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News Mac News powered by MacInTouch

Resource id #60Reports: Solid-state drives (SSD)
notes about formats (M.2, mSATA and 2.5-inch), firmware update challenges, performance degradation with lack of use, and more

Reports: Apple competition
inflation vs. prices, storage performance, consulting advice, development/update timelines and issues (Macs vs. iPhones, monopoly position, etc.) and so forth

Reports: Apple compatibility
Metal cheese grater; Safari Preview in parallel

Reports: Apple security
cache/Quick Look leaks and clean-up

Reports: Microsoft Office
change tracking, keyboard shortcuts

Reports: Networking
MoCA (coax) connections

Reports: Printing
post-lightning problem

Reports: Storage
best practice tips from the experts

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of useful and unique features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and an iOS mobile version, too.

This cross-platform app converts email files from most popular apps to standard, portable formats and even offers a built-in IMAP server to help with conversion and archiving.

Reports: Apple quality
iOS 11.4 camera issue

Reports: Email
GPG Tools/GnuPG security patches

Reports: Office software
compatibility issues, options

Reports: Printers
Brother MFC-8860DN, PostScript, VueScan etc.

Reports: Storage
Apple Disk Utility issues

Create virtual disks that are faster than the fastest flash (but only temporary).

Reports: AppleCare/repair
$6.6 million Error 53 fine

Reports: Privacy problems
Google's location leak

Reports: Security
phishing in a nutshell

Mail Archiver X
Automatically collect and archive your email in a database (internal or FileMaker) with the help of this Mac app.

A nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound) gets a few minor fixes and improvements.

This full-featured, reliable, cross-platform, open-source FTP client has been around for years, and its Transcript window can make quick work of repetitive tasks.

Reports: Networking
wireless standards vs. performance, passwords, access point configuration, and Apple's AirPort Utility.

Reports: Apple issues
Mac vs. Windows in universities

Reports: Audio
thunder vs. AGC; Rode iXY-L mic

Reports: High Sierra
iTunes backups M.I.A. after migration

Reports: Mac migration
Safari home page workaround; Fusion failure without backup

Reports: Printing
broken Brother fix after router reset

Reports: Web browsers
Chromium downloads and Google credit-card capture

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets an update to cover Apple's macOS 10.13.5 update.

This combination iOS app and web service lets you advertise slots in your calendar for people to book time with you.

This Mac-native version of the office application suite fixes more crashing bugs and memory leaks in a confusingly named "2017.10" release.

View and make changes to any data in any file - even huge ones - and peek into disk partitions, even invisible ones. A quick update after the last release brings binary templates, a High Sierra fix, and other improvements.

Reports: AirPort/alternatives
Time Capsule data issues

Reports: Apple quality
Xcode, another MacBook Pro defect, maps/outages

Reports: Augmented Reality (AR)
Apple focus, advertising

This innovative app lets you tag photos with essential metadata, using your voice instead of typing.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics toolkit gets a few more features and fixes.

Pixelmator Pro
This image editing app for the Mac features "machine learning", but you'll need High Sierra and a "Metal-compatible graphics card" to run it. The latest version brings some fixes after a "massive update."

This full-featured app handles all manner of PDF tasks, offering an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and an iOS version that can share files.

Print to Mac-connected printers from your iOS devices over AirPrint (no extra software required).

Reports: Databases
Google App Maker

Reports: Security/privacy
Pi-hole, Panopticlick, Firefox private mode

Reports: USB Type-C
robustness, complexity

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for recent Macs, 64-bit iOS devices and iCloud with LaTeX/MathML support, better Microsoft Office compatibility, Apple Pencil support and audio integration.

Reports: Apple security
contacts harvesting, USB loopholes, Facebook...

Reports: Help please
wired mice for Apple software updates

Reports: Internet services
ad blocking, JavaScript, perfume, Facebook, tracking

Reports: Mac Pro
fun with graphics cards and cables

Reports: Migration/updates
High Sierra disk format follies

Reports: Networking
wireless printer troubleshooting

Reports: Products
business card scanning

Xcode security update
Apple patches Git security holes in its flagship development system that allow "arbitrary code execution."

The open-source web browser gets a high-priority security patch.

