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Resource id #60Reports: Apple Mail
munged mail

Reports: Archival issues
M-Disc, ECC memory, tape, DVD-RAM, phase-change physics, disaster recovery, file hashes/verification and more

Reports: Apple security
text character crashes, Supplemental Update problems, firewall double

Reports: Competition
Dell XPS, quality, prices; Apple keyboard problem

Reports: Electric cars
road damage, MPG effects, user interfaces, etc.

Reports: High Sierra
more disk image problems; Finder Print

Reports: HomePod
various issues, iPod HiFi

Reports: iWork
old vs. new, 32-bit deprecation, migration drop

Reports: Networking
hidden network questions

Reports: Quicken
orphaned transactions, Windows version, dead iMac

Reports: Standing desks
Kinnarps Series P; health factors

Reports: Reminiscences
old outliners, blue G3, Cricket Graph

Reports: Security
election hacking

Reports: Storage
30TB Samsung SSD in 2.5-inch package

The fast, lightweight anti-malware app gets a few minor bug fixes and improvements.

Reports: Calendar
hide-and-seek interface fun

Reports: iPhone X
terms and conditions hassle; drooping demand

Reports: Office 2016
Excel slowdown after update

This full-featured outliner for Macs and iOS devices comes from a company that used to develop software for Steve Jobs's NeXT platform.

Reports: Standing desk
Discussion continues, with a few detours along the way.

Reports: Apple architecture
glass walls

Reports: Apple security
increasing threats

Reports: Bluetooth
interference and shielding

Reports: iPads
swollen batteries and related questions

Reports: Mac Pro
triple-display configuration

Reports: Office 2016
page setup problem post-update, outlines

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Intel, Spectre and Meltdown

Apple crasher bug patch
Apple updates High Sierra and its latest iOS, tvOS and watchOS to stop a crasher bug.

This essential troubleshooting tool, which analyzes many Mac configuration details for potential issues and scans for malware, too, gets a big update that makes it even better (though it now requires OS X 10.8 or later).

The professional text editor with a wealth of features for programmers, web developers and others gets a fix for a data-loss bug involving very large files, among other updates. You can evaluate the app free of charge.

This inexpensive app makes Apple's Time Machine software a whole lot more useful.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics toolkit gets a few more features, some bug fixes and other updates.

Reports: Apple quality
developer perspectives, new crash bug

Reports: Bluetooth
problems and problems

Reports: FileVault
expedient encryption, backup/restore FAQ

High Sierra data-loss bug
The latest discovery in Apple's incredible High Sierra hit parade is a bug that silently destroys files.

Google Chrome security patch
Google's web browser gets a high-priority security patch.

Carbon Copy Cloner
Mike Bombich's essential Mac backup app gets an update to avoid a data-loss bug in High Sierra.

Reports: HomePod
Apple demo music, Siri at a distance, Ars Technica's review, David Pogue's blind listening test, furniture marks and more

Reports: Competition
Asus ZenBook

Reports: Thunderbolt
Target Disk Mode vs. performance

Reports: User interface
shake mouse to enlarge cursor

Reports: Web ads
Apple vs. Google and trackers vs. ads

Apple bug
The latest Apple crasher bug is triggered by a specific character.

Reports: Apple quality
nag bundle, developer viewpoint, features vs. stability

Reports: High Sierra
backup/recovery/boot; firmware changes; Apple Mail

Reports: Phones/services
Verizon iPhone locking, modem/model differences

GPG Suite
The encryption/signing security suite gets an update for a Mail issue with High Sierra.

Reports: Apple management
delivering software at scale

Reports: Firefox
zoom issues, update, print preview problems

Reports: Processors
cryptomining, GPUs, and electricity

Reports: Storage
SoftRAID 6 roadmap

Adobe security flaws critical
Adobe posts another update to patch another bunch of critical flaws in its Acrobat apps that "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system", plus patches for its "Experience Manager."

Broadcast audio from your Mac to a collection of player devices, all in sync, that includes AirPlay devices, HomePod, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Macs, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, Windows and Linux. (Or hack together two HomePods into a stereo configuration.)

AirParrot and Reflector
This pair of products lets you stream/mirror from a mobile device to a Mac or broadcast from a Mac to multiple AirPlay, Chromecast and Bluetooth devices.

Create, edit, control and manage OpenVPN connections with this Mac app (now with support for Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) and the obfs4 obfuscation protocol).

This unique troubleshooting tool shows what files and network ports are currently open, and what processes are using them.

What's Keeping Me?
Show open files and network ports that may be keeping you from emptying the trash or ejecting a storage volume.

