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Resource id #21Reports: iOS 11
post-install battery drain/heating, keyboard changes, 32-bit app elimination, passcode/password confusion, iTunes and iPhone 8/X compatibility, user interface issues (and tips), ghost alerts, unexpected preference changes (e.g. push), Apple feedback and more

Reports: Apple announcements
notes on Apple TV 4K, Watch 3

Reports: Apple authentication
2FA vs. 2SV vs. SMS; password recovery roadblocks

Reports: Competition
Google, Chinese phones, SPARC

Reports: macOS High Sierra
APFS issues, installer preservation, etc.

Reports: Networking
router recommendations

Reports: Storage
Fusion drives and Recovery partitions

Reports: User interface
iOS 11 inconsistencies

Reports: Virtualization
file-sharing tips

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities, which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame, gets an update for macOS High Sierra.

Carbon Copy Cloner
Mike Bombich's essential Mac backup app got more High Sierra/APFS fixes, plus a bunch of other tweaks.

Reports: BroadPwn and Apple
update from David Empson about new WiFi vulnerabilities, documented in iOS 11, tvOS 11 and watchOS 4 updates

Reports: Equifax breaches
lobbying, credit freezes, criminal probe

VMware security patch "critical"
VMware issues a "critical" update for a security flaw in Fusion that "may allow a guest to execute code on the host."

This free terminal emulator makes Apple's Terminal app look pretty weak in comparison. The latest release includes a security fix, touchbar support, and a bunch of other improvements

iMazing HEIC Converter
Convert iOS 11's new HEIC photo format to standard JPG or PNG files.

Backup (clone), restore, and migrate your Boot Camp Windows installations with this Mac app, which now supports High Sierra and APFS.

USB-C Travel Dock
Other World Computing revamps its compact USB-C dock... along with its price.

Reports: Apple Watch
911 emergency calls

Reports: AppleCare
Apple Watch defects

Reports: iPhones
viability of older iPhones

Reports: iTunes
reversion procedures, ambush updates, Configurator 2, iOS 11, etc.

Reports: Microsoft Office
topsy turvy world

Reports: Safari
can't delete zombie cookies

Reports: Security
U.S. border searches

The fast, lightweight anti-malware app gets macOS High Sierra support.

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets an update with support for High Sierra.

Apple Configurator
Apple updates its app for management of mobile devices.

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for up-to-date Macs, iOS devices and iCloud.

Reports: Apple announcements
Kinect and Palm Pre, App Store, Face ID, etc.

Reports: Apple security
"differential privacy" report

Reports: Applications
OpenOffice/LibreOffice/NeoOffice and print bug workaround

Reports: Autonomous cars
Audi A8, laws and liability

Reports: Backup
Time Machine-CCC coordination, NFS mess

iOS 11
Apple has security patches in its new mobile OS, which drops support for 32-bit devices.

Safari 11
Apple's web browser gets security patches for OS X 10.11 and up.

Xcode 9
Apple's development system gets security patches and other updates, including iOS 11 support for ARkit and Core ML.

Apple security updates
In addition to Xcode 9, Safari 11 and iOS 11 security updates, Apple also has patches in new tvOS, watchOS and iTunes releases.

Reports: Anti-virus apps
Malwarebytes update

Reports: Internet services
Verizon Wireless ditches rural customers

Reports: Mac marginalization
media creation vs. consumption

Reports: Security
election hacking/vote integrity

Suspicious Package
This utility lets you peek into OS X installer packages to see what they might be doing to your Mac... before they do it.

Here's a free alternative to iTunes for playing music and Internet radio stations, managing playlists, album artwork, metadata and more.

This cross-platform music (and video) player draws on YouTube's vast collection of recordings.

Belkin Boost Up
Belkin announced a wireless charging pad for Apple's new phones... due at the end of next month.

PowerPort Qi
Anker has a Qi charging pad, available now for short money (at Amazon).

Mophie Charging Base
Apple is selling Mophie's wireless charger.