Google Chrome
Google's web browser gets a patch for a high-priority security flaw.

Reports: WWDC discussions
from Chromebooks to Google-Apple comparisons and from Apple licensing and market share to competition in education and more.

Reports: Apple quality
iOS battery drain, MacBook Pro video defect

Reports: Apple security
Mac malware vulnerability, cryptomining

Reports: Malware
Russian VPNFilter router malware

Reports: Migration/updates
macOS compatibility, Migration/Setup Assistant

Little Snitch
The essential firewall/security app for Macs gets an important security update, a new pub/sub feature plus other improvements.

Reports: Apple compatibility
HFS (non-Extended) volume support

Reports: Apple Mail
migration and configuration problems/tips

Reports: Apple TV/alternatives
Filmstruck, Nvidia Shield

Reports: Audio
iPad thunder recording

Reports: Competition
performance and perception; new Dell XPS 15

Reports: FileMaker
Server 17 admin changes

Reports: High Sierra
file space follies

TechTool Pro
A new version of the venerable Mac testing and maintenance app brings iPhone/iPad battery tests, support for FAT32/ExFAT volumes and more.

eM Client
A Windows email app is now available in a pre-release Mac beta test version.

Reports: Apple Messages
dysfunctional after software updates

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro keyboard follies

Reports: Apple security
Apple security guides

Reports: Apple updates
firmware, update experiences

Reports: Apple TV/alternatives
streaming vs. cable; Fire TV Cube

Reports: Migration/updates
moving to new iMac, High Sierra

Reports: Old systems
PowerBook G3 resuscitation

Reports: Storage
SSD secure erasing, FileVault and formatting, performance, reliability, etc.

Reports: Time Capsule
reset kills printing

Reports: User interfaces
Apple hide-and-seek, manuals

Nik Collection
The popular photo plug-ins are now with DxO after their journey from Nik Software through Google, updated for compatibility with recent versions of macOS and the Adobe apps.

DXO PhotoLab
This digital image processor offers lots of features and a 30-day trial period.

Process a bunch of photos in a batch with these tools.

Macs Fan Control
This free app lets you display and control Mac fan speeds, even with Boot Camp running.

Reports: Audio
CD-burning software

Reports: Input devices
Magic Mice and batteries

Reports: Internet services
Spectrum IPv6 change and recovery

APFS for Windows
Paragon Software says you can access APFS volumes from Windows with their beta-quality driver (with a lot of limitations).

Reports: A.I.
Apple's overhauling Siri

Reports: Migration
mail misery and other issues

Reports: Time Machine
macOS 10.13.5 update problem

Reports: Vulnerabilities
rampant Russian VPNFilter malware

Adobe Flash flaw "critical"
Adobe patches yet another "critical" Adobe Flash security flaw, one that's being actively exploited in the wild (on Windows systems, at least).

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets a critical security patch plus a fix for crashes on macOS.

Safari 12 preview
If you like experimenting with pre-release software, you can download a Technology Preview version of Safari 12, which is due later this year in iOS 12 and macOS 10.14.

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro, High Sierra, flight fun

Reports: Apple updates
firmware updates, location details

This Mac utility displays lots of details about storage devices and their reliability, plus it logs data, writes detailed reports, and runs tests. An update adds 110 new SSDs and other improvements.

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes app management (abandoned by iTunes), Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning, WiFi auto-backup, a free iMazing Mini menubar version and more.

This little utility handles compression and extraction of many file formats, including password-protected 7Zip for secure file exchange with Windows systems.

Reports: AppleCare
iMac Pro VESA fiasco follow-up

Reports: Apple security
authentication issues; upcoming enhancements

Reports: Finder/alternatives
Path Finder; free-space follies

Reports: iCloud
clouded messages correction

Reports: Maps
search in Google Maps; Galileo Pro

Apple WWDC
Today's Apple show was about software... entirely. iOS 12 and macOS Mojave are due in Q3, along with watchOS 5 and an Apple TV update. There's more and more "artificial intelligence" monitoring users and predicting/guiding their actions, and more augmented reality. There are also some security/privacy improvements. Oh, plus "Me-moji" [cough]. And Apple isn't exactly merging iOS and macOS, but the company has a new system for porting iOS apps to macOS, and they're using it on their own apps now, and the App Store. macOS Mojave has a dark mode, and FaceTime gets group support. Apple Watches will be able to "walkie-talkie" each other (outside of certain countries).

