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News Mac News powered by MacInTouch

MacInTouch Challenges and Changes
Here's an update on some MacInTouch challenges and changes.

Reports: Apple
laptop cellular, Apple car and satellite projects, ports

Reports: Displays
LG UltraFine 5K review

Reports: Linux
macOS vs. Linux on Macs vs. PCs, virtualization, issues, etc.

Reports: Mac Pro
upgrades, costs, GPU/Thunderbolt issues, etc.

Reports: Phishing and Scams
bad bank practices, Unicode trick/trap and Firefox tweak

Reports: Privacy
secure messaging issues

Reports: QuickTime
issues with abandoned Apple formats

Reports: Reminiscences
PowerBook Duos and docks

Reports: Router security
Linksys security flaws

Reports: Safari (iOS)
website data deletion problems

Reports: Security
F-Secure acquires Little Flocker

Reports: Storage
Akitio Thunder SATAGo

Reports: Web platforms
looking for advice and information

Note to Readers
Here's an update on our "challenges and changes."

Reports: Data recovery
detailed procedures, experiences, SSD issues and a thank you

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
dongle guide, power supplies

Reports: AirPort
uses for cheap AirPort Express

Reports: Backup
Spotlight, CrashPlan Enterprise

Reports: Help please
Spotlight/Time Machine follies

Reports: macOS Sierra
USB drive issues, locations

Reports: Safari
we trace the drag crash bug to use of an external display...

Reports: Scams
tech support scams analyzed

Reports: Storage
USB-C dongle dismounts, performance issues, Thunderbolt

Chromium security update
The open source web browser platform gets an update with critical security patches and other changes.

Reports: Apple factories
vs. U.S. factories

Reports: Backup
WiFi options for lazy users

Reports: Internet services
ATT email problems; $1 billion Verizon fiber buy

Reports: Servers
experimenting with Ubuntu in the cloud

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets critical security fixes.

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets critical security patches and other updates in new versions.

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets critical security patches (plus performance improvements and bug fixes), as it tracks Firefox updates and prepares for an upcoming "Feature Parity Release 1."

Google Chrome security patches
The Google web browser gets critical security patches and other changes.

Java security patches
Oracle updates its development/deployment platform with high-priority security patches and bug fixes.

Xcode "critical" bugs
Another update (less than two weeks after the last one) "fixes several critical bugs".

Reports: Email
Verizon-AOL migration and issues with authentication, POP, IMAP

Reports: Home automation
Z-Wave, Zigbee, HomeKit, Levito, OpenHAB, X10 and more

Reports: Microsoft Office
update issues, Google support

Reports: OS X Server
SMB issues, CrashPlan, filenames, HFS+ on Linux

Reports: Routers
Netgear fiasco; AirPort Express discount

Reports: Safari
drag bug; window positioning, sleep/shutdown bug, scrolling

Reports: Security
email malware, Chrome phishing vulnerability, and more

Reports: Windows
experiences and faulty hardware

Reports: Virtualization
Mo kudos; old Mac apps in JavaScript

Reports: Apple Mail
Time Machine tricks (and issues)

Reports: Networking
networking failure traced to USB adapter interference

Reports: Calendars
Google vs. iCal issue; BusyCal kudos

Reports: Email
issues with Gmail, personal domains and SPF/DKIM

Reports: Apple ID
email address issues, 2FA

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
PDoS attack bots, wireless TV hacking

Reports: Passwords
retrieving saved WiFi passwords

Reports: Privacy
DNSCrypt, demographic data

Reports: Security
juice jacking

Office 2011 security patch
Microsoft patches an Outlook security flaw that could let attackers "gain access to the user's authentication information or login credentials" via spoofing tricks.

Apple video app patches
Apple cleans up more bugs in its video apps and makes a few other improvements.

Nvidia Titan Xp
Nvidia's super high-powered graphics card is actually supposed to have Mac drivers soon (but you'll need a pre-2013 Mac Pro or hackintosh to host it).

BackPack for iMac
Add a handy shelf to the screen support stand of your iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display.

DiskMaker X
Easily make bootable OS X/macOS installers on flash drives or hard drives.

Adobe Security Flaws Critical
Adobe patches "critical" security flaws in Flash, Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Photoshop CC that "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system."

Freeway Pro
This full-featured web design app, with a focus on graphic design, is currently available at a discount price with a free 30-day trial.

This web design app serves as a replacement for Apple's abandoned iWeb.

Like Apple's Continuity, this app integrates a cellphone phone with your Mac... except it works with any bluetooth phone; it works with OS X 10.9; it supports AppleScript, and more.

This alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning and more. The latest updates support iOS 10.3 and offer new features.

This Mac app offers much more flexibility for Time Machine backup scheduling.