Duet Display
Add a Touch Bar to an iPad for controlling your Mac, or turn your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil into a drawing tablet for the Mac. The latest version adds High Sierra support.

Reports: Apple Mail
tips for mail sync across two Macs (POP and IMAP accounts)

Reports: Applications
iWork suite vs. Microsoft Office

Reports: Quicken
quote overload, Dow Jones symbols

This popular anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets an update for High Sierra plus a few bug fixes and improvements.

This full-featured backup and sync program can work remotely or locally, with cloud storage or direct connections, and with support for iPhones and iPads, too. A new release includes preliminary High Sierra/APFS support.

Reports: Apple Maps
SSL (HTTPS) starts working

Reports: AppleCare
iPhone touch disease

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
voluntary safety standards

Reports: iOS 11
pairing security, hardware compatibility, App Store/iTunes

Reports: Office 2016
VBA back for the Mac

Reports: Security
lawsuits over unconstitutional search at U.S. border

Reports: Time Machine
backup loss and encrypted erasure

Here's another option for photographers abandoned by Aperture and/or disgusted with Adobe.

The popular backup app gets support for HFS+ volumes in High Sierra, but APFS support isn't yet ready.

The professional text editor with a wealth of features for programmers, web developers and others offers a free, full-function 30-day demo mode and a continuing free mode. The latest release brings a High Sierra fix.

This Mac utility app gives you graphical access to a huge range of Mac configuration settings and system information.

Reports: Apple authentication
iCloud/Apple ID confusions

Reports: Equifax breach
analysis and recommendations, lawsuits, ID theft and more

Reports: Router security
D-Link security holes

Reports: Security
voting and election hacking

Reports: Virtualization
file exchange options

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Bluetooth, voice assistant issues, sound tracker

Apple updates iTunes, but you might want to hold back the update, because it abandons existing capabilities and reverting may not be easy. (It also drops OS X 10.9 support while adding iOS 11 support.) However, the update also includes unspecified security changes.

Microsoft Office security patches
Microsoft patches more security holes that attackers can exploit via Office documents.

Apple announcements
Tim Cook started Apple's announcement event today with dramatic homage to Steve Jobs in Apple's new Steve Jobs Theater and briefly acknowledged current hurricane disasters, before pivoting to Angela Ahrendts talking about Apple retail stores. iPhone X with Face ID, Apple TV 4K, Apple Watch 3 and iPhone 8 followed. Meanwhile, High Sierra got a release date.

Reports: Aperture
Raw support, Tim Cook response

Reports: Applications
Apple Pages

Reports: Quicken
quotes limitation

Adobe security flaws "critical"
Here's another batch of patches for critical Adobe security flaws in Flash and ColdFusion.

Reports: Apple security
broken SKEL

Reports: iTunes
cross-account launch, other problems

Reports: Safari
Spotify problem

Encrypt files you put on cloud servers and access them from Mac, iOS, Linux Windows and Android platforms.

Mount network storage as a virtual local drive (now with support for Cryptomator vaults).

Create, edit, control and manage OpenVPN connections with this Mac app (now updated for High Sierra).

My Passport SSD
Western Digital has a compact SSD with a USB-C port.

Bezalel wireless chargers
This company has wireless magnetic charging cases for iPhone 6 and 7 models, plus charging bases for cars, desks and mobile use.

This company offers unique high-security/privacy laptops (though they run a Linux variant, not macOS) and they're crowdfunding a high-security/privacy phone project.

Ultrasonic Analyzer
This audio analysis app handles ultrasonic frequencies (which you can capture with a specialized USB mic).

Drag and drop to add or move GPS locations in your photo files.

Reports: macOS High Sierra
Microsoft Office malware, plus Aperture compatibility issues and Apple vs. Adobe apps

Reports: Help please
cloning/sync between two Macs

Reports: Microsoft Office
Mac vs. Windows Outlook

Reports: Storage
partition issues

Reports: Vulnerabilities
election hacking

Reports: Windows security
hacking Windows 10 S

Reports: Adobe Flash
HTML5 alternatives

Reports: Apple architecture
Steve Jobs Theater

Reports: Apple management
music and video

Reports: Autonomous cars
U.S. legislation

Reports: Development
Apple developer website problem

Reports: iPhone 8
screens, pricing and AR

Reports: Malware
multilevel tricks...