Reports: Apple security
update problems, iBoot leak story

Reports: Apple TV
new YouTube app bad

Reports: Electric cars
Porsche production

Reports: Equifax breaches
worse than first revealed

Reports: IoT (Internet of Things)
"smart" TV security holes

Reports: Servers
Wasabi cloud storage

Reports: Surveillance
Chinese face-recognition glasses

VLC Media Player
The all-purpose, cross-platform media player and transcoder gets a major update.

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets a few enhancements and tweaks.

Block unwanted network connections and data usage (e.g. while you're on a mobile hotspot), track data usage and set maximum data limits.

Thunder SATAGo
It's only Thunderbolt 1, but this unique storage adapter lets you connect directly to a SATA SSD (e.g. for updating firmware) or to eSATA devices (with dual ports and port multiplier support).

Go beyond the common Apple Calculator with this free app.

This Java-based, cross-platform "diff" tool promises to streamline the job of finding file and folder differences and merging changes.

Clozure Common Lisp
This open-source Lisp implementation has a long history on the Mac but runs across platforms.

This "lightweight" development environment lets you create and run Scheme programs on a Mac.

Reports: Apple management
Bob Burrough and Steve Jobs interviews

Reports: Finder issues
icon corruption correction

Reports: Office 2016
"smart" cut and paste

Reports: Storage
Target Disk Mode benchmarks

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Intel microcode

This full-featured backup and sync program can work remotely or locally, with cloud storage or direct connections, and with support for iPhones and iPads, too. A new release updates High Sierra/APFS support, among other fixes and improvements.

Reports: Competition/alternatives
new corporate laptops from HP

Reports: Hackintoshes
$350 system

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
battery replacement experience

Reports: MacBook Pro
GPU failures, closed designs

Reports: Migration
SSD, RAID, upgrades

Reports: Servers
Time Machine issues

This new Mac security app checks all kinds of settings to help you improve the security and privacy of your computer over Apple's defaults.

Reports: Apple security
firmware issues

Reports: Office 2016
various issues, Microsoft responds

Reports: Security
OAuth, Apple Mail et al

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Grammarly Chrome extension

Apple updates its database product platform, and FileMaker Server now requires macOS 10.12 or later, while some bugs get fixed.

The software that lets you run Windows apps on your Mac (or Linux computer) without running Windows itself gets more fixes for High Sierra, plus Office 2016, and support for Quicken 2018.

Reports: Apple Pay
Australia, New Zealand, cashiers and checkout

Reports: Autonomous cars
Continental and Nvidia team up

Reports: Equifax breaches
Mick Mulvaney, new head of CFPB…

Reports: Security
Google account authentication and hijacking

Adobe Flash flaw finally patched
Adobe has now patched its latest critical security flaw in Flash, being actively exploited in the wild (at least against Windows systems).

Reports: Email apps
PowerMail, Postbox, Eudora, Apple Mail

Reports: MacBook Pro (Touch Bar)
keyboard problems; static dangers

Reports: Malware
MacUpdate hacks, Windows ransomware

Reports: Vulnerabilities
dangerous Sony camera firmware update

iPhone 7 defect
A new Apple repair program addresses a component-failure defect in some iPhone 7 models that prevents cellular communication.

iPhone X bug
"Apple users have been reporting an issue with their $1,000 iPhone X models that is stopping them from answering calls."

The full-featured, cross-platform, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office gets a major update.

Get and log details about the batteries in your Macs and iOS devices (as well as other info) - now with "lifetime" analyzers.

Pixelmator Pro
This image editing app for the Mac features "machine learning", but you'll need High Sierra and a "Metal-compatible graphics card" to run it. The latest release fixes a bunch of bugs. (There's also a less-expensive regular version, plus an iOS variant.)

RAW Power
This RAW photo processor for macOS Sierra and High Sierra works as an Apple Photos plug-in or standalone app, and there's an iOS version, as well.

The 2018 version of this full-featured, cross-platform Lightroom alternative is now available, free from any Adobe-style subscription hassles.

This Mac app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for Windows-compatible encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more.

Practical Malware Analysis
Here's a definitive tutorial on tools and techniques of malware analysis with samples and dissections.

MacUpdate malware hack got hacked, and downloaders got malware-infected versions of Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper.

Reports: High Sierra
use HFS+ for backups...

Reports: HomePod
Siri, Sonos, sources, RDF power...