Reports: Backup
suggestions for synchronizing two Macs

Reports: Lawsuits
print cartridge lawsuit at Supreme Court

Reports: macOS Sierra
update patch for Adobe; more display problems

Reports: Malware
nasty malvertising browser locker and iOS 10.3.1

Reports: Servers
remote problems with Mountain Lion

Xcode 8.3
Apple's software development system, which runs only on macOS Sierra, gets an update to fix "an issue that could produce app archives that were larger than necessary", following another recent update.

Reports: Apple Messages
connection confusion and tips

Reports: Apple TV
YouTube TV debuts

Reports: Phishing/scams
Apple phishing, 2FA and location confusion

Reports: Security
Broadcom WiFi attack affects Android, as well as iOS

Reports: Windows 10
data collection privacy issues

Reports: iOS 10
32-bit vs. 64-bit app confusion, an Apple "bug" that switched on iCloud services customers had turned off, plus battery life and more

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
booting from flash drives; Snapnator

Reports: Apple security
software updates and authentication issues (2FA)

Reports: iPads
Windows replacement pricing, iPad 5G review

Reports: MacBook Air
replacing failed SSD

Reports: User interface
the miserable mess that is iTunes (vs. the original app); tips

Reports: Messages/iCloud
a set of experiments to sort out confusing behaviors in various messaging situations

Reports: Keyboards
Logitech and Microsoft issues, wireless problems, mice

Reports: Passwords
cracking, lock-outs, LastPass flaw, Captcha, etc.

Reports: Scams
iCloud breach phone scam

iOS Security Update
iOS 10.3.1 patches a security hole that lets an attacker "execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip" (CVE-2017-6975).

Reports: Displays
various Dell 27-inch displays

Reports: iPhone security
file system encryption, firmware and secure erase

Reports: PDFs
setting preview icons for Windows

VMware security update
The virtualization product gets critical security updates after PwnToOwn identified vulnerabilities.

macOS Server
Apple updates its server add-on for macOS Sierra (no longer supporting earlier OS X versions).

Reports: macOS Sierra
silent firmware change and related security holes, an Adobe CC problem, Night Shift issues, the update rigamarole, etc.

Reports: Apple security
Pwn2Own and essential new Apple patches

Reports: Networking
Thunderbolt/USB-C Ethernet adapters

Reports: Password management
major LastPass security flaws

Reports: Apple security
iCloud/Apple ID hacking

Reports: FileVault
stuck encryption and "sparse" volumes

Reports: iCloud
new problems with older mail client

Reports: Phone services
ATT anti-scam app

Reports: Theft
tips for saving serial numbers and similar information

Reports: Safari
drag and drop problems after update

Reports: Scams
Safari ransomware exploit vulnerability patched

Reports: USB
problems with USB 3 (El Capitan, hubs, etc.)

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and a mobile version, too.

Reports: Adobe
bad Creative Cloud update

Reports: Apple security
experiences with latest update

Reports: Apple TV
fun with USB cable and Xcode

Reports: Backup
Synology RT2600ac does support Time Machine

Reports: Phone services
T-Mobile AppleCare and scam protection

Reports: VPN
various services and options

Reports: iTunes
Apple software update issues

Reports: Phishing
university attacks rampant

Reports: Security
locked iPhone data extraction after inauguration arrests

Reports: Thefts
condo burglary, Apple ID issues, Apple Store followers

iOS 10.3
Apple overhauls its mobile operating system with an entirely new file system, critical security patches, a new "review controller" and more.

Apple security updates
Apple posts a pile of critical security patches for Macs, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Safari, plus a PDF password problem in its iWork suite.

Currently in beta testing, this anti-malware software monitors "common persistence locations" on a Mac and posts alerts when something changes, as well as checking VirusTotal for known malware.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics utility gets 32-bit/channel (HDR) support, "calling of QuickTime modernizer for old legacy movie formats", additional import/export, bug fixes and more in the latest update.

The software that lets you run Windows apps on your Mac without running Windows itself gets support for Outlook 2013 and other updates.

Reports: Apple security
details about iCloud account breaches.

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
Touch Bar failures, USB-C power concerns

Reports: Apple Mail
forward as attachment; bogus password errors; sorting; HTML

Reports: Apple software updates
iTunes vs. iTunes

Reports: Backups
drive reliability, sourcing, support

Reports: Malware
Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter malware and more

Reports: Remote management
NoMachine ("NX")

Reports: Security/Privacy
Senate votes out Internet privacy

Reports: USB attacks
CIA Apple exploits, key lessons

Reports: iOS 10
Undocumented FeatureBug of the Week™

Reports: MacBook Pro
unexpected battery problems, odd symptoms

Reports: Security
killer USB stick

Reports: Windows 10
standard vs. Pro; Hyper-V virtualization

Affinity Photo
This appealing alternative to Adobe Photoshop (with a free trial) gets "stability and bug fixes."