Reports: Finder
drive unmount script; alias follies, alternative

Reports: iPads
True Tone vs. Night Shift

Reports: MacBook Pro
battery failures, fires, replacements; GPU power/switching

Reports: Microsoft Office
Home Use Program, preference settings, equation editors

Reports: Security
Marcus Hutchins story

Reports: User interface
flat design...

Chromium security update
The open source web browser platform gets a bunch of high-priority security patches, plus other changes.

Google Chrome security patches
Google's web browser gets more high-priority security patches, among other changes.

This full-featured, cross-platform backup app, which has been around for a long time, gets High Sierra APFS support, live database backup, bug fixes and more.

Reports: AI, AR and VR
Windows "mixed reality"; Huawei AI phone chip; Samsung/Harman

Reports: Apple
janitors then and now

Reports: AppleCare
replacement iPhone hassles

Reports: Autonomous cars
Google skunk works story

Reports: BroadPwn and Apple
WiFi and Recovery volume issues and mitigations

Reports: Compatibility
Mac OS X vs. browsers, password managers, etc.

Reports: Fonts
Apple San Francisco oddities

Reports: Quicken
QM2007 compatibility upgrade

Reports: Router security
Arris modem backdoors

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
Akitio Thunder 3 Quad Mini; hackintosh

Add an end-to-end encryption layer to cloud services to protect the privacy of your files.

This app creates encrypted disk images, like Apple's Mac Disk Utility, but supported across Windows and Linux platforms, too.

RAW Power
This RAW photo processor for macOS Sierra, which works as an Apple Photos plug-in or standalone app, gets an update for better compatibility with macOS High Sierra.

An upcoming upgrade for the popular image editing program promises "machine learning-enhanced editing", Metal 2 graphics support and more.

My Cloud Home
Set up your own "personal cloud" with these network-attached storage systems and software from Western Digital.

SanDisk Xpand Base
Back up your iPhone photos, videos, and contacts to this flash storage base while charging.

Samsung CHG90
This monster monitor is due to ship this month after a delay.

This RSS app runs on Mac and iOS.

This RSS reader, free open-source, gets a High Sierra update.

Reports: Backup
Retrospect reliability, file format integrity and recovery, metadata and encryption, and NAS-to-NAS replication

Reports: Apple Mail
folder and Spotlight issues

Reports: Internet services
net neutrality and Apple

Reports: Security
hackable heart pacemakers

Reports: Thunderbolt 3/USB-C
new iMac, port confusion/configuration and adapters

Acronis True Image
This newly updated backup system specializes in saving images of your entire disk, Windows or Mac. An optional cloud backup service supports iOS devices, as well.

Apple patches bugs in its live performance app.

Reports: BroadPwn and Apple
detailed follow-up from David Empson about his outstanding research on the vulnerability and its effects vs. a full range of Apple hardware and software

Reports: Apple management
Tim Cook stock sales

Reports: Messaging
SMS-iMessage issues/confusion, alternatives

Reports: Quicken
Q2007 upgrade for newer OS X versions

Reports: Security
giant password/email hack database

This password manager runs on OS X and iOS and is compatible with KeePass password databases.

The full-featured and free alternative to Microsoft Office gets an update, following a major release.

Matias Wired Aluminum Keyboard
Matias promises a replacement for Apple's abandoned Wired Keyboard... due at the end of November.

Reports: AI, AR and VR
ARKit vs. ARCore, interface guidelines, interoperability

Reports: Apple security
authorization API vulnerabilities

Reports: Competition
Fitbit, Apple TV vs. Roku, etc.

Reports: Fonts
font management, guide, dynamic downloads, fingerprinting, etc.

Reports: Help please
Apple Notes disappear

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
password database; Sonos SMB

Reports: Microsoft Office
Apple/Google alternatives; lifecycle dates

Reports: Privacy issues
Accuweather again

Reports: Storage
USB3 problems, eSATA?