Reports: Apple authentication
customers get shut out of their own devices and forced into jumping through new hoops, with some rough results

Reports: PDF problems
doc locks, workarounds, and annotation

Reports: Phone security
surveillance, interception, Stingray et al

Reports: Routers/security
restarts, network configurations

Reports: Web browsers
Chrome problems

Edit video on Macs, Windows or Linux with this free, full-featured app.

The go-to, cross-platform app for homebrewers is about to get a big update after two years of development, adding support for mead, wine and cider,two-stage yeast starters and more.

Find Any File
This shareware utility is far faster and more capable than Spotlight for finding files on your Mac, and the latest update brings a High Sierra APFS fix, while a 64-bit version is in the works with additional features.

This simple database app might serve as a replacement for Apple's abandoned Bento, and it works across Mac, Linux and Windows platforms.

CSV Converter
Import and clean up data from comma- and tab-separated text files, edit them, and export in several formats.

Reports: Autonomous cars
$billions deals, Lidar

Reports: Finder
Path Finder update, free trial

Reports: iTunes
USB Contacts sync vanishes

Reports: Vulnerabilities
side-channel Facebook leaks

Apple security updates
Apple patches a long list of security holes in OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, macOS 10.13, as well as Mac firmware and Safari.

Tuxera NTFS
Get full access on a Mac to Windows NTFS file systems... from Mac OS X 10.4 (!) through macOS 10.13.

Reports: Adobe

Reports: Anti-virus
Sophos Endpoint performance problem

Reports: Apple compatibility
DataColor Spyder, alternatives

Reports: Apple Watch
Apple ID/iPhone demands

Reports: iMac Pro
20% discount

Reports: Password managers
1Password WLAN sync, update/security issue

Reports: Safari
audio run-on bug

Reports: Security cameras
Bushnell, configuration/security

Backup (clone), restore, and migrate your Boot Camp Windows installations with this Mac app, which just got a user interface update, NTFS read/write support, and incremental cloning.

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
lessons from airline flights AF447 and QF32, Nvidia hardware performance and marketing claims, the Uber pedestrian fatality, Tesla's Autopilot crashing into a parked police car, and more

Reports: A.I.
Amazon, Bose privacy problems

Reports: Apple compatibility
32-bit deprecation, firmware/boot issues

Reports: Audio
inexpensive USB/optical interface (for iMac Pro)

Reports: Databases
FileMaker vs. macOS compatibility

Reports: Office 2016
privacy problems, scripts

Reports: Phone services
prepaid plans for U.S. visit

Reports: Photo books
iCloud issue, PDF file

Reports: Remote access
view iOS device remotely

Reports: Apple quality
iPhone 6, laptop problems

Reports: Apple updates
Safari confusion, file-type problems

Reports: Competition
phone drop tests, Dell Linux laptops

Reports: Help please
unwanted logout solved

Reports: iPhones
battery drain troubleshooting

Reports: Malware
reboot routers (Russian VPNFilter malware)

Reports: Networking
travel routers and bridging

Reports: Scams
Alexa and phone scam

Apple software updates
Apple's latest mobile OS for its 64-bit products finally allows stereo pairing of HomePads (if you cough up $700 for two of them), plus it has bug fixes, and it's supposed to include security updates that will undoubtably be documented real soon now. tvOS and WatchOS, plus iTunes, get updates, too.

Reports: Apple lawsuits
Samsung trial verdict

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
Uber's fatal failures

Reports: MacBook Pro
defective SATA cables

Reports: Office 2016
update and privacy/HIPAA problem

Reports: Voice agents
Amazon Echo audio privacy problem

Reports: WiFi
USB adapters

This high-security iPhone communications app, which offers encrypted voice calls, messaging, video calls and camera/video/document exchange, got a security fix recently for the desktop version.