Affinity Designer
The major competitor to Adobe Illustrator (with a free trial) gets "stability and bug fixes."

Reports: Help Please
Power Nap problems

Reports: iPhone
lock code problem

Reports: Malware
Russian RAT and Mac malware threats

Reports: Security
credential-based attacks

Logitech MK850
This wireless keyboard + mouse combo switches among three computers, cross-platform for Macs, iDevices, Windows and Android, and looks to be ergonomic, too.

Reports: Mac marginalization
Apple in augmented reality, China issues

Reports: Phishing
beware Mail auto-learning/auto-entering bad email addresses

Apple announcements
Apple doubles iPhone SE storage, also adds storage to the iPad Mini, and replaces the iPad Air 2 with a new version, helpfully renaming it "iPad".

iTunes 12.6
"Rent once, watch anywhere. Now you can enjoy your iTunes movie rentals across your devices with iOS 10.3 or tvOS 10.2. This update also includes minor app and performance improvements."

Product: Eigenmath
Perform symbolic math operations with this free app for OS X 10.8 and up.

Reports: Archiving
DVD extraction format issues

Reports: Passwords
copy/paste issues

Reports: Phishing
tricky Apple, Facebook scams and related notes

Reports: Phone services
unexpected Verizon phone deactivations

Reports: Security
virtual machine escapes

This anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets an update.

Get some protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) and clickjacking attacks (plus more control over problematic web browser plug-ins) with this add-on for Firefox, TenFourFox and other Mozilla web browsers.

"Securely erase those pesky files that violate your privacy..."

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor cleans up some macOS Sierra "gifts."

LG 34UM88
This 34-inch IPS display has Thunderbolt, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB 3 ports, 3440x1440 resolution and 10-bit color with sRGB over 99%,

Backup (clone), restore, and migrate your Boot Camp Windows installations with this Mac app.

This utility mounts network storage on your Mac desktop, so you can work with it like a local drive.

This network utility offers lots of capabilities and customization options, plus some interesting graphics.

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
security problems, router configuration

Reports: Remote access
problems with Apple Remote Desktop update

Reports: Networking
a bunch of options for remotely restarting routers to reinstate Internet connectivity

Reports: Adobe issues
Creative Cloud Packager certificate failure

Reports: Apple security
macOS, Safari pwned

Reports: Firefox
plug-in change and customer options

Reports: Microsoft security
Office updates, issues and tips

Reports: Passwords
graylisting can delay password resets

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
security checklist

Reports: Remote access
Apple Remote Desktop 3.9 vs. Adobe

Reports: Security etc.

Reports: USB
power vs. data, security issues

Reports: Virtualization
VMware update problem

Reports: Yahoo hacking
Russian officers indicted

Videoloupe, Fileloupe
Fileloupe is a more advanced alternative to Apple's Preview and QuickTime Player. Videoloupe is a new app for macOS Sierra that offers video playback and editing capabilities.

Reports: Apple security
new hire: Jonathan Zdziarski

Reports: iOS 10
upcoming file system change (APFS)

Reports: Office security updates
Microsoft posts security updates for Office 2016 and Office 2011

Reports: Security
obscurity (SSH example), OpenVMS, Bruce Schneier advice

Apple Remote Desktop
Apple makes unspecified changes to the client end of its remote control software for managing Macs. (Free, more limited, alternatives include Screen Sharing and Back to My Mac.)

The free virtualization system from Oracle gets a few bug fixes (including for display and USB issues).

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product gets a security update.

Reports: AppleCare
MacBook Pro battery "delay repair"

Reports: Dropbox
updater bug; public folder termination

Reports: IoT Security
Dahua's big backdoor

Reports: Phone services
ATT Mobley unlimited car hotspot

Reports: Thunderbolt
Apple Thunderbolt Display no-go with TB2-TB3 adapter on Alienware

Adobe Flash Flaws Critical
If you haven't followed security experts' advice to eliminate Adobe Flash from your systems, it would be best to patch the latest batch of critical flaws that allow an attacker to take control of the victim's system.

Reports: Apple authentication
more about two-factor vs. two-step and related issues

Reports: Quicken
varying support at Chase

Reports: Security/government
CIA vs. NSA; constant surveillance

Reports: Security procedures
NeXT/Unix underpinnings; admin vs. standard accounts; UIDs and more

Reports: Security tools
CHIPSEC EFI rootkit checker

BusyCal, BusyContacts
These third-party calendar and contact apps offer more capable alternatives to Apple's apps.