Reports: Vulnerabilities/vectors
extensive analysis from US-CERT

Elgato Eve
Monitor conditions and control devices with this HomeKit-based family of products.

This Mac app offers much more flexibility for Time Machine backup scheduling - now with APFS support.

Crucial BX300
This new SSD from Micron is fast and competitively priced, but capacity is limited to 480 GB.

Adobe security flaws
Adobe issues patches on top of patches for flawed security flaw fixes.

This inexpensive utility, which scans your system for malware, adware and other nasties, gets "a check for a security vulnerability on launch" plus updated malware definitions and heuristics.

Backup, restore, migrate and archive your IMAP email.

TechTool Pro
An update to the venerable Mac testing and maintenance app fixes some bugs and makes other improvements after a new version was released earlier this year.

This free benchmarking app tests CPU, GPU, RAM and storage.

Reports: App Store
strange connection

Reports: Apple security
invisible security updates, bugs and versions

Reports: Security
pre-9/11-level cyber moment

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Ropemaker email exploit

Reports: Apple Campus 2
Yanomami dwellings

Reports: Apple TV
4K upgrade coming

Reports: iOS security
Secure Enclave hack; iOS Security Guide; AccuWeather issues/alternatives

Reports: Malware
new, multiplatform adware/malware spreading via Facebook Messenger with Mac-specific Flash scam among its many tricks

Reports: Web browsers
sticky header antidotes

Reports: Adobe issues
subscriptions, updates, file formats and OS updates

Reports: iPhone/iOS
Siri confusions, battery issues, app quit

Reports: Malware
Mac trojan in the wild (OSX.Pwnet)

Reports: Security
Google server security chip

Reports: Web platforms
Joomla spaghetti

This full-featured network backup application offers local encryption for security, full Mac metadata support, multiple-version and changes-only backup, an open, documented storage format, bandwidth and budget controls, and more, while supporting inexpensive storage at Amazon (Amazon Cloud, AWS, Glacier), SFTP servers, NAS, Google Drive, etc.

This effective email spam filter gets an update with High Sierra support and other improvements (and it also works with systems back to Mac OS X 10.6).

Apple app/OS compatibility
Apple warns that versions of its "pro" apps that aren't up to date will have problems with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Reports: Security
phone number takeovers

Reports: Web browsers
Waterfox, Microsoft Sharepoint

Reports: Web platforms
more critical Drupal security flaws

Erase the "Internet tracks" on your Mac that result from browsing the web, taking up storage space and compromising privacy.

FastTasks 2
Among many other functions, this multi-purpose utility helps keep track of changes to your system profile over time, as well as scanning for "troublesome apps and files."

WD My Book Duo
Western Digital updates its RAID storage system with a 5Gbps USB-C port and capacities up to 20TB (for RAID0).

This word processor is aimed at scholars with multi-lingual support and advanced features.

Reports: Apple
Siri and mediated lives

Reports: Security
Advanced Mobile Location (AML) and E911

Reports: Security
evil parts and repairs

A new version of the virtualization software brings support for High Sierra and touchbars, among other improvements.

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product has a new version due in October with support for High Sierra, Metal Graphics and more.

This virtualization system from Oracle is free, open-source software.

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets critical security patches and some other fixes.

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets a few fixes.

This cross-platform mail server offers IMAP/POP/SMTP support, anti-virus/spam protection, a web interface, HIPAA encryption, SSL support and more.

This Mozilla-based web browser offers privacy improvements and continuing support for existing add-ons vs. Firefox.

This web browser is designed for minimalism and speed.

This commercial, Mac-native office application suite switches from an OpenOffice foundation to LibreOffice for better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

This app for iOS, Apple TV and other devices offers news, media, video, TV, images and info about NASA, its missions and the solar system.

This open-source password manager works cross-platform (although not on iOS) without requiring any cloud.

This cross-platform, open-source password manager is compatible with KeePass-format files.