Reports: Email
Eudora source code, survey

Reports: MacBook Pro
dead laptop options

Reports: Networking
clueless ISP blames Mac for its problem

Reports: WWDC
keynote time, live stream

Reports: A.I.
Amazon face-recognition system

Reports: Bluetooth
USB3 interference issues

Reports: Email apps
Mozilla shift, Postbox plugins abandonment

Reports: FileVault
formatting/migration issues

Reports: Networking
country code conflicts

Reports: Troubleshooting
Apple SMB/shutdown bug

Path Finder
This welcome alternative to Apple's Finder app, with advantages and extra capabilities, gets a big update.

Razer Core X
The gaming company has a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure for your AMD Radeon graphics cards (if you're running macOS 10.13.4 or later).

Reports: AirPort
network configuration, Time Machine, etc.

Reports: Apple compatibility
Apple hacks for third-party apps

Reports: Apple Mail
problem removing old invalid servers

Reports: Audio
thunderstorm recording on iPhone/iPad

Reports: High Sierra
migration problems

Reports: Office 2016
privacy/HIPAA problem

Reports: Utilities
favorites vote tally, Shootshifter

Reports: Adobe issues
post-subscription document access

Reports: AppleCare
repair charge issues

Reports: iTunes
update loses Library

Reports: Security
web browsers and certificates, explained

Check sandbox status and entitlements for software on your Mac with this app.

The fast, lightweight, anti-malware app adds a reports tab for viewing past events.

DetectX Swift
This unique and useful security software checks for malware and tracks changes to critical elements of your system, including kernel extensions, launch agents, apps and more.

The open-source, cross-platform password manager gets a browser bug fix.

Suspicious Package
This utility lets you peek into OS X installer packages to see what they might be doing to your Mac... before they do it.

This essential troubleshooting tool analyzes many Mac configuration details for potential issues, scans for malware, and helpfully lists 32-bit Mac apps that Apple will disable in an upcoming macOS update (including QuickTime 7 and DVD Player).

This Mac-native MySQL/Maria database manager offers a nice interface, fast performance and a wealth of features.

This database manager works with more than 40 different SQL databases and runs on Macs as old as Mac OS X 10.4, plus Windows and Linux/Unix.

Reports: Adobe issues
the cost of software

Reports: AirPort/alternatives
performance issues, Orbi router, Apple stock level, Nest

Reports: Apple updates
Quicklook problems after software update

Reports: Phone services
voicemail transcription issues, hack

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
motorcycle interaction, collision avoidance systems

Reports: Electrical issues
A/C outlet faults and testers

Reports: Finder
file-type problems

Reports: Web browsers
confusing Chrome compatibility

Reports: Compatibility
Garmin vs. macOS updates, serial port options

Reports: Migration
FileVault vs. High Sierra install

Reports: Reminiscences
newer network options

Office 2016 security update
Microsoft updates Office 2016 with security patches for remote code execution vulnerabilities, among other improvements. (Office 2011 is no longer supported.)

FileMaker 17
Apple rolls out a new version of its database app while raising its entry-level price dramatically.

Panorama X
This radically fast, highly innovative, totally Mac-native and powerful database system utilizes a radical new pricing/licensing system, as well.

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro keyboard problem

Reports: Apple TV
display problems, switching, HDMI, etc.

Reports: Compatibility
Garmin vs. 64-bit requirement

Reports: Email
Postbox/Mozilla plug-in problem

Reports: Help please
hidden alerts and shutdown problems

Reports: Keyboards
generic and custom drivers, compatibility, etc.

Reports: Mice
driver software and customization

Reports: Networking
voodoo DSL fix

Reports: Reminiscences
older networking technology

Reports: Apple ID
email change confusions

Reports: Networking
two "Bonjour browsers"

Reports: Printing
handyPrint and Printopia

Reports: Products
Library Elf, cloudLibrary, OverDrive

Reports: Vulnerabilities
voice assistant vulnerabilities

Adobe security flaws "critical"
Adobe patches more "critical" security flaws in Photoshop CC, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Reader.

Reports: Finder
file-sharing and performance problems

Reports: Printing
wireless printing and router multicast support

Reports: Remote access
LogMeIn replacement options

Reports: Security
rampant scams (phone scams, browser infection, phishing emails, etc.)