Thunder3 Quad Mini
Pack four SATA SSDs in this Thunderbolt 3 enclosure and stripe it up with software RAID for some speedy performance (once it ships) with a 2016 MacBook Pro.

Path Finder
This Finder alternative from Cocoatech offers many advantages as a replacement for Apple's default desktop app.

Need a nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music? (This one just got a minor update.)

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
Apple Watch unlock problems, Apple's proprietary SSD, charging issues, keyboard issues, port/dongle issues, etc.

Reports: Apple
K-12 issues; walled garden prices vs. cross-platform apps

Reports: Remote access
Apple screen sharing; TeamViewer and firewalls

Reports: User interface
versioning file systems and Word bugs

Reports: Remote access
TeamViewer, ARD, outsourcing, security

Reports: Storage
SoftRAID beta-testing USB/FireWire SMART reliability data support

Reports: Virtualization
Snow Leopard Server, etc.

Stream audio, video and photos from your choice of computers to your choice of devices (including smart TVs).

Reports: Anti-virus apps
ClamXav notes

Reports: Apple TV
complementary software

Reports: Quicken
virtualization, file formats, alternatives, etc.

Reports: Security questions
iPhone photo privacy, deletion

Reports: AirPort alternatives
WD My Cloud, security holes

Reports: AppleCare
Apple opposing "right to repair" laws

Reports: Phone services
low-cost services, VoIP question, MVNO list

Reports: Security
CIA hacking/spying and Apple response

This full-featured, cross-platform backup app, which has been around for a long time, gets a new version that promises to handle backup sets that are really quite large.

Reports: Passwords
1Password wireless sync

Reports: AppleCare
international repair issues

Reports: Displays
external GPU via Thunderbolt

Reports: Tax software
TurboTax problems

Synology RT2600ac
This full-featured and powerful wireless router is quite a contrast to Apple's stale AirPort product.

The professional text editor for programmers, web developers and others offers a free, full-function 30-day demo mode and a continuing free mode with reduced functionality (replacing TextWrangler) if you don't purchase a modestly priced license.

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets bug fixes and security updates.

Find Any File
This shareware utility is far faster and more capable than Spotlight for finding files on your Mac (though it only searches by name, not the content contained inside of files).

Product: iRamDisk
A RAM "disk" is many times faster than a hard drive and also could help reduce wear and tear on an SSD. (Just be sure to save its contents before shutting down the Mac!)

Mountain Tweaks
This free utility hasn't been updated in a few years, but it may still be helpful, at least through OS X 10.11.

Reports: Apple discussion
Chromebooks (which have a big share of K-12 education sales), Aperture (and changes in the photo market), tablets vs. PCs, Android TV and more

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
initial experience

Reports: macOS Sierra
cloud storage

Reports: Safari
Florida Department of Revenue problems

Reports: Anti-virus apps
BitDefender, Malwarebytes, ClamXav, Webroot, etc.

Reports: Apple Pay
Apple Pay Japan info

Reports: Benchmarking
Thunderbolt vs. USB vs. internal SSD

Reports: Office 2016
Google support in Outlook

Reports: Hackintoshes
remarkable iMac G4 makeover

Reports: Internet services
Citrix on an airplane

MiniPro RAID V3
Here's an easy option for 8,000 GB of fast SSD RAID storage on USB-C, if you need it (or configure it a bit smaller).

MyDigitalSSD Boost
This bus-powered USB storage device provides extra-fast performance by combining two mSATA SSDs in a RAID-0 configuration.

Reports: Apple security
sleep security problems and suggestions

Reports: Help please
personal investment apps?

Reports: MacBook Air
SSD upgrades

Reports: Remote access
Logmein pricing fun

Reports: Car audio
cassette adapter upgrade, CarPlay

Reports: IoT security
the Internet of (ultra-creepy) Things

Reports: MacBook Pro
battery fire

This effective email spam filter gets another update for another macOS Sierra update and another workaround for another Apple bug, but it also works with systems back to Mac OS X 10.6.

Connect to iSCSI storage area networks (SAN) from your Mac.

Reports: Apple quality
iPhone unexpected shutdown update

Omna 180 Cam HD
Experiment with a HomeKit-enabled security camera (if you can wait a month, spend two hundred bucks and have an Apple TV 4G for remote access).

Disk Sensei
This Mac utility offers a wealth of features for solid-state storage devices (SSD), including Trim support, tuning controls, I/O monitoring, health monitoring, performance tests and more.

These three programs are designed to stress-test your Mac system and flag out any unwanted file changes.

This storage device holds two M.2 SATA SSDs and a RAID controller in a standard 2.5-inch SATA package.

This free, cross-platform app, which transcodes (converts) non-copy-protected video files into a wide variety of formats for different devices, gets a few bug fixes.