Reports: Apple
video production

Reports: Firefox
updates (automatic and not)

Reports: Help please
magic bullet for raft of problems?

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
identifying MAC addresses

Reports: iOS 10
auto-update experience

Reports: iOS 11
security features; YouTube videos

Reports: Scams
Apple Support phone scam

Reports: Finder
dysfunctional/buggy behaviors

Reports: Microsoft Office
non-subscription support; Office 2011 end

Reports: Privacy
Safari Clear History mystery

Security: version control system vulnerability
A vulnerability in common version control systems could allow remote code execution.

Reports: Apple authentication
2FA system snapshots

Reports: Help please
drive repartitioning

Reports: Security
DOJ vs. DreamHost

Samsung T5
Samsung announced a 10Gbps version of its compact USB-C SSD storage device with rare USB Trim support.

Rename, archive, checksum, split, catalog, edit, merge, deduplicate and more with this file/folder tool.

What's Keeping Me?
Show open files and network ports that may be keeping you from emptying the trash or ejecting a storage volume.

Reports: Apple management
"services" revenue from Google

Reports: Competition
Microsoft Surface problems

Reports: iPhones
LTE/radio compatibility

Reports: Quicken
download/import and OS X compatibility

Reports: Security
face scans and DNA collection at and around US borders

Reports: Storage
reliability, RAID, and Fusion drives

Reports: AppleCare/support
purchase records

Reports: Backup
Time Machine bugs and Mac sleep

Reports: macOS Sierra
boot/compatibility issues

Reports: Networking
DNSCrypt and related issues

Reports: Privacy
Apple telemetry

Reports: Security
BroadPwn vs. Mac hardware/software/firmware updates

Mini vMac
Emulate an original Mac and run its software on your modern Mac (or Windows, or Linux or iOS) computer.

Acquire data from various hardware devices, then plot and analyze it.

Bill Boss
Keep track of upcoming and overdue bills and payments (as well as payment history) with this little Mac app.

This unique troubleshooting tool shows what files and network ports are currently open, and what processes are using them.

Get a lot of really good information about your Mac with this free alternative to Apple's default system profiler.

Reports: Malware
prevalent Mac malware

Reports: Networking
preference pane and configuration confusion

Reports: SSD
internal RAID and RAIN

Reports: Apple Watch
power demands/sources, LTE radio

Reports: Email
Comcast support tiers

Reports: Factories
Foxconning Wisconsin

Reports: Miscellaneous
more tips for viewing "man" pages

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets critical security patches (plus other updates), as it tracks Firefox ESR in the new "Feature Parity" series.

This high-security iPhone communications app, which offers encrypted voice calls, messaging, video calls and camera/video/document exchange, gets bug fixes and right-to-left language support.

Display computer/configuration information on the desktop or in Notifications or in a terminal window, and copy it to the clipboard.

View OS X/Unix "man" pages in your web browser instead of a terminal window.

Reports: AppleCare
gifts, serial numbers and iCloud/Apple IDs

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets critical security patches and other changes in a new version.

The installer package browser and extractor gets an update for High Sierra.

Reports: Apple authentication
iCloud email vs. old Mac

Reports: Migration/updates
problematic experiences, suggestions

Reports: Siri
"nshift" command-line program

Reports: VPN services
Hotspot Shield issue

Adobe Security Flaws: Critical Patches
Adobe has now issued patches for a long list of "critical" security flaws in Adobe Reader and Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Digital Editions, which "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system" or "lead to information disclosure."

Reports: AI, VR and AR
OpenCog, OpenAI, Apple AI

Reports: AppleCare & repair
stolen iPhone; repairability issues; automation

Reports: Backup
Time Machine and Photo Cache; TimeMachineEditor, logins

Reports: Help please
post-crash boot troubleshooting

Reports: Performance
SSD Trim, bottlenecks and video editing

Reports: Privacy issues
Google tracking credit/debit cards

Reports: Photography
Adobe DNG issues

Reports: Security
behavioral advertising with children

Reports: User interfaces
voice control, QNX

Reports: Virtualization
mysterious VMware problem with macOS 10.12.5

Ring video doorbells/cameras
See who is at your front door from your iPhone and talk with them remotely.