Reports: Miscellaneous
cleaning chemicals

Reports: Storage
MacBook Air SSD upgrade needs firmware and High Sierra

Reports: USB-C/Thunderbolt 3
cable confusion

Reports: Virtualization
server vs. standard Snow Leopard; VMware and Dell

The popular backup app drops support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks after converting to 64-bit code and adding High Sierra/APFS support.

This open-source app, coded in Swift, offers a graphical front-end for the powerful Unix utility, rsync, which provides file copying and synchronization locally and across networks.

Apple financials
Apple's quarterly financial report shows higher revenue and profit on higher prices for fewer iPhones and computers. Mac sales dropped 5% and now generate less than 8% of Apple's total revenue (less than Apple's revenue from "services"), while iPhones brought in 70% of Apple's $88 billion for the quarter, bolstered by giant prices for the iPhone X, as overall iPhone unit sales dropped 1%.

Reports: AppleCare
bad Mac Pro problems

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets an update to cover Apple's macOS 10.13.3 update.

Reports: Apple Mail
crash recovery, disappearing emails

Reports: Apple Maps
missing info, location-based reminders

Reports: Apple software quality
slowing features for stability

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
DoJ and SEC investigating

Reports: iTunes
free space follies

Reports: Microsoft Office
file-recovery tricks

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, has a new version in development and testing.

This effective email spam filter goes 64-bit and gets several improvements.

Reports: Autonomous cars
Tesla crashes, opinion poll, distance judgements, AI issues, etc.

Reports: Backup
Time Machine and hard links

Reports: Internet services
Frontier customer abuse update

Reports: macOS 10.13
disk space follies; reliability vs. releases, etc.

Reports: Processors
Apple's internal chip powerhouse

Reports: Virtualization
licensing issues and PowerPC emulation

DetectX Swift
This new and unique security software from Phil Stokes, now out of beta testing, checks for malware and tracks changes to your system. (It's on sale until the end of January.)

Reports: 2016/2017 MacBook Pro
failures, shutdown problems, crashes, etc.

Reports: Apple security
installers, verifications, free space, security guides

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
inconsistent benchmarks

Reports: Repairs
Right to Repair legislation

Reports: Virtualization
game graphics glitch

Swift Playgrounds
Apple adds subscriptions to its iPad app/game for playing with/learning the Swift programming language.

This cross-platform security software promises to stop malware, phishing attacks and other threats, while offering firewall and parental controls, all without bogging down your computer.

This popular anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, updates support for both High Sierra and Snow Leopard.

IP Camera Recorder
Monitor and record video from multiple IP cameras....

Chromium security update
The open source web browser platform gets two more security patches.

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product has a security update to help with Spectre mitigation.

Reports: macOS Server and alternatives
other apps, other platforms, Synology NAS systems, device management, etc.

Reports: High Sierra (macOS 10.13)
update problems (and successes), other quality/security problems, APFS support in macOS 10.12, a change in Preview's PDF handling, and more

Reports: HomePod
stereo support and third-party support, Sonos sale, security/privacy, and sound quality

Reports: Apple security
update problems, abandonment timelines (e.g. vs. Linux), Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities/patches, free space requirements, special software requirements for the iMac Pro, etc.

Reports: 2016/2017 MacBook Pro
more failures

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
Tesla crash, human crash, Apple project etc.

Reports: Backup
differing disk space reports

Reports: iCloud
vanishing notes, out-of-order messages

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
new battery improves phone reception; Apple vs. Battery Life tests, etc.

Reports: Miscellaneous

Reports: Phone services
mobile network coverage

Reports: Virtualization
game glitch with Snow Leopard Server/Parallels

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets an important security update and a few bug fixes.

Logic Pro X
Apple updates its pro audio app to patch another big batch of bugs and some performance problems, while adding some additional improvements.

Reports: Competition
Chromebooks and schools

Reports: Internet/phone service
customer abuses; mobile network report

Samsung 860 EVO/860 Pro
Samsung updates its popular SSD line for more performance, endurance and capacity.

Reports: Compatibility
Eudora, virtualization, Gutenprint etc.

Reports: Password managers
AgileBits iCloud and App Store confusion

Reports: Time Machine
Apple Mail restore issues

iOS 11.3
Apple's promoting the next version of its mobile OS, due before summer with changes to the secret slowdown software that provoked lawsuits.

macOS Server
Apple's server add-on for High Sierra gets some bug fixes, while Apple plans radical deprecation of features for the near future.

Reports: A.I.
stock index algorithm; movie

Reports: Apple CarPlay
BMW subscription

Reports: Competition
Dell XPS towers; K-12 market

Reports: Developer issues
pricing models, features, updates, etc.

