next iPhone's features
  • Apple offers extended coverage for 1G Apple Watch back covers
  • Jawbone customers struggle to find support
  • Little Snitch 4
  • Jean-Louis Gassee on the iPhone's scale
  • Apple wants to make Siri more culturally with it
  • Apple, Cisco CEOs argue their solutions should result in lower security insurance costs
  • Report: Apple and Hertz partner to test self-driving cars
  • Switching from Dropbox to iCloud
  • The life and death of FireWire
  • Report: Apple renegotiating streaming music rates
  • Scott Forstall gives in-depth talk about making the iPhone
  • Apple Camp offers sessions for kids
  • $99 annual Apple Music subscription option appears
  • OWC offers memory upgrades for latest iMacs
  • Apple hires Sony Pictures Television vets
  • Tim Cook on Donald Trump, the HomePod, and the Legacy of Steve Jobs
  • Report: Apple looking be hub for your medical info

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  • Shut down

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  • Apple Updates Keynote, Pages
  • Salling Clicker
  • Apple Announces Keynote 3, Intel Notebook
  • BoardRoom 2 Looks Great in Keynote 3
  • Keynote HQ Releases BoardRoom for Keynote 2
  • Keynote HQ Theme Giveaway

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  • New RSS Web Feed

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  • MainStage
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  • Keka
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  • SD5000T Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station
  • 2017 iMac 21.5" RAM upgrade
  • Rayz Rally
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
  • Deep Learning
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  • Deirdre O’Brien named Apple’s vice president of People
  • proDAD brings its Mercalli SAL video stabilizer app to the Mac
  • Syntronik virtual instrument now shipping for Macs, PC
  • XEffects 3D Video Walls plugin released for Final Cut Pro X
  • Videux is new video organizer/player for the Mac
  • Kool Tools: Smile Jamaica Wireless Headphones
  • AKVIS releases AKVIS Watercolor 2.0
  • Apple posts new betas of macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS
  • Isabel Ge Mahe named Apple’s managing director of Greater China
  • Cisdom Video Converter for macOS revved to version 3.4.0
  • Kool Tools: Focal Sib loudspeakers
  • Apple upgrades Logic Pro X to version 10.3.2
  • CS Odessa releases Classic Business Process Modeling Solution
  • DigiDNA introduces iMazing Mini for macOS
  • Apple announces new customer support role in iTunes Connect
  • Kool Tools: L-com cable glands, couplers
  • New ClimateCase protects smartphones from temperature extremes
  • Subway testing pre-orders using Apple Pay
  • Apple previews new emoji coming later this year
  • Moneyspire announces new cloud service for its personal finance software
  • illumineX releases EyeSpy 2.0.1 on the Mac App Store
  • Rixtag for macOS revved to version 2.4
  • File Manager for Mac released by B-Eng
  • Apple releases third developer beta of watchOS 4
  • Recommended reading: ‘The Arduino Inventor’s Guide’
  • Kitcast is a new business app for the Apple TV
  • CNS Plug-ins role out POP3it Pro 5.5
  • PopChar X 8.1 supports Unicode 10 and refines the all-new PopChar 8
  • Toolfarm offer free storyboarding plug-in for a limited time
  • Flexibits Releases Fantastical 2.4 for Mac
  • MacCleanse 6 ready for macOS High Sierra
  • Quark acquired by Parallax Capital Partners
  • PayPal now available on the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes
  • Output Factory for InDesign Improves Page Number Handling in File Names
  • SureCall releases the Fusion2Go 2.0 in-vehicle cellular signal booster
  • AKVIS releases new Sketch pack
  • Kool Tools: SLXtreme 7 for the iPhone 7
  • FileMaker Cloud comes to Japan and Australia
  • Apple releases third developer beta of Xcode 9
  • Third developer betas of macOS High Sierra, iOS 11 released
  • Antihero launches on Mac, Windows systems
  • Kool Tools: Fender Play
  • DEVONthink 2.9.13 improves decluttering service and Markdown support
  • Apple releases fifth developer beta of tvOS 10.2.2
  • CNUS updates CNS Menu
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III gets new map, more
  • Maintain serves up Cocktail 10.4 (Sierra Edition)
  • PhoneRescue 3.4 users can now download and restore iCloud backups in iOS 10.3 or later
  • Apple posts new iOS 10.3.3 and macOS 10.12.6 betas
  • DRM M4V Converter for macOS, Windows revved to version 2.0