Monitor and record networked security cameras.

This Mac app helps control "HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches."

Reports: 2016-2017 MacBook Pro
trackpads, migration, Adobe Java

Reports: Security
code-signing and developer/distributor compromise

Reports: Siri
bugs vs. macOS 10.12.6 update

This Mac utility displays lots of details about storage devices and their reliability, plus it logs data, writes detailed reports, and runs tests.

Reports: Adobe Flash
exploit kits, elimination

Reports: Apple management
Tim Cook's pay targets

Reports: Help please
RAM requirements

Reports: Security
Broadpwn and Apple issues

Reports: Apple Mail
interface issues, Exchange change

Reports: Displays
hands-on review of Dell U3415W

Reports: Siri

PowerCore+ 26800 PD
Power your MacBook, iPad or other device with this big portable battery, or plug it into a wall socket for charging.

Powerstation USB-C XXL
Mophie's USB-C battery pack comes in a rose gold or space gray fabric finish.

This friendly website-building app might serve as a substitute for Apple's abandoned iWeb.

This utility app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for Windows-compatible encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more.

Apple financials
Apple reported quarterly financial results today: quarterly revenue of $45.4 billion and earnings per share of $1.67 (both higher than last year) with the biggest improvements coming from Services and Other (Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products, iPod, accessories).

Reports: Apple App Store
rip-off apps

Reports: Apple lawsuits
patents, poison, and FaceTime

Reports: Apple secrecy
trademark games

Reports: Apple Watch
Mac unlocking

Reports: Printing
software issues and tricks

Reports: Router security
Netgear firmware update

Reports: Apple Pay
billing address glitch

Reports: Audio
USB optical converters; Skype mic

Reports: Displays
Apple Thunderbolt Display repair

Reports: Help please
USB and HDMI issues

Reports: Security
China vs. VPN; Mac malware for older OS X

This web browser, based on Chromium and modern web technologies, offers some unique features.

Speed up your digital video workflow with this app for fast ingesting/rewrapping/transcoding and more.

Free Audio Converter (fr:eac)
This open-source audio app handles CD ripping, metadata lookups, audio format conversion, batch processing and more.

This Mac app lets you edit, lookup and batch-process metadata information and artwork in your audio files.

The Windows file-compression and encryption app is also available for OS X and iOS.

View and make changes to any data in any file - even huge ones - and peek into disk partitions, even invisible ones.

Reports: Apple Photos
Time Machine issue, transfers, Finder, Digikam et al

Reports: Apple software updates
experiences and tips

Apple abandons iPod Nano, Shuffle
Apple killed off its iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle but continues to sell its iPod Touch with a bump in storage capacity.

Apple Apple Store app and App Stores
Apple's Apple Store app is in one App Store but not the other App Store but it's in iTunes, though.

This cross-platform app converts email files from most popular apps to standard, portable formats and even offers a built-in IMAP server to help with conversion and archiving.

This app can extract your Apple Mail and Postbox mail (or import mbox files) and save it in a database for searching, archiving, tagging, statistics and export to standard database and mail formats.

Reports: Xprotect
Apple updates its invisible blacklists

Trim Enabler
If you want your third-party SSD to enjoy the same benefits Apple provides for its internal flash devices, Oskar Groth can help.

Reports: Adobe Flash
finally pulling the plug...

Reports: MacBook Pro
graphics hardware failures

This excellent audio editing, recording and processing app gets support for High Sierra, Metal, Touch Bar, Ogg Opus and more.

This open-source app offers full functionality for ripping and burning CDs, converting file formats, getting and editing metadata, and more.

Audio Hijack
Record audio from applications, as well as external sound sources.

Create multi-channel virtual audio devices for flexibly routing audio from apps and inputs to apps and outputs.

Broadcast Internet radio to the world with this app.

Design complex marching band drill formations and patterns, animate playback and print out coordinate sheets for cast members.

Generate audio test signals with this Mac app.