Reports: Apple security
documentation updated, USB Restricted Mode

Reports: iCloud
OpenAFS history

Reports: Vulnerabilities
the supply chain problem

Reports: Adobe issues
license keys and activation servers, Java hassles

Reports: Apple quality
Face ID failures

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
Uber fatality,, bad stats

Reports: Consumer issues
Nolobe/Interarchy issue

Reports: iCloud
stupid software

Reports: Scams
cold call...

Adobe security flaws "critical"
The subscription software slinger springs a new batch of "critical" patches for Adobe Flash (just say "uninstall"), Creative Cloud and Adobe Connect.

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets a workaround for another High Sierra problem.

Reports: Apple ID
confusing domains, names and realms

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro keyboard, charger problems; iPhone 7 mic vs. iOS 11

Reports: Apple security
dossier download, Apple ad revenue

Reports: Security
automotive privacy/security issues

Reports: Thunderbolt
hub problems

Reports: Virtual Reality
new VR headset reviewed

Swift security update for Ubuntu
Apple posts a security patch for its Swift programming software on Linux Ubuntu.

The popular backup app gets some fixes for High Sierra problems and other issues.

Truck, Backaroo
Get a fast friendly Rsync client for local and remote file transfers or a pair of Rsync-based backup apps that make Time Machine look a little lame.

This Rsync-based app offers file sync and a variety of backup features, while preserving essential Mac metadata.

Mount all manner of remote file systems on your Mac desktop, like local drives. (The latest updates bring Finder fixes and other improvements.)

Acrosync, Duplicacy
These unique, cross-platform backup apps provide deduplication, Time-Machine/Dropbox-like features and support for various cloud/hosting services.

Reports: Compatibility
apps vs. macOS versions

Reports: Competition
Windows 10 update

Reports: Security
Twitter password problem

Reports: Help please
Mac-to-Mac sync options

Reports: Internet services
NYC Mesh, Internet Exchange Points

Reports: Networking
Bonjour Browser replacement

Reports: Storage
Optane over Thunderbolt 3

Reports: Utilities
DiskWarrior 5.1 and APFS

RX 580 Gaming Box
Get a real GPU for your MacBook Pro in this Thunderbolt 3 box.

Reports: Apple Watch
security update glitch fix; erroneous statistics

Reports: A.R./V.R.
Apple frameworks, object recognizer

Reports: Displays
phantom display management

Reports: iMacs
display failure

Reports: macOS Server
file-sharing limitations

Apple financials
Apple pulled in $61.1 billion in its most recent quarter, but Mac unit sales dropped 3% year over year.

This effective email spam filter gets a workaround for a High Sierra bug and an Apple Mail issue, plus other updates.

Reports: App Store
unwanted High Sierra installs

Reports: Apple refurbs

Reports: Artificial Intelligence
digital personal assistants rated

Reports: AR/VR
Apple project for burgeoning market

Reports: Competition
"MateBook X Pro"

Reports: Maps
macOS 10.13.4 loses location

Reports: Phone services
T-Mobile-Sprint merger plan

Reports: Troubleshooting
wake from sleep problem

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Amazon Echo eavesdropper

Privatus and Cookie
These apps are designed to cleanse your Mac of tricky trackers.

Do Not Disturb
Keep an eye out for evil maids by looking for laptop lid lifts.

Samsung 970 Pro/Evo SSDs
Samsung updates its super-high-performance M.2 NVMe SSDs.

Enable and disable Intel CPU hyperthreading, as well as physical and logical processors.

Reports: Apple compatibility
High Sierra installer archiving

Reports: Backup
APFS snapshots with Carbon Copy Cloner

Reports: Calendar app
iOS Calendar troubleshooting

Reports: Email
blocking problems

Reports: iCloud
spam levels

Reports: Input devices
mouse software, various issues, tangents, etc.

Reports: iPhones
battery replacement vs. 5-hour trip

Reports: Security
Adobe AIR updates

Reports: System management
imaging changes and issues

MacInTouch Community update
The new MacInTouch Community platform is now in production, but there are a few small things that people can do to help reduce confusion and overhead.

MacInTouch Community platform update
Discussion has moved to the new MacInTouch Community platform. Thanks for the support, and please check to make sure your spam filter hasn't snatched away an email!