Reports: Internet services
customer abuse

Reports: iOS
background download mechanism

Reports: Networking
wireless performance problem mystery

Reports: Servers
password problem workaround

Apple security patches
Apple issues a long list of security patches for OS X 10.11 and up, Safari, iOS 11, current Apple TV, and watch products, plus other bug fixes.

Apple HomePod
Apple re-announces its Siri speaker product after a delay from its original release schedule but some features will still be missing until later "this year."

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets essential security patches, as well as privacy and performance improvements.

Reports: Apple security
strange startup experience

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
battery replacement, affected iPhones, benchmarks, lawsuits

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Oracle patches (Java, MySQL et al); nasty Chrome extensions; RFID

Little Snitch
The popular firewall/security app for Macs gets a few more improvements (and fixes) after a big update.

VPN Monitor
Monitor your VPN connections and reconnect automatically when they drop.

The cross-platform password manager adds back WiFi and iCloud support (along with Dropbox) after previously dropping them in favor of its own cloud.

RTX Secure 410-3QR
This RAID storage system encrypts entire hard drives so you need a separate AES encryption key device to unlock the data.

Mouse Jiggler
Plug this device into a USB port to simulate mouse movements to keep a computer from going to sleep or to replay scripts of mouse movements and clicks.

Symless Synergy
This cross-platform software promises to let you share a single mouse and keyboard across multiple computers across a network.

Reports: Compatibility issues
running older OS/apps on newer Macs

Office 2016 security update
Microsoft Office 2016 users get security patches and other improvements. (Office 2011 users are out of luck, as that version is no longer supported.)

Crucial MX500
Crucial's competitive new SSD is now available in SATA format from 500GB to 2TB, while the M.2 package is still about a month away.

Reports: App Store
experience encapsulates Apple today

Reports: Apple alternatives
Dell XPS; Windows follies; Ethernet

Reports: Apple factories
Bloomberg and China Labor Watch report

Reports: Apple security
DNS; forced updates; Apple Messages crashes via Unicode trick

Reports: Autonomous cars
Peugeot plans; GM removing steering wheel, pedals

Reports: iCloud
Notes problems with iOS 11

Reports: Networking
search domains (and DNS) explained

Reports: Storage
RAID systems; CRU/Wiebe; Drobo etc.

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Seagate NAS security flaw

Reports: Xprotect
Apple updates invisible malware blacklists

Thunderblade V4
OWC's new storage device promises performance like the latest Apple internal flash drives, while hooking up over Thunderbolt 3 (with an external power supply).

Reports: A.I.

Reports: Internet services
cable, bullet, aircraft and DSL

Reports: User interfaces
Apple obfuscation

Reports: Virtualization
security, Parallels issues, alternatives

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities, which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame, gets another update for macOS High Sierra and another workaround for macOS bugs.

Netstor NA611TB3
This Thunderbolt 3 storage enclosure promises serious performance with dual M.2 NVMe slots, plus a fan and 60W power supply.

G-speed Shuttle, G-RAID
G-Technology has Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage systems with high capacities.

This ruggedized RAID storage system has Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3 ports and capacity of 4TB or 6TB with performance up to 440MB/sec.

Reports: Migration
issues, experiences, details and tips for updating Mac OS X to newer, but not necessarily the newest, OS X/macOS versions

Reports: Apple security
certificates, DNS hijacks

Reports: Apple TV
security, Netflix problems

Reports: MacBook Pro
accidents and robustness

Mac malware hijacks DNS
Patrick Wardle and others are documenting new Mac malware that hijacks DNS (domain name service) to do some nasty stuff.

Reports: AirPort
killer update

Reports: App Store
Safari update failures

Reports: Apple support/repair
bad BestBuy experiences; iPhone Smart Battery Case

Reports: Audio
inexpensive AirPlay receiver (RiverSong)

Reports: High Sierra
migration, admin issue

Reports: iOS 11
hassles with update from iOS 10

Reports: MacBook Pro
defects; use cases etc.

Reports: Malware
Fruitfly spyware

Reports: Networking
business router options and tips

Reports: Vulnerabilities
GoDaddy domain/DNS takeover

A nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound) gets a few bug fixes.

Quick'n Easy Web Builder
This cross-platform app constructs websites from visual objects without writing HTML or JavaScript.

Print to Mac-connected printers from your iOS devices over AirPrint (no extra software required).

This cross-platform text editor has a ton of features and handles huge files, too.

This little menubar app lets you control your Mac's desire to sleep.

Intel Hades Canyon NUC
Intel announces the 8th generation of its mini-PC with features we all want in an Apple Mac Mini....