This native Mac implementation of Subversion offers a friendly, full-featured interface for version control in software projects.

Reports: Email and Internet
solution for a Postbox glitch created by Gmail changes, plus notes about Verizon problems

Reports: Apple updates
1Password lock-out; Apple Remote Desktop issues

Reports: Contacts
troubleshooting notes

Reports: Help please
booting from external SSD

Reports: iTunes
sound quality, replacements, changes, etc.

Reports: Malware
Intego warning, Mac ransomware

Reports: Scams
iCloud account lock threat

Reports: Storage
SSD benchmarks (Thunderbolt vs. USB 3 and more), Trim, Disk Sensei

Reports: Adobe Flash
security issues and options

Reports: Apple security
iCloud/Apple ID/two-factor issues

Reports: Xprotect
invisible malware blacklist update for OSX.Findzip.A

Howard Oakley provides a free log browser and analyzer to fill in the hole that Apple left in macOS Sierra.

OWC M-Disc optical drives
OWC has a variety of internal and external optical drives that support M-Disc archival media.

Reports: Photography
archival issues, learning resources

Logic Pro X
Apple patches a security hole and another big batch of bugs in its flagship music production app.

Reports: Displays
LG 4K ports USB 2 only, LG 5K has USB 3

Dock update bug, resolution

Reports: Phishing/Scams
phone scam, Western Union experience

Reports: Web security
options for managing Adobe Flash

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities, which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame, gets an update.

This iOS photo app can capture full sensor date in raw/DNG form.

Capture lossless photos on your iOS device and also get real-time ISO, GPS and histogram displays, soft shutter, night modes and more.

Switch your iPhone camera from automatic to manual mode (and get Raw/DNG files).

On1 Photo Raw
Free of subscription straighjackets or catalog/import chains, this photo app specializes in fast raw processing but also offers quick browsing, tagging and non-destructive editing with layers, masks, filters and more.

This powerful photo processing software runs on Macs and Linux, free of charge.

RawDigger, FastRawViewer
RawDigger shows details and statistics on camera raw files, while FastRawViewer is designed for "extremely fast culling and pre-processing of RAW images."

RAW Power
This RAW photo processor for macOS Sierra works as an Apple Photos plug-in or standalone app, "like Aperture’s RAW Fine Tuning, but real-time, and with more controls."

"Critical Updates"
This free utility is a handy way to see if Apple's security components are up to date on your Mac.

This free utility checks eight Apple security settings and updates for macOS Sierra.

Little Flocker
This unique security software builds on an Apple framework to guard file access from a variety of threats.

Reports: Help please
command line references

Reports: IoT (Internet of Things)
used car and home issues

Reports: Office 2016
update brings Touch Bar support

Reports: Phone services
Ting, robocall blocking, privacy issues and Jolly Roger

This high-security, user-friendly iPhone communications app adds video calling in addition to its voice calling and messaging capabilities.

This unique email service offers high security and privacy, the ability to send encrypted information to anyone with a web browser, and access via an iOS app or web interface.

Get full details about your digital photos along with a fun interface.

Building on the ExifTool program, this Mac app offers a variety of EXIF processing options.

Reports: Storage
Optane technology, Apple's upcoming file-system overhaul (APFS), Apple Disk Utility problems, SoftRAID legacy support and more

Reports: Displays
third-party workaround for Apple bug

Reports: Home automation

Reports: Phishing
"Apple" phishing for logins

WWDC 2017
Apple announces dates for its annual, lottery-based ($1599) developer conference.

This password manager offers a full feature set; a natural interface; cross-platform support; good sync and backup capabilities and more, with a major update due next month.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac
Find and delete malware and adware on your Mac with this lightweight, friendly utility... free of charge.

Adobe DNG Converter
Convert proprietary camera raw files into the more universal DNG format with Adobe's free app.

This utility customizes the behavior of USB and Bluetooth mice and lets you trigger sequences of keystrokes.

USB Overdrive
This preference pane gives you more control over your input devices.

Reports: Apple Mail
disappearing drafts

Reports: Scams
traveler trouble scam experiences

Reports: Virtualization
Snow Leopard Server connection

Reports: Apple TV
AirPlay vs. Air Video streaming

Reports: Mac App Store
OS X update issues

Adobe security patches critical
Another week, another set of critical security patches for Adobe Flash and other Adobe software to block other vectors that enable malware to take control of your computer.

GarageBand security patch and bug fixes
"Stability improvements and bug fixes" for the Mac version, it turns out, also include a security patch to help prevent "arbitrary code execution" when opening an infected file.