Reports: Firewalls

Reports: Malware
mysterious Mac malware, long active

This essential troubleshooting tool, which analyzes many Mac configuration details for potential issues and scans for malware, too, gets updates for High Sierra/APFS and other improvements.

This full-featured, well-supported scanning software works across platforms (incuding Linux) and supports Macs all the way back to Mac OS X 10.5! (And there are mobile versions, too.)

Reports: Finder
label colors and tags

Reports: Quicken
High Sierra

Boot Camp Broadpwn Patch
Apple patches the dangerous BroadPwn vulnerability for Boot Camp (but not for OS X 10.11 and earlier).

CheckMark Payroll, MultiLedger
These cross-platform apps offer payroll and integrated accounting for small businesses.

Dell UltraSharp U3818DW
Need a BIG monitor with lots of connections?

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT
These high-end Bluetooth and USB headphones dispense with the D/A converter and go "pure digital" via a Dnote chipset.

This remarkable utility opens up a whole world of hidden options and details in Apple's Mac system.

"Sierra" Cache Cleaner
Get "cache cleaning", virus scanning and much more from this utility that doesn't just run on Sierra....

Raspberry Pi Emulator
Emulate a tiny, inexpensive computer on your Mac.

Reports: Apple Messages
sync/deletion confusion and backups

Reports: Malware
"natriabox" and backups

Reports: Microsoft Office
High Sierra; activation failures

Reports: Hard drives
NAS drives, noise abatement

This cross-platform, open-source Internet suite includes browser, an HTML editor, web development tools, email, chat and newgroup reading. A new (beta) release gets security fixes from Firefox 51.

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning and more. The latest updates support iOS 11 and High Sierra (APFS), add WiFi auto-backup, and introduce a free iMazing Mini menubar version.

Reports: Apple CarPlay
VPN problem

Apple Security Updates
Apple updates OS X/macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS with patches for serious security holes and other bugs.

Java security patches
Oracle updates its development/deployment platform with another batch of critical security patches, plus bug fixes. ("28 of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials.")

"This update includes minor app and performance improvements."

Logic Pro X
Apple patches another batch of bugs in its flagship music production app, while making other improvements.

Apple patches more bugs in its live music performance app.

Roxio Toast 16
This Mac app can capture media from multiple sources in sync, convert it for iOS, build DVDs with menus and chapters, copy discs, and much more.

Reports: App Store
iOS browsers, ad blockers, music players

Reports: Help please
web video, used Macs

Reports: Internet
net neutrality issue

Reports: Photography
film copying lightbox

Canvas Draw
The classic drawing app for vector and raster graphics gets an update.

TG Pro
This app gives you details about temperatures in your Mac and control over its fans.

This inexpensive Mac text editor has syntax coloring, HTML preview, Unix text tools, grep and more.

UI Browser
Control apps via Apple's Accessibility interface with this scripting app.

Reports: Mac Pro
CPU upgrade, heatsink

Reports: Magic Mouse
problems after El Capitan migration

Reports: Microsoft Office
Windows Word for old Mac docs

Reports: Security
border searches

Reports: Storage
SSD Secure Erase

Reports: Voice recognition
Jabra headset

This sophisticated flight simulator is cross-platform and open-source.

OBD Auto Doctor
This cross-platform software talks to OBD-II automotive interfaces.

Export songs, albums and playlists from iTunes or the Finder to a folder or storage device (e.g. for playing in a car or other player).

Sound Control 2
Use this virtual mixer from the menubar or hotkeys to set audio volumes individually for multiple apps.

Balance Lock
Fix that "annoying left-right drift bug" in OS X.

PopChar X
Find and use special characters in fonts (even ".AppleSystemUIFont").

JSON Editor
Manipulate JSON data (including plist files) with syntax coloring and a built-in HTTP client.

This visual rapid development system is really, really cross-platform, while its design pays homage to Bill Atkinson's revolutionary HyperCard. (The latest releases bring bug fixes.)

Reports: 2016-2017 MacBook Pro
100W USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 cables; update failures

Reports: Apple management
iPhone 8 problems?