Reports: Apple software updates
insanely confusing update identification

Reports: A.I.
IBM's Watson Studio

Reports: Apple Watch
battery drain fixes

Reports: Dictation
problems after El Capitan update

Reports: Input devices
Magic Mouse software

Reports: Help please
window problem and troubleshooting tips

Reports: High Sierra
APFS disk image problems

Reports: Security
iPhone cracking, passwords, etc.

Reports: Spam
iCloud spam increase

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Adobe AIR

Carbon Copy Cloner
Mike Bombich's essential Mac backup app gets "support for point-in-time restores by leveraging the snapshot feature of Apple's new APFS filesystem" and "the first comprehensive snapshot management utility for macOS."

Apple security updates
Apple patches serious security flaws in iOS, Safari and High Sierra.

MacInTouch Community
We've been hard at work, following an outpouring of support for MacInTouch, and now there's something to show for it.

Reports: Apple compatibility
Apple Maps vs. virtualization

Reports: Apple Mail
failing to check for new mail

Reports: Digital media
HandBrake; stills to video

Reports: HomePod
ad triggers HomePod

Reports: Migration
El Capitan vs. Quickbooks 2012, dictation

Reports: Privacy issues
email scanning/analysis

Reports: Remote access
security notes

MacBook Pro battery defect
A defect affecting two-port MacBook Pro models causes their batteries to swell, but Apple has a new repair program for the problem.

The core of this distributed database system from Apple is "designed to handle large volumes of structured data across clusters of commodity servers. It organizes data as an ordered key-value store and employs ACID transactions for all operations."

This "personal wiki" app has all sorts of organizational features for various types of information that you can drag and drop, link and search, plus encryption and export to PDF, ePub and HTML.

This full-featured backup and sync program can work remotely or locally, with cloud storage or direct connections, and with support for iPhones and iPads, too. An update brings fixes for High Sierra 10.13.4/APFS problems and other changes.

Get control over a wide range of preference settings and features that Apple built into OS X and some of its applications.

Perform symbolic math operations with this free app for OS X 10.8 and up.

Reports: Mac Pro
more troubleshooting tips and experiences, notes about graphics cards, startup tricks, screen-sharing and remote login, etc.

Reports: Mac marginalization
Tim Cook on merging iOS with macOS

Reports: Printers
Windows networking vs. macOS

Reports: Spotlight
Word/docx indexing issues, details

Reports: Autonomous cars
Chinese projects; car communications

Reports: High Sierra
update failures and workarounds, file-sharing

Reports: Backup
Office 365 "best deal"

Reports: Password managers
PasswordWallet and 1Password workflows

macOS Server
Apple's server add-on for High Sierra gets an update for macOS 10.13.4 (which it requires) and iOS/tvOS 11.3, while Apple plans radical deprecation of features for the near future.

Reports: App Store
SwiftKey zombie app

MacInTouch Project Update
Here's an update on our new platform project, related needs, and thanks!

Reports: Autonomous cars
Tesla vs. NTSB

Reports: Electric cars
Porsche 919 hybrid

Reports: Mac Pro
Dosdude patch enables macOS on old hardware

Reports: Office software
LibreOffice, "Increase Contrast"

Reports: Storage
Thunderbolt 1 performance problems, target disk mode

Reports: Web browsers
Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Audio Hijack
Record audio from applications, as well as external sound sources.

Create multi-channel virtual audio devices for flexibly routing audio from apps and inputs to apps and outputs.

Lingon X
Control Apple's "launchd" program: "Lingon can start an app, a script or run a command automatically whenever you want it to. You can schedule it to run at a specific time, regularly or when something special happens."

Reports: Email
IMAP implementation issues

This cross-platform password manager is inexpensive and full of features, with great support.

This popular anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets a Snow Leopard fix and updates the scanning engine.