Reports: Audio
optical vs. analog output, Oppo DAC

Reports: Botnets
university vending machine attack

Reports: Mac marginalization
netbooks, iPads and Chromebooks

Reports: Malvertising
scamming via Google

Reports: Tax software
TurboTax Premier admin account issue

Apricorn secure storage
This broad collection of secure flash, SSD and hard drive storage devices offers built-in hardware encryption that works across platforms, connecting via USB.

This successor to TrueCrypt offers encrypted disk images with special security features.

This app creates encrypted disk images, like Apple's Mac Disk Utility, but they are supported across Windows and Linux platforms and have additional features, as well.

This security subscription software promises to block trackers and ads in Safari and to remove adware, as well as "forensic data."

Stream video wirelessly from your computer to a television or projector with this HDMI device.

Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver
Range a little further via Bluetooth before drop-outs hit, and play from two devices at the same time.

This cross-platform utility is designed to simplify installation of Elementary OS onto a USB flash drive.

Reports: Newton
PDA predecessors, Knowledge Navigator, inventing and more

Reports: Security
Safari history in iCloud

Reports: Storage
hard drive reliability data

Reports: AppleCare/support
laptop battery issues

Reports: Displays
Apple/LG UltraFine 5K defect delay

Reports: Mac Pro
AMD Radeon R9 280X

Reports: Mac malware
two new threats, one distributed in a Microsoft Word document and the other posing as installers for Adobe Flash or Bitdefender.

Reports: Help please
Core Storage, Recovery partition issues

Reports: Reminiscences
stellar software quality, old Apple computers, monkey lives

Reports: Security questions
network ports

Reports: MacBook Air
flash storage compatibility issues

Reports: Security
iOS app intercepts

new Mac malware active in the wild
New Mac malware ("MacDownloader") is active in the wild, posing as an Adobe Flash update or a Bitdefender adware remover, while it extracts OS X keychain data....

"GeoGebra is free dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package."

Reports: Compatibility
security and support issues (iOS, Mac, Windows)

Exposure X2
This photo editing and organizing software offers a streamlined interface and workflow, extensive features, and freedom from subscription straitjackets.

DXO OpticsPro
This digital image processor offers lots of features, a trial period and even a free copy of an older version.

Blackbird VX-2SSD
Plug two SATA SSDs into this RAID dock for speed over USB-C.

Trond BT-DUO X
This Bluetooth audio bridge can either transmit or receive, run on battery power and connect via optical and analog ports.

Pyle PWFi23
Rather than using Bluetooth, this wireless audio receiver listens to WiFi/AirPlay.

Reports: AirPort
country code problems; management addresses

Reports: Apple Mail
Move shortcuts and iOS predictions

Reports: Apple Pay
Japanese phone in U.S.

Reports: Calendar
time zone support

Reports: Processors etc.
closed systems vs. driver updates/support

Reports: Storage
Thunderbolt daisy-chains; MacBook Air upgrades

This cross-platform, open-source Internet suite includes browser, an HTML editor, web development tools, email, chat and newgroup reading.

Get a full backup band that plays on demand in your choice of styles.

This utility app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more.

Delock Thunderbolt storage
Here's the only single-drive Thunderbolt enclosure we've been able to find, plus a Thunderbolt-SATA adapter and an mSATA SSD enclosure.

Sunix USB-C adapters
These USB-C to DisplayPort or HDMI adapters go up to 4K.

IOgear USB-C adapters
These USB-C adapters include DVI up to 2560x1440 and HDMI up to 4K 3840x2160 @ 30Hz.

Trendnet USB-C HDMI adapter
Here's another USB-C to HDMI adapter for up to 4K at 30Hz.

Reports: Internet services
local vs. distant speeds (Cf. Hawaii)

Reports: Solid-State Drives (SSD)
interfaces (NVMe, AHCI, M.2, SATA, PCIe); the strange absence of Thunderbolt single-drive enclosures (and swapping out drives); performance; disk formatting (SoftRAID); and an interesting MacBook Air upgrade project

Reports: Apple security
option ROM/Thunderstrike change

Reports: AppleCare
keyboard problems and repairs

Reports: Hard drives
Seagate slowed by shingles

Pro Apps Bundle for Education
Apple slashes the price of its pro apps in a bundle for college students and school staff.

Reports: iOS 10
more WiFi problems and wacky workarounds

Tempo PCIe 3.0 SSD
This is one speedy SSD on a PCIe card.

Echo Express
Here are two PCIe expansion boxes for Thunderbolt 3 (or Thunderbolt 2 via an adapter).

Reports: Apple Mail
shifting settings and Server support

Reports: Home automation
products, costs, security issues

Reports: Web browsers
timestamp follies and factors

The full-featured and free alternative to Microsoft Office gets a major update with new features and a new foundation for cloud-based collaboration.