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  • Goodbye from MacNN, and Managing Editor Mike Wuerthele
  • Rumor Roundup: Oh yes it is! Oh no it isn't!
  • Spotify claims app update rejection by Apple 'raises serious concerns'
  • Best of MacNN: the MacNN Podcast, episode 25: My Stupid Cat's Fault
  • MacNN Deals: Increase your productivity with these Mac apps
  • Best of MacNN: Lawyer sues Apple for not preventing his porn addiction
  • Hands On: macOS Sierra, part two
  • Tekserve closing NYC store on July 31 after 29 years of service
  • Giveaway: Final reminder of all current MacNN Deals competitions
  • Bang & Olufsen unveils Beoplay H5 wireless earphones
  • Best of MacNN: Detroit woman sues Apple, Nike for $5 billion
  • Saying Farewell: Editor Charles Martin
  • MacNN Deals: Malcolm Owen selects his favorite offers from the store
  • Fourth betas for OS X 10.11.6, iOS 9.3.3, tvOS 9.2.2 released
  • Best of MacNN: Apple unveils 'revolutionary' iPhone
  • Hands On: macOS Sierra, part one
  • Man 'marries' iPhone in Las Vegas ceremony
  • Apple gains patent for location-based smartphone control via infrared
  • The Big Deal: Grab over $3,000 of photography resources for only $99
  • Apple finances music videos to help secure exclusivity deals
  • Review: Moshi Avanti On-Ear Headphones
  • Apple updates iPhone installment plan with new options
  • Reviews: Moshi Avanti On-Ear Headphones
  • Best of MacNN: Apple Canada sued for demise of Time Capsule
  • MacNN Deals: Take your pick from these four Apple Watch accessories
  • Evernote raises subscription prices, adds free account device limit
  • Florida man files $10B suit against Apple
  • Best Of: Microsoft Store gig ends after rapper destroys computers
  • Chinese government imposes new user tracking rules on app stores
  • Giveaway Reminder: Win a MacBook worth $1,300 with MacNN Deals
  • South Korean antitrust regulator commences investigation into Apple
  • Google reportedly gearing up to produce own smartphone this year
  • Straight Path Group joins assault on FaceTime technology
  • Best of MacNN: MacBundler, BundleCult reportedly not paying developers
  • Hands On: Kitsound Stadium 120
  • Best of MacNN: the 2014 -- and last -- Macworld/iWorld Expo
  • Apple offers rainbow Watch bands for SF Pride participants
  • MacNN Deals: Fly through the air with these four discounted drones
  • The MacNN Podcast, episode 68: Side effects may include death
  • This Week in Apple History: June 25 through July 1
  • The Big Deal: Get over $3,000 of photography resources for $99
  • Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 prints smartphone photographs in seconds
  • Saying Farewell: writer William Gallagher
  • Freebie Friday: Take better photographs, learn the basics of coding
  • Apple online stores appear to be down [U]
  • Best of MacNN: OmniPlan hands-on (OS X, iOS)
  • Hands On: Mac Backup Guru 6.0 (OS X)
  • YouTube adds Periscope-style live video streaming to mobile apps
  • Best of MacNN: Back to the Mac: a fresh start after a long time apart
  • CarPlay coming to 2017 Honda Accord