Reports: Apple AirPort
rationale for halting development

Reports: Apple architecture
floating golden panini

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook keyboard failures

Reports: High Sierra
migration passwords, account conflicts

Reports: iPhone notes
iTunes app confusions

Reports: iPhone slowdowns
government probes, store overload

Reports: MacBook Pro
bricking, pricing, screen failures, etc.

Reports: Password management
domain name/URL issues and tips

Reports: Robocalls
an interesting read...

Reports: Security architecture
email, stack-based machines, Gödel, nostalgia…

Reports: Apple security
iTunes and Spectre; another High Sierra flaw

Reports: Linux
OpenSnitch firewall

Linksys Velop
Instead of updating its own AirPort products, Apple is selling a wireless mesh system from Linksys that... integrates with Amazon Alexa. (Really.)

Matias Keyboards
This Canadian company is slowly filling the holes in Apple's keyboard product line.

DataTraveler Ultimate GT
If you ever wanted a really big flash drive instead of an SSD, there's one out there.

Reports: Backup
Time Machine logs, sparse images vs. performance

Reports: Publishing issues
changes in media

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Meltdown and Spectre vs. routers

Reports: Apple Mail
MailHub for High Sierra

Reports: Mac Pro
graphics cards and startup

Reports: Phone services
WiFi Calling issues

Reports: Thunderbolt/USB-C
performance questions, new Thunderbolt controller from Intel

Adobe Flash security flaw
"These updates address an important out-of-bounds read vulnerability that could lead to information exposure...."

Reports: Apple Calendar
two days in one

Reports: Apple messages
out-of-order delivery, dog food, etc.

Reports: Artificial intelligence
$2_billion Beijing AI research park

Reports: Autonomous/electric cars
Here (and "OEM Waze"), AI in China, Blackberry QNX, Norway

Reports: iMac Pro
Secure Boot, T2 processor, recovery, migration, etc.

Reports: iOS
forced updates, migration, etc.

Reports: Maps
painfully slow correction processes

Reports: Security
warrantless cellphone searches

Reports: Vulnerabilities
PowerPC, recent discoveries and tips

Apple security patches
Apple issues patches for the Spectre vulnerability for iPhone 5s and later running iOS 11, plus High Sierra and Safari for OS X 10.11 and up.

JS Blocker
Like NoScript for Firefox, this free Safari extension helps block a variety of web advertising and tracking mechanisms and attack vectors.

Add a Signing Info item to the Finder's pop-up contextual menu to see details about a file's cryptographic signature, hashes, entitlements, etc.

Measure (and graph) temperature and humidity wirelessly on your iPhone using these devices.

SMART Utility
This extremely useful tool for monitoring the health of hard drives and SSDs gets support for newer SSDs plus a bug fix, while a new version is in development.

Choose what browser will be used to open web links, either manually or via rules that you can configure.

Reports: Security
the discovery of "Meltdown" and "Spectre" vulnerabilities, which affect all kinds of computers everywhere - we've got an Apple statement, notes about Apple patches, and more details and information.

Reports: App Store
unexpected updates

Reports: Apple architecture
roof warmers, incorrect shoppers

Reports: Competition
new Dell XPS 13

Reports: Hackintoshes
good tips and analysis

Reports: High Sierra
32-bit deprecation, SIP issues, bad experience

Reports: iTunes
pops, album art, etc.

Reports: Security questions
Facebook Purity extension

Reports: Storage
disk partitions, Linux and virtual machines

Get free, full-featured, cross-platform finance software.

MCE flash, enclosure
Get flash storage upgrades for Apple's current (2013) Mac Pro and/or put Apple flash (including for MacBook Pro and Air models) into a USB 3 enclosure.

Reports: Adobe issues
subscription cancellation chat; switching issues

Reports: Apple quality
badge bugs

Reports: Apple security
zero-day, old vulnerability

Reports: Election hacking
paper trail bill

Reports: Scams

Reports: Security questions
pop-under browser ads; Safari cookies, Facebook

Reports: Apple Calendar
glitch after update

Reports: Apple photo software
sync failures

Reports: Apple TV
cables and manuals

Reports: Office software
Document Liberation Project

Reports: Password management
tracking via browser autofill

Reports: Tax software
Calendar access, unwanted uploads

This full-featured, zero-knowledge, cross-platform password manager can be used for free on individual devices, but subscription options offer automatic sync among devices, backup, sharing, etc.

This high-security iPhone communications app, which offers encrypted voice calls, messaging, video calls and camera/video/document exchange, gets iPhone X support, bug fixes and other improvements.

This popular, full-featured, cross-platform recipe manager gets Siri support and more.