Reports: Apple Stores
Ron Johnson and JC Penney, etc.

Reports: iPhones
Mac Console app sees iPhone

Reports: Messaging
Skype compatibility hack

Google's Mac team is experimenting with open-source software for distinguishing good programs from malware on the Mac.

Build server-side software, too, in Swift.

Reports: Authentication
Apple website, 2FA/2SA hoops, SIM/phone hijacking

Reports: High Sierra
Beta 3 fixes Time Machine problem

Reports: Internet/phone services
5G wireless, Net Neutrality, rural broadband

Reports: Mac marginalization
pro support, MacBook Air, Windows, iPhone 8

Reports: Microsoft Office

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu tricks for macOS Sierra

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Broadpwn WiFi hack

Amazon Prime Day
Amazon is having a big sale today, which might be worth a look.

Adobe Flash flaws critical
More critical Adobe Flash security flaws allow "remote code execution."

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets a big update.

This object-oriented, visual development system can build apps for OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Web, and Raspberry Pi, and it's free for development and testing.

Track issues across Git repositories with this slick Mac-native app.

Reports: App Store
'launchd' problem resolved

Reports: Audio

Reports: Help please
Chinese language learning

Reports: Messaging
Skype problem, alternatives?

Reports: Virtualization
caveats for Snow Leopard support?

Reports: Vulnerabilities
"Broadpwn" WiFi attack

OS X printer/scanner/fax support
Apple updates its software support lists for various printer/scanner/fax devices vs. various OS X versions.

This unique email service offers high security and privacy, the ability to send encrypted information to anyone with a web browser, and access via both an iOS app and a web interface.

On1 Photo Raw
Free from subscription straightjackets and catalog/import delays, this photo app specializes in fast raw processing but also offers quick browsing, tagging and non-destructive editing with layers, masks, filters and more.

Export for iTunes
Export iTunes playlists and albums to a flash drive for playing in the car, or to a local folder.

Cesium Music Player
If you hate Apple Music, too, this iOS app offers an alternative.

Need a nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound)?

Where Am I?
Quickly grab details (and a map) of your current location and share them.

App Pier
Quickly open apps and favorite folders, hide and show windows via keyboard shortcuts or Touch Bar.

Enable and disable Intel CPU hyperthreading, as well as physical and logical processors.

Reports: Audio
microphones, gating

Reports: Firefox

Reports: Photography
Kodachrome scanning

Reports: User interface
support vs. changes, complexity and customizations

Prepare LaTeX documents directly in a WYSIWIG app instead of typing tags and compiling source code.

QromaScan, SlideBox
Put your iPhone camera to use scanning photos and slides with these lightboxes and apps.

Affinity Photo for iPad
The iPad version of Affinity's popular Photoshop alternative gets a bunch of improvements in the latest update.

Reports: Apple authentication
two-factor authentication issues, an iCloud vault concept, Steve Gibson's "Squirrel" (SQRL) login system, authorization code delivery options and issues, iCloud/Apple ID conflation confusion, the 2SV option hunt, app-specific passwords, issues with multiple Apple ID/accounts, email account/password issues, face-scanning and more.

Reports: Development
"App: The Human Story" film

Reports: Hackintoshes
$70 hack Mac vs. $2000 MacBook Pro

Reports: Hardware bugs
Intel CPU flaw

Reports: Security
Siri, privacy, subpoenas, voiceprints et al

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
Thunder 3 Quad Mini availability

Reports: Vulnerabilities/vectors
Ukrainian updater attack

Little Snitch
The popular network monitor and privacy utility gets a user interface redesign, Touch Bar support, a redesigned Silent Mode and more.

Radio Silence
This firewall app is designed for simplicity and ease of use, while blocking unwanted "phone home" behavior.

VLC Media Player
The all=purpose media player and transcoder gets security updates and other improvements.

GPX Editor
This full-featured app lets you view, map, edit and convert GPX (GPS eXchange) data.

This utility can help set up VirtualDisk raw access to a hard drive, but use it with care.