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Resource id #60Reports: Anti-virus software
ClamXAV and alternatives

Reports: App Store
subscription drive; Japan fair trade issue

Reports: Apple security
mouse/UI hacks; GatekeeperConfigData

Reports: Competition

Reports: High Sierra
APFS formats and installs; CCC corruption checks

Reports: Migration
Snow Leopard update issues, procedures

Reports: Storage
SMART drivers; fusion drives

This website design app, extensible via separately priced third-party add-ons, gets a big update.

Reports: Apple quality
video cable failures; iPhone 7 defects

Reports: Competition
PC laptops, Hyper V

Reports: Scams
"iCloud" email phishing scam

Reports: Security/privacy
"behavioral biometrics"

Reports: TV issues
Apple TV app problem; TVMobili

Reports: Vulnerabilities
medical system hacking; Intel SGX; USB-C chargers

This anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets an overhaul and subscription-based pricing.

Microsoft Office security patches
Microsoft patches more security holes in Office 2016 that attackers can exploit.

Intel SSD 660P
Intel's new NVMe M.2 SSD is faster than SATA SSDs with new NAND technology that brings down its price while increasing capacity.

Reports: App Store
subscription push; version/update follies

Reports: Apple quality
embarassing problem in new laptops

Reports: Apple delays
AirPower, FaceTime group chats

Reports: Competition
touchscreens, hide-and-seek UI, stylii, ThinkPads

Reports: Email
MailSteward problems

Reports: High Sierra
Samsung 840EVO warnings; Mac Mini upgrades; backup clones

Reports: Microsoft Office
license removal tool

Reports: Networking
ATT DNS abuse and alternatives/workarounds

Reports: Security/privacy
more Google issues

Acrobat security flaws, patches
Adobe issues yet another round of patches for more critical security flaws in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe "Experience Manager" and Creative Cloud on Windows.

Here's a replacement for Apple's abandoned wired keyboards, complete with backlighting.

Get a very detailed look at your wireless network/devices, Bluetooth, Bonjour and more. You can even get a WiFi spectrum analysis (with the help of a pricy device).

Take back control of Safari with this plug-in from websites that mess up its standard operations.

Audio Hijack
Record audio from applications, as well as external sound sources, and stream to Internet radio servers. (The latest update brings a "critical bug fix.")

This open-source math package offers a free alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab.

Little Snitch
The essential firewall/security app for Macs gets some bug fixes and improvements, while a pre-release "nightly build" supports macOS 10.14 Mojave.

DetectX Swift
This unique Mac security app "uses a combination of hardcoded search definitions along with live updates and predictive heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and issues", and it keeps track of changes to the most critical parts of your system.

Reports: macOS High Sierra
performance/SSD, APFS, FileVault/CPU issues

Reports: macOS Mojave beta
"Users may be unable to print"

Reports: Migration
T2 chip, SIP and Recovery mode

Reports: Publishing
epub export; "a few key tips" from print veteran

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets security updates, features/improvements and bug fixes in a new version.

Reports: Adobe/alternatives
Java follies, subscriptions, print preparation

Reports: Apple quality
speaker problems with new MacBook Pro (and iMac Pro)

Reports: Migration
zombie WiFi networks, NVRAM/T2/firmware/etc, SIP, Recovery mode and more

Reports: Scams/phone abuse
Do Not Call lists; Hiya app

Exchange messages and files securely and directly without involving any clouds or accounts.

Echo 11
Sonnet has a new Thunderbolt 3 dock with a wealth of connections.

Reports: Publishing
CircularFLO, e-books and epub, Apple Pages, Motif Photo Books, Kindle tools, Capture One, PDF problems and more.

Reports: Security
machine learning and Apple phishing

Reports: Storage
new 4-bit ("QLC") SSD technology

Panorama X
This radically fast, highly innovative, totally Mac-native and powerful database system, with a radical new pricing/licensing system, gets a major update.

Reports: Remote support/access
iCloud issues/configuration, Apple changes and compatibility problems, Chrome Remote Desktop, double-NAT issues etc.

Reports: Apple security
TSMC WannaCry infection

Reports: Competition/technology
Sculley on Cook; PC's no longer personal

Reports: Microsoft Office
license removal and transfer

Reports: Password managers
1Password 7 issues, subscriptions, etc.