Reports: Apple software updates
Safari performance (autocomplete) problem; trouble booting from Thunderbolt; a Finder bug with 8,190 files (plus a Sierra bug list); and a patch to run macOS Sierra on Macs that Apple no longer supports

Reports: Security
guides from Center for Internet Security

Apple Financials
Apple reported record revenue and earnings per share for the most recent financial quarter.

Reports: iPhone/iPad/Watch
activation lock status page disappears

Reports: Windows 10
update and privacy problems

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets another update for macOS Sierra.

Pure Music
This Mac app replaces the iTunes playback engine with a much better one.

"Sierra" CacheCleaner
Get "cache cleaning", virus scanning and much more from this utility that doesn't just run on Sierra....

Reports: Time Machine
trouble with migration to Synology NAS

Reports: Storage
Boot Camp and partitioning problems

Reports: Apple quality
issues with performance, Safari, iCloud, Preview, iTunes etc.

Reports: Malware
virulent Android malware propagating via Google Play

Reports: Security
Brian Krebs analyzes mammoth Internet attack

Gas Mask
Swap and edit hosts files for more control over your network and what gets out of it.

Based on an Apple hypervisor framework, this open-source virtualization software promises quick performance, low overhead and good networking and USB support.

"The world’s leading software containerization platform" runs on Apple's Hypervisor framework on modern Macs.

Reports: Displays
flicker problem with 2016 MacBook Pro and LG 4K display

Reports: iOS
problems with silent alarms and missed rings

Reports: Email
security options

Reports: Security
tracking Apple anti-malware updates

macOS Sierra security, bug patches
Apple patches critical security holes, 2016 MacBook Pro bugs and other bugs in its operating system for recent Macs.

iOS security, bug patches
Apple patches critical security holes in its mobile operating system (along with other bugs).

Safari security patches
Apple's web browser gets critical security patches.

Apple Watch security patches
Apple patches security holes in its watch accessory for iPhones.

AppleTV security patches
Apple patches security holes in the latest version of its digital TV device.

iTunes update
"minor app and performance improvements" (plus Windows security patches)

uBlock Origin
Go beyond simple ad blocking with this free "wide-spectrum blocker" plug-in for web browsers.

Google's Mac team is experimenting with open-source software for distinguishing good programs from malware on the Mac.

DxO Perspective
Straighten out your digital photos.

You can try all the features of this 2D CAD program for the Mac before buying it (from Thorsten Lemke of Graphic Converter fame).

Reports: Aperture
replacement options

Reports: Displays
Thunderbolt/configuration issues, dual 5K displays, etc.

Reports: MacBook Pro
15-inch Retina vs. 17-inch display, USB external display

Apple pro apps patched
Apple patched a batch of bugs in Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor.

Reports: macOS Sierra
Spotlight vs. VeraCrypt

Reports: Microsoft security
changes: security bulletin elimination

Reports: Privacy
crossing the creepy line

Reports: Security
text message crashes iOS devices

Reports: SSD performance
data compression vs. write speed

GarageBand/Logic Pro security patch
Apple patches its music apps to close a security flaw that could allow "arbitrary code execution."

Microsoft Remote Desktop
Microsoft posts a critical security update for its free Remote Desktop app, which offers access to files, applications and resources on Windows PCs from iOS or OS X.

Reports: OS X Server
login, IDs/usernames, root; SSL certificates

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
Thunderbolt 3/USB-C confusion; abandoned MagSafe

Reports: Apple Mail
disappearing attachments, patches, workaround

Mac Malware
Newly-discovered Mac malware appears to have been in existence for quite a while.

Reports: Adobe
security update problems and tips

Reports: AirPort
IPv6-related problems

Reports: Phones
copper vs. optical/VoIP lines and related backup/battery issues

Reports: Phishing scams
Netflix, Wells Fargo and Capital One

Apple Security Update Update
Apple finally patches a kernel bug it introduced in an previous patch that we installed because it patched major security holes....

This full-featured, well-supported scanning software works across platforms (incuding Linux) and supports Macs all the way back to Mac OS X 10.5! (And there are mobile versions, too.)

Reports: Applications
tax software

Reports: Linux
Elementary OS on MacBook 5,1

Reports: MacBook Pro
graphics hardware defects

Reports: macOS Sierra
system log problems

Office 2016
Microsoft addresses some performance issues in Word (and patches critical security holes on the Windows platform).

Capture One Pro
This cross-platform app offers photo raw conversion and asset management in a fast, professional alternative to Lightroom and replacement for Aperture.

Yamaha WXC-50, WXA-50
Stream music wirelessly to this pre-amp or amp.

PlistEdit Pro
Edit the ubiquitous plists (property lists) used throughout OS X and Mac apps for storing settings, parameters, versions etc.