TinyBooks Pro
This single-entry bookkeeping/accounting program is designed to handle small business and family finance needs.

This Mac software helps iTunes do more - lookup metadata, retrieve subtitles and convert various video formats.

This remarkable utility, which opens up a whole world of hidden options and details in Apple's Mac system, gets an interface reorganization.

Reports: Apple factories
Foxconning Wisconsin

Reports: High Sierra
to update or not; install issues and tips

Reports: iMac Pro
teardowns, SSD questions, thermal issues,

Reports: iOS 11
Touch ID change

Reports: iPhone 8
poor experience

Reports: MacBook Pro
GPU and battery drain

Reports: Storage
OWC Aura SSD firmware updates

Get control over a wide range of preference settings and features that Apple built into OS X and some of its applications (updated for High Sierra).

Reports: Adobe alternatives
decades of typesetting

Reports: AirPorts
AirPlay problems

Reports: Apple management
salaries and security

Reports: Apple messaging
out-of-order bug

Reports: iMacs
thermal issues and graphic failures

Reports: iTunes
voice memo transfer alternatives

Reports: iWork
recovering documents with abandoned file formats

Apple PR response re secret slowdowns
Apple pushes out a PR statement and tweaks fees temporarily in response to lawsuits and criticism over its secret software slowdown of iPhones to staunch sudden shutdowns with imperfect batteries.

This cross-platform password manager is inexpensive but full of features.

Reports: Apple photo software
sync failures a known issue

Reports: Audio
history: Emagic and Apple, others

Reports: Hackintoshes
boot processes (Apple II perspective)

Reports: High Sierra
function key bug a "known issue"

Reports: Misc.
Apple Lisa source code

Reports: iPads
battery drain, photo transfer

Reports: Mac Pro
video card compatibility

Reports: Password management
KeePassXC, 1Password

Reports: Storage
USB 3/interference, firmware updates, other issues

This advanced word processor offers a wealth of features while keeping your documents in a safe, open file format.

If you miss Apple's original MacPaint, there's a modern mimic.

Reports: Adobe/alternatives
print issues, Quark, PDF

Reports: Apple authentication
Face ID issues

Reports: Apple Campus 2
tree whisperer; brief look

Reports: Apple security
new iMac has root vulnerability

Reports: Audio
burning MP3 discs

Reports: Hackintoshes
experiences, Clover, boot process, iMac Pro, etc.

Reports: iMac Pro
compatibility/licensing issues; boot changes, Startup Security Utility etc.

Reports: iPads
swollen batteries

Reports: iPhones/iOS
secret slowdowns, updates

Reports: Malware

Reports: Phone services
Consumer Cellular improvements

Reports: Storage
OWC Aura vs. High Sierra, firmware updates

Reports: User interface
responsive web design, JavaScript etc.

Reports: App Store
Apple changes its template tune

Reports: Apple management
taxes; iOS-macOS merge

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
autonomous Chevy Bolt accident with motorcyclist

Reports: Hackintoshes
caveats, invisible partitions, Ubuntu

Reports: High Sierra
bad experience

Reports: Mapping
Google, satellite images, and machine learning

Reports: Apple Campus 2
industrial history, Apple archives, etc.

Reports: Apple messaging

Reports: Apple security
root, HomeKit failures

Reports: Audio
James McCartney, Kontakt, DSP Quattro etc.

Reports: iTunes
app/icon management, external drive library, Match

Reports: Keyboards
Unicomp; USB Overdrive

Battery Life
How's your iPhone battery actually doing?

LG displays
LG pre-announces some displays that aren't available yet with Thunderbolt 3, "Nano IPS" and HDR600 support.

Reports: AirPort routers
firmware updates, apps and tips

Reports: Firefox
bank website problems

Reports: High Sierra
twin systems; TextEdit bug; disk image bugs

Reports: Keyboards
Kinesis, Logitech etc.

Reports: Security
email server attacks, fail2ban, High Sierra root bug

Reports: User interface
Apple "losing it"

Apple Configurator
Apple enterprise app for management of mobile devices may be an option for dealing with the huge hole Apple left in iTunes 12.7 when it deleted app management capabilities there.

This free app can help test your Mac's CPUs, cooling system, etc.

Reports: App Store
scam apps, unwanted updates and reversion hacks

Reports: Apple photo software
iPod photo recovery, Canon processing

Reports: Electric vehicles
Toyota, batteries, next decade

Reports: Hard drives
high-capacity drives vs. Mac Pro/Apple RAID

Reports: iMac Pro
bricking/recovery, performance, costs, RAM, keyboards

Reports: Timbuktu Pro
why it died in High Sierra

Reports: Web browsers
Firefox vs.