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  • Cortana Makes Smart Thermostat a Glas Act
  • Has Photobucket Painted Itself Into a Corner?
  • Open Source Flaw 'Devil's Ivy' Puts Millions of IoT Devices at Risk
  • CoreOS, OCI Unveil Controversial Open Container Industry Standard
  • Google's Ugly Duckling Glass Becomes Enterprise Swan
  • Microsoft Rolls Out Linux Support in SQL Server 2017 Release Candidate
  • New AI Assistant Digs Up Specialized Info for Makers
  • 10th Anniversary iPhone Buzz: Late, Expensive, Possibly Awesome
  • HP Is Back: Should It Rename Itself Compaq?
  • SharkLinux OS Is Destined for Success
  • Alteryx CCO Olivia Duane Adams: Women Do Think Differently
  • Fedora 26 Powers Up Cloud, Server, Workstation Systems
  • Hyperloop One Test: Beginning of a New Transportation Era?
  • Microsoft Makes Room for Ubuntu at Windows Store
  • Gadget Ogling: Show and Tell, Fidget Folly, and Connected Nightlights
  • Microsoft Aims to Boost Internet Connectivity in US Heartland
  • The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Shows Which Bits Are Boss
  • Could Tech Nerf North Korea?
  • Trustify President Jennifer Mellon: Diversity Is Good Business
  • IoT Fuels Growth of Linux Malware
  • The Stupidly Dangerous Politics of Blame
  • Google Gives Up Scanning Personal Gmail
  • At 10, the World-Changing iPhone Is Kind of the Same
  • Google Makes It Easier to Create Virtual Reality Videos
  • Cyberattackers Kick Down a Few Parliament Email Doors
  • Xinix Offers Linux Lovers a Path to Zen

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  • How to set up Apple Pay
  • How to use Apple Pay
  • iOS 11 news - UK release date, new features, latest beta version
  • macOS Sierra review
  • macOS High Sierra latest news: Release date and new features
  • Apple VR headset latest rumours: UK release date, features and patents
  • How to remove Mac viruses for free
  • How to use Apple Music in the UK
  • Mac power user tips and hidden tricks
  • Apple AR glasses latest rumours: UK release date, features & patents

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  • Steve Jobs' Life Is Now An Opera
  • Google, Apple, Amazon Hit Record Lobbying Highs
  • Apple Flies Top Privacy Executives Into Australia To Lobby Against Proposed Encryption Laws
  • Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS
  • Apple, Google and Microsoft Are Hoarding $464 Billion In Cash
  • Facebook Is Looking Into Allowing Paywall For Selected Media Stories
  • iPhones Are Priced 'High in the Extreme' But They're Worth It, Says Apple Co-founder Wozniak
  • Apple's Risky Balancing Act With the Next iPhone
  • Apple's Pitch To Indian Developers: Think Local, Stay Up To Date, and Aim For Design Awards
  • Apple Sets Up China Data Center To Meet New Cybersecurity Rules
  • Would You Buy the iPhone 8 If It Cost $1,200?
  • Nest Founder 'Wakes Up In Cold Sweats' Fearing The Impact Of Mobile Technology
  • Reality Bytes: A Highflying Tech Entrepreneur Crashes Back To Earth
  • Qualcomm Seeks To Ban Imports And Sales of Apple iPhones in New Lawsuit
  • iPhone Bugs Are Too Valuable To Report To AppleSearch Slashdot

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  • A parade of third-party gesture keyboards arrives for iOS 8
  • How to get iOS 8 before your friends and coworkers
  • How to get the most money for your old iPhone
  • Admins wanted for Mac Outlook setup survey
  • Apple denies breach in celebrity iCloud 'hack'
  • Pairing an iOS device to a hearing aid
  • Swing Copters arrives, business productivity plummets
  • Drobo adds Time Machine support
  • Even more MagSafe accessories for Apple MacBook models
  • Finally a good use for Touch ID: 1Password
  • Parsing the Mac implications in Apple's Q3 earnings call
  • Microsoft releases first major update to Office for iPad
  • Apple acquires and shutters podcasting app Swell
  • Google Analytics arrives on the small screen with iPhone app
  • Apple: Why the big-brother attitude with peripherals?
  • Apple refers to iOS back doors as 'diagnostic capabilities'
  • iOS 8 beta 4 released to developers, includes new Tips app
  • Forensic scientist identifies suspicious 'back doors' running on every iOS device
  • A summer wave of MagSafe accessories
  • Garmin Viago: Feature-rich iOS navigation (with a few potholes)