Reports: App Store
download links, update confusion

Reports: Apple Pay
transaction history issues

Reports: Email
IMAP/POP confusions

Reports: Finder
Path Finder

Reports: HomePod
slow sales, Alexa ad trigger

Reports: iTunes
invisible upgrade mode switch, IPSW files

Reports: Mac Pro
Dosdude compatibility patch

Reports: OS X Server
tricks for saving the Server installer

Reports: Password managers
PasswordWallet kudos, 1Password clouds

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu resurrection

Reports: Repairs
illegal warranty requirements

Reports: Tax software
TurboTax, PDFs and Preview

Reports: Quicken
file-integrity issues involving classic Mac file "resource forks" vs. cloud storage, FAT flash sticks and backup services, plus user confusion about file locations and versions and also issues with High Sierra APFS volumes

Reports: Apple video apps
updates require macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Reports: Audio
easy track-splitting in Amadeus

Reports: iTunes
download links for Version 12.6.3; caching servers

Reports: Mac Pro
displays, cards and cables

Reports: Office 2008/2011
compatibility notes

Reports: Web platforms
responsive design, customization

You have to run macOS 10.13 High Sierra to get bug fixes for Apple's consumer video app.

Reports: Antivirus software
Malwarebytes discounts, real-time toggle

Reports: Competition
Chromebook x2

Reports: High Sierra
recovery/reinstall confusion and modes

Reports: Tax software
H&R Block disk image wrap-up

Reports: User interface
iPad/iPhone inconsistency

MacInTouch Discussions change
Spam abuse from botnets has finally forced us to require simple email registration for posting in the MacInTouch Discussions forum, and registration brings additional benefits.

G-Speed Shuttle SSD
Well-heeled buyers with Thunderbolt 3-equipped Macs can get seriously high performance with 8 or 16TB of capacity in this portable RAID package with 8 SSD bays.

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets an overhaul, based on new Mozilla code, abandoning add-ons.

MacInTouch project update
Here's an update on our MacInTouch challenges and changes.

Reports: Autonomous cars
cruise control, road markings, Tesla Autopilot failures and contradictions vs. a fatal crash, and more.

Reports: App Stores
SwiftKey half-install; iWork update/compatibility

Reports: Keyboards
Magic Keyboard crawl

Reports: High Sierra
APFS/install/migration follies

Reports: iPhones
Genius Bar, passcodes, iTunes/compatibility/updates

Reports: iTunes
backup/sync/updates, 1984 ad, content caching etc.

Reports: Printing
troubleshooting tips

Reports: Security
DNS (domain name system) privacy/security

Final Cut Pro
Apple updates its "pro" video editing software with "ProRes RAW, which combines the visual and workflow benefits of RAW video with the performance of ProRes", plus closed captioning.

This free, cross-platform app, which transcodes (converts) non-copy-protected video files into a wide variety of formats for different devices, gets a user interface update and a bunch of other improvements and updates.

MySQL Workbench
This free, cross-platform app lets you manage all kinds of database operations with MySQL, including remote access and backup, database design, editing and migration.

Reports: CarPlay
various problems

Reports: Data recovery
stiction notes

Reports: Input devices
trackpad settings, SlimBlade, round mice and more

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
battery replacement results; Genius passcodes

Reports: iTunes
special version, compatibility issues

Reports: iWork
compatibility issues

Reports: Linux
virtual machines

Reports: Adobe issues
Creative Cloud space

Reports: Apple Mail
iPhone IMAP

Reports: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
ex-Google AI exec reporting to Tim Cook

Reports: High Sierra
file-sharing glitch after update

Reports: Apple security
filetype problem, autofill issue

Reports: Audio
Myriad, ASND resources, Sound Studio, Audible files

Reports: Competition
XPS 15: Core i9, GTX 1050 Ti, 4K, 97WHr

Reports: Data recovery
freezer block trick

Reports: Email
IMAP, remote content/security issues

Reports: Finder
file-type follies

Reports: iPads
Repairability 2 out of 10

Reports: Mac marginalization
Mac/mobile merge with new Apple hardware...

Reports: Phishing scams
URL shorteners; UPS delivery email scam

Reports: Photo software
MediaPro still 32-bit

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu trick

Reports: Security
Cloudflare DNS

Reports: Servers
Apple abandonment/alternatives

MacInTouch status update
Here's an update on the status of MacInTouch plans and platforms.

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
fatal Tesla crash, Uber settlement in pedestrian fatality, trucking, object-recognition issues, traffic ticket for self-driving car

Reports: App Store
update/compatibility follies

Reports: High Sierra
update failures and firmware

Reports: HomePod
update fixes bug

Reports: iMacs

Reports: iTunes
Configurator 2; photo sync problems