Raspberry Pi Emulator
Turn your Mac into a tiny, inexpensive (virtual) computer.

Reports: Help please
document sharing options

Reports: iMacs
graphics hardware failures, Apple Hardware Test

Reports: Mac App Store
software update problems

Reports: Security
Apple phoning home

Reports: Networking
dual-network configuration options

Reports: Safari
YouTube 4K problem

Carbon Copy Cloner
Mike Bombich programs around a crazy Sierra bug, among other tweaks to this indispensible disk cloning, file backup/archiving and testing app.

Reports: Linux
repurposing 2007 MacBook

Reports: Phishing (Gmail)
effective Gmail phishing being actively exploited...

Reports: Phones and Internet
AOL draining cellular bandwidth fast

This "toolbox" provides more library capabilities for Apple Photos.

Reports: iCloud
behind-your-back changes...

Reports: Printing
HP M477fdn update

Reports: SSDs
Crucial M500 firmware update issue with 2013 Mac Pro

Adobe Security Patches "Critical"
If you're running Adobe Flash, Acrobat or Reader, you'll need this latest batch of patches to prevent attackers from "taking control of the affected system."

Connect one unit to a USB port and the other to a speaker/amp system, then play 24-bit 96K digital audio wirelessly from your Mac.

Reports: iTunes
conversion changes; compatibility issues and more

Reports: Storage
FileVault 1 vs. FileVault 2

Reports: Time Machine
disk formatting issue

Reports: Web
ad blockers

Computer Cuisine
This recipe app works cross-platform.

Run this modern Fortran development environment across platforms.

Reports: iOS 10
notification issues; Videos app deleted for TV app, related bug

Reports: Processors
Windows 10 on ARM ("Cellular PCs")

Reports: USB
extension cord culprit in sleep problem

Structure Sensor, Bridge
This 3D scanner works with iPads, while an upcoming mixed-reality headset uses the scanner and an iPhone.

Having trouble reading all those gray-on-gray webpages promulgated by trendy designers at Apple, Adobe and elsewhere? This extension for Firefox and Chrome might help.

This full-featured backup and sync program can work remotely or locally, with cloud storage or direct connections, and with support for iPhones and iPads, too. A new release brings SFTP and security updates.

This cross-platform backup and sync utility offers a number of features for local and network transfers, including encryption, compression, versioning, sync conflict resolution and more.

For a modest monthly fee, this company promises easy remote media streaming and file access among your various devices.

Reports: AirPort
Internet of Things (IoT); hide-and-seek interface

Reports: Displays
8K displays

Adobe Acrobat, Reader Critical Flaws Unpatched
Adobe aims to release patches for "critical vulnerabilities" in its Acrobat and Reader software next week.

CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 docks
Like other future Thunderbolt 3 docks, this pair offers a lot of connectivity and display support, and the larger one includes eSATA ports (but not FireWire).

Kanex Keyboards
It's not always easy to find keyboards with Mac layouts and special keys, but Kanex has a bunch of Bluetooth ones (as well as iPad versions).

Dell announcements
While Apple lets its Mac products languish and abandoned its displays, Dell is producing a wide range of up-to-date computers and innovative new displays.

Reports: Apple Mail
automatic addressing problems

Reports: Applications
Citrix and EMR/EHR (medical records)

Reports: Security
PHPmailer website vulnerability

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
product announcements

Little Snitch
The popular network monitor and privacy utility gets improved protections and bug fixes.

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock
This upcoming dock includes dual Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, 85W charging, DisplayPort up to 4K 60Hz, USB 3, audio and Gigabit Ethernet.

Reports: Security
Netgear router vulnerabilities

It's vaporware now, but OWC promises a future "MacBottom" for the 2016 MacBook Pro.

Come March, you may be able to turn your 13" MacBook Air display into a touchscreen with this device (which is already shipping for Windows laptops).

Shure Earphone Adapters
For a hundred bucks, you can hook up Shure's SE earphones to your iPhone 7 with a neat new adapter due in the spring (or $29.99 for an iPhone with a headphone jack).

"the world's foremost network protocol analyzer" and free, to boot

Reports: Email
Google perversion of IMAP; FastMail folder names

Reports: Security
Google and Alexa monitoring

Reports: Spam
email address and anti-spam tricks

This full-featured, multi-track audio and MIDI recording and processing app can be evaluated free, and it runs on older Macs, too.

Receive AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast streams on your Mac (or PC or Xbox One).

AirParrot, Reflector
This pair of products lets you stream/mirror from a mobile device to a Mac or broadcast from a Mac to multiple AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth devices.

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR9BT
These high-end Bluetooth and USB headphones dispense with the D/A converter and go "pure digital" via a Dnote chipset.