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  • 'Pokémon Go Fest' issues refunds after tech problems ruin event
  • After Math: Do you see?
  • Ben Heck's Super Glue Gun: Merging form and function
  • Nissan preps its semi-autonomous driving assist for the US
  • Twitch will stream the '80s arcade gaming show 'Starcade'
  • Yes, Microsoft is still working on a 'Halo' TV series
  • Wells Fargo accidentally leaks 50,000 clients' records
  • 'Westworld' season 2 trailer reveals a park gone horribly wrong
  • Latest 'Star Trek: Discovery' trailer shows more of the crew
  • Watch the full 'Stranger Things' season 2 trailer
  • Drowned security robot wasn't a victim of foul play
  • Watch the nostalgic trailer for Spielberg's 'Ready Player One'
  • UK drone rules will require you to take safety tests
  • ASUS ROG Zephyrus review: Gaming laptops will never be the same again
  • Recommended Reading: Instagram's influence on restaurants
  • Hobbyist developers will make $30 million via 'Roblox' this year
  • The Morning After: Weekend Edition
  • Strava's new Premium perks will insure your phone while you ride
  • 'Minecraft' novel by 'World War Z' author is now available
  • 'The Defenders' Comic-Con trailer features punching, heroes
  • Google Play Music tweak adds a sidebar full of shortcuts
  • Spider-Man and Frank West join latest ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ roster
  • Aphex Twin is the latest artist to open an online record store
  • Australia's first vinyl factory in 30 years will open next year
  • Missing Malaysia Airlines flight search yields valuable seafloor data

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    Resource id #167
  • Moneydance 2017.4
  • Logic Pro X 10.3.2
  • 1Password 6.8
  • Transmit 5.0
  • Safari 10.1.2
  • iTunes 12.6.2
  • Security Update 2017-003 (Yosemite and El Capitan)
  • iOS 10.3.3 Patches High-Profile BroadPwn Flaw
  • Powerline Ethernet Adapters Are Everyday Magic
  • Vote for Your Favorite Mac Markdown Editor
  • Join Adam Engst for Support Essentials at MacTech Pro New York
  • Apple Releases macOS 10.12.6, iOS 10.3.3, watchOS 3.2.3, and tvOS 10.2.2
  • External Link: Google Glass Returns… In Factories and Warehouses
  • TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 17 July 2017
  • ExtraBITS for 17 July 2017
  • External Link: Connected Condiments: When Will It Have Gone Too Far?
  • Your Favorite Mac Word Processors
  • The Problem With Abandoned Apps
  • AgileBits Isn’t Forcing 1Password Data to Live in the Cloud
  • Aeon Timeline 2.2.5
  • KeyCue 8.5
  • PopChar X 8.1
  • Fantastical 2.4
  • External Link: [Updated] Verizon Users: Change Your PIN Immediately
  • External Link: Apple Stores Introduce Interactive HomeKit Demos
  • Apple Launches Repair Program for First-Generation Apple Watches
  • External Link: Siri Usage and Engagement Declining
  • TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 10 July 2017
  • Vote for Your Favorite Mac Word Processor
  • Desktop, Screensaver, and Browser Tab Eye Candy for Your Mac

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  • D/L Nvidia CUDA 8.0.90 Update (supports new driver for macOS 10.12.6)
  • D/L Nvidia Graphics Driver Update for macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  • D/L Nvidia Graphics Driver Updates for OS X 10.11.6 and 10.10.5 (builds with Security Update 2017-003)
  • Apple Support Article Updates
  • Other News, Tips, Software Updates, PR, OT
  • Carbon Copy Cloner 4.1.17 Update (release notes)
  • Info/DLs of Sierra 10.12.6 Update, Security Update 2017-003 for 10.11.6/10.10.5
  • Logic Pro X 10.3.2, MainStage 3.3.1, iTunes 12.6.2, iOS/tvOS/WatchOS Updates
  • Apple Posts Printer/Scanner Driver Updates (Brother, Canon, Epson, Lexmark)
  • SoftRAID 5.6.1 Update (bug fixes, known bugs with macOS Sierra)
  • Apple Remote Desktop Client v3.9.3 Update
  • Another DIY 2009 Mac Pro Dual X5690 CPU Upgrade (and more)
  • Feedback on Nvidia 378.05.05.05f02 Mac driver with GTX-1050 Ti card
  • Another Reminder to Check 2009 Mac Pro Northbridge Heat Sink Retainers
  • Recent Updates, Tips, DIY Mac Upgrades and Repairs