Reports: Adobe alternatives
Alan Dyer's alternatives comparison

Reports: AirPort
KRACK firmware/security patch

Reports: Apple security
boot issues after update

Reports: iTunes
the stupidities won't stop

Reports: Web browsers
Mozilla's Mr. Robot sneakiness

holiday shopping support

This excellent audio editing, recording and processing app includes support for High Sierra, Metal, Touch Bar, Ogg Opus and more.

Logitech K811 bluetooth keyboard
If you like Apple's pre-Touch Bar MacBook Pro keyboards, you'll probably like this backlit, bluetooth, rechargeable wireless standalone equivalent.

Glyph Studio series
This family of storage products offers FireWire 800, USB 3 and eSATA interfaces, a variety of sizes and RAID options.

Avastor PDX
These rugged, compact, bus-powered storage devices (hard drive or SSD) offer increasingly rare FireWire 800 ports, along with USB 3.

Dell UP3216Q display
This pro display offers 4K UHD resolution in a 32-inch IPS panel with HDMI and DisplayPort, USB 3, a card reader and extensive color gamut (and control).

Zorin OS
"an alternative to Windows and macOS, designed to make your computer faster, more powerful and secure"

Data Rescue
The Mac data-recovery app gets some bug fixes and tweaks.

Reports: Apple TV/alternatives
update problem, Amazon

Reports: High Sierra
Keychain/lock; disk image issue

Reports: Misc.
Ford bluetooth; Apple software quality

Reports: Privacy issues
email tracking

Reports: Quicken
security transaction bug

Reports: SSD (solid-state drives)
firmware identification and updates

Reports: User interface
startup deprecation

Apple Thunderbolt 3 cable
A year after introducing Thunderbolt 3 ports, Apple is introducing its cable to connect them.

Apple video codecs
Apple updates its video codec collection for macOS.

Reports: Mac Pro
Dell Quadro FX 3700/Nvidea 8800 GT graphics card

Reports: Security
Russia hijacks traffic for Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft...

iMac Pro
Apple posts prices and delivery dates on the first day of ordering for its new computer, a closed design that cannot be upgraded after purchase. Prices range from $4999 to $13,199 plus tax (and accessories).

Final Cut Pro X et al
Apple says its updated pro video software can handle 8K on an iMac Pro, as well as 360-degree VR and HDR video.

Reports: Apple management
music download demise; shareholder block; iMazing

Reports: iMovie
hack to re-enable older version

Reports: iPhone X
migration issues

Reports: Quicken
Quicken 2018

Reports: Time Machine
Apple Contacts/iCloud/sync issues; "tmutil" program; focus shifts

Reports: Web browsers
32-bit challenge/options

Apple HomeKit vulnerability patches
Apple patches iOS 11 and tvOS 11 after researchers discovered a vulnerability in HomeKit that opened "smart" locks and garage doors.

Apple AirPort KRACK patches
Apple finally gets around to patching the KRACK vulnerability with a firmware update for recent AirPort and Time Capsule routers.

This third-party software improves a lot on Apple's menubar.

TechTool Pro
A new update to the venerable Mac testing and maintenance app brings support for High Sierra/APFS and NVMe SSD technology.

Reports: 2017 MacBook Pro
backlight delay annoyance

Reports: App Store
crypto wallet imposter, template issues

Reports: Apple Security
iOS 11 exploit

Reports: Electric vehicles
lots of discussion, many points

Reports: Networking
AirPort Utility's loss of utility

Reports: Storage
SSD reliability, firmware, upgrade issues

Reports: User interface
the destruction of consistency

iMac Pro
If you've got $5K (plus tax) to spare, you can order the cheapest configuration of Apple's new 5K iMac later this week. (It should be pretty zippy.)

Adobe Flash flaw security patch
Adobe patches another security flaw in the deprecated and dangerous media platform it aquired with Macromedia back in the day.

PhotoZoom Pro
This app for high-quality image enlargement is aimed at professionals, but there's a lower-priced version available, too (both with demo downloads).

This open-source app works like a traditional photographic enlarger but in the realm of digital images.

Reports: Apple security
update versions, confusion and documentation discrepancies; FireWire failures; a pending jailbreak exploit; Carbon Black incompatibility; installer issues, UI fails; vulnerability databases and more

Reports: iPhone X
migration mess

Reports: Quicken
transaction limits (and counting)

Reports: Storage
portable FireWire drives disappearing

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets an urgent security patch.