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  • Were the raw materials in your iPhone mined by children in inhumane conditions? - Los Angeles Times
  • How to: turn your iPhone into a document scanner, and when you shouldn't - AppleInsider (press release) (blog)
  • You don't need to close apps on your iPhone - Business Insider
  • Why New iPhone 8 Price Won't Matter To Apple Fan Boys - ValueWalk
  • iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy Note 8: What Features Will They Have in Common? - ValueWalk
  • T-Mobile is desperate to get rid of the iPhone 7 - BGR
  • Stop quitting apps on your iPhone and iPad ... it's making things worse - CNBC
  • 'IPhone Pro' will arrive on time but in limited quantities, JPMorgan says - CNBC
  • iPhone smuggler caught with 102 phones strapped to her body ... - The Verge
  • There's a reason you should be terrified of iris scanners and iPhone facial recognition – but it's not the reason ... - The Independent

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  • Analyst: Best Buy's iPhone Sales Impact Minimal
  • Best Buy's deal with Apple to sell the iPhone 3G will help drive up holiday sales numbers for the combination iPod and smartphone, but not by much, according to UBS analyst Maynard Um. While the increase in iPhone sales will likely be incremental, the Best Buy deal could... <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • Like Thought Intros Opacity Express
  • Like Thought announced the immediate availability of Opacity Express 1.0 on Wednesday. Opacity Express is a trimmed down version of the Opacity editor for screen graphics <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • ShareTool 1.2.2 Adds Remote Printing Support
  • Yazsoft has acquired ShareTool from Banes Software, and released its own update for the remote Bonjour access application on Wednesday. ShareTool 1.2.2 added the ability to use remote printers and also gained a redesigned user interface <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • iPodObserver - Best Buy to Sell iPhone 3G
  • The big box retailer Best Buy is set to become the first retailer outside of Apple and AT&amp;T to sell the iPhone 3G in the United States on July 11. The company sports nearly 1,000 stores throughout the country that will dramatically increase the number locations potential iPhone buyers can purchase the combination iPod and smartphone <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • iPO Quick Tip - iTunes: Resetting iPhone and iPod Warnings
  • The warning dialogs that iTunes displays, like to ask if you really want to delete applications from your iPhone, can get annoying after a while, so it's nice that Apple included an option to stop the dialogs from popping up. The problem is that Apple didn't exactly make it clear how to re-enable those... <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • Microsoft Releases Two MS Office Updates
  • Microsoft released updates for both Office 2004 and Office 2008 for the Mac late on Tuesday <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • iPodObserver - Walt Mossberg Describes New Future Created by iPhone
  • Walt Mossberg, at the Aspen, Colorado Ideas Festival last month, spoke about the rise and importance of the iPhone. He set the stage by pointing out that the Internet is not a place, but rather a pervasive utility. When we switch to that kind of thinking, the future enabled by the Apple iPhone comes... <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • iPodObserver - T-Mobile Will Counter Apple with its Own App Store
  • T-Mobile, having taken note of Apple's successful App Store plans to launch its own version in the fall, according to <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • Net Nanny for Mac Released
  • ContentWatch announced the release of Net Nanny for the Mac on Tuesday. With the release, Net Nanny is now available for both Windows and Mac users <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>
  • Using Flash and Shockwave on a Mac
  • Both Shockwave and Flash are multimedia players for the Mac. Knowing the difference between the two and keeping up to date with the the right version of each for your Mac, however, can be tricky. TMO sorts it all out <div class='nifad'><a href=""><img src="" border="0"/></a></div>