DXO PhotoLab
This renamed digital image processor offers lots of features, including some new additions, with a 30-day trial period.

Iridient Developer
This Mac app offers detailed Raw conversion with support for more than 600 cameras, batch processing and compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6, plus Lightroom round-tripping.

Get remote access to many Canon and Nikon DSLRs (and to a motorized tripod head) with this hardware and cross-platform software.

ColorMunki et al
Calibrate your color with these hardware and software systems.

These Mac apps are uniquely designed to stress-test your Mac storage and memory systems and to flag any unwanted changes to files.

Here's a Mac app for editing weblogs (WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type etc.).

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
self-driving car milestones...

Reports: FileVault
firmware update fixes password problem...

Reports: Firefox
mission statement conflict

Reports: Internet services
tips about DNS and email services

Reports: iPhones
Brad's pick...

Reports: Migration
file-server shortcuts

Reports: Apple photo stuff
HEIF/HEVC hardware requirements

Reports: iOS 11
perma-cookie fix; Apple Cash shove; battery drain, etc.

Reports: Security
face recognition/tracking in China

Reports: Spam
Apple marketing

Apple updates iTunes for those who are running the 12.7 version and patches security holes for the Windows version. A stealth 12.6.3 version is still available for people who don't like the newer version and people running OS X 10.9, but you can't easily revert after updating to 12.7.

This unique email service offers high security and privacy, the ability to send encrypted information to anyone with a web browser, and access via an iOS app, a web interface, and now also mail clients on a Mac.

This Mac utility displays lots of details about storage devices and their reliability, plus it logs data, writes detailed reports, and runs tests.

Reports: Digital media
dealing with data corruption/format perversion

Reports: Email
SPF, DKIM, DMARC and iCloud

Reports: Internet services
FastMail, Hover, Gandi

Reports: iPhone X
SIM-free model finally available

Apple security patches (critical)
Apple drops piles of patches for very severe security failures (including the "root" flaw).

This object-oriented, visual development system can build apps for OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Web, and Raspberry Pi, and it's free for development and testing.

Reports: High Sierra
SSD, Disk Utility problems, Fusion drives

Reports: iPhones
choosing among recent models

Reports: Tips
Apple serial number database

tvOS security/feature fixes
Apple's TV version of iOS gets security patches and bug/feature fixes.

Apple fixes unspecified bugs in its macOS-hosted development system.

SEE Finance
A new version of the full-featured finance app supports iCloud Drive across iOS and macOS versions (but requires macOS 10.12 or later).

Reports: Apple security
bad week, High Sierra hard sell/push, quality/security process failure, update details/confusion, Apple management, face scanning/tracking, etc.

Reports: Email configuration
SPF issues

Reports: iOS 11
Dec. 2 bug, zombie cookies, charge problem

Reports: iPhone X
vs. iPhone 7; Verizon account req.; LTE speed

Reports: Misc.
crazy OS X device names

Capture One Pro
This cross-platform app offers photo raw conversion, asset management, Photoshop round-tripping, and pro level features/performance as an alternative/replacement for Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture.

Pale Moon
This cross-platform web browser offers fast performance, security features, and, notably, Mac support back to Mac OS X 10.6.

This full-featured, but free, Mac app lets you manage ebook collections, view, edit, convert, tag, serve and sync with a wide range of devices and among different formats.

Capable Finance
This basic budgeting and investment tracking app for the Mac can import data from OFX/QFX or CSV files.

This network utility offers lots of capabilities and customization options, plus some interesting graphics.

APFS for Linux
Paragon Software says it has a "technology preview" of APFS software for Linux.

Reports: App Store
phantom app update mystery

Reports: A.I.
social media issues and... media

iOS 11.2
Apple's latest OS release for its 64-bit mobile products patches a new crash bug, patches security holes, patches other bugs, and rolls out "Apple Pay Cash", among other updates.

Reports: Apple security
Discussion continues after the discovery of a second shocking security failure in macOS High Sierra and Apple's multiple emergency updates in response, along with a file-sharing flaw in the first patch, automatic update injection, a security expert's analysis, a weeks-earlier posting about the vulnerability, FileVault, Apple telemetry, and other issues.

Reports: Backup
WD MyCloud; Time Machine utilities

Reports: Misc.
battery backup, content caching

Reports: Office 2016
interesting history, upcoming changes, Office 2019

Reports: XProtect
invisible Apple malware blacklists updated

This Mozilla-based web browser offers privacy improvements and continuing support for existing add-ons vs. Firefox, with the latest release bringing security fixes, High Sierra tweaks and other improvements.