Reports: Scams/abuse
Do Not Call; Malwarebytes iOS; "metadata"; robocall abuses, etc.

Reports: Security cameras
Ubiquiti user community

When Apple abandoned its photo book service (after abandoning Aperture and iPhoto), its printing partner created a Photos plug-in to create photo books, calendars and cards (for macOS 10.13 only).

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes app management (abandoned by iTunes), Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning, WiFi auto-backup, a free iMazing Mini menubar version and more (updated for iOS 11.4, iOS 12, and macOS 10.14 Mojave beta, now requires OS X 10.9 or later).

Reports: Apple Mail
troubleshooting techniques (e.g. mailbox/envelope rebuilds, Shift key launch, and account deletion), plus export/import, archiving, etc.

Reports: Apple compatibility
DisplayLink problem with macOS 10.13

Reports: Apple software updates
macOS update problems, cache deletion; iOS refresh trick

Reports: Security
tricky Apple Music phishing scam; Do Not Call

Resilio Sync
This robust and efficient network file transfer system lets you directly sync folders among various devices in various locations without needing any third-party cloud to do it.

The full-featured, cross-platform, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office gets a batch of bug fixes following a major update.

This free, full-featured app, which can edit video on Macs, Windows or Linux, gets bug fixes "after a few releases with major additions and changes."

Akitio NT2 U3.1
This compact storage enclosure offers hardware RAID, dual 3.5-inch SATA drive bays and 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance.

Plugable USB-C Mini Docking Station
Macs with native USB-C ports (which don't include MacBook Air, Mac Pro or Mac Mini) can add a bunch of ports - Ethernet, USB 3.0, HDMI and audio, via this expansion dock, which also provides 85W charging power.

Reports: Bluetooth
major startup delays; pairing files and keys; radio interference

Reports: Migration
enterprise control system issues

Reports: Storage
SAT SMART driver glitch; USB flash sticks

Canvas Draw
A new version of the classic drawing app for vector and raster graphics gets a table tool, Touch Bar support, dynamic effects, bug fixes and more.

Dell Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD
Dell has a neat little high-performance Thunderbolt 3 SSD, bus-powered with a 3-year warranty and compatible with macOS.

Reports: App Store/software updates
update installer lockups and hidden prompts, installer packages and download scripts, installer bugs, iOS update delays, etc.

Reports: Apple compatibility
OpenGL deprecation and related issues

Reports: Apple product issues
Mac Mini embarassment, Mojave, iMac, etc.

Reports: Competition
Linux compatibility, Mac product issues

Reports: Email
legitimate emails blocked: experiences, issues and tips

Reports: Finder issues
hidden snapshots, disk dismount drag

Reports: High Sierra
Disk Utility bug; APFS force-feed

Reports: iTunes
stream issues and m3u files

Reports: MacBook Pro
thermal issues and size; APFS and HFS+

Reports: Migration
problems, tips, license keys, FileVault and Recovery

Reports: Microsoft Office
AutoUpdate follies, dirty secret

Reports: Scams
Apple users targeted

Reports: Solid-State Drives (SSD)
M.2 Mac adapter; PNY problems

Apple Financials
Apple reports its "best June quarter ever" for making money off "services", its high-priced iPhone X, and "wearables", while Mac and iPad sales declined.

Reports: Apple quality
dead iPad, T2/Bridge OS kernel panics

Reports: iMac issues
2015 vs. 2017 SSD performance; 2018 update?

Reports: Security
firewall questions and advice

Reports: Storage
drive certification/errors; Backblaze reliability data

Get more control over iCloud Drives than Apple provides.

This little utility handles compression and extraction of many file formats, including password-protected 7Zip for secure file exchange with Windows systems, and just got an update for macOS 10.14 High Sierra.

Apple didn't support standard SSDs in its 2013 Mac Pro, but this internal adapter does.

Intel Optane SSD 905P
If you want the ultimate in SSD speed, this new technology could be worth a look.

This free, open-source password manager (based on JavaScript and NodeJS) runs across desktop, mobile and browser platforms.

The open-source web browser gets security updates and other changes.

Apple Configurator
This Apple enterprise app, which has some functionality Apple removed from iTunes, gets a couple of tweaks.

Reports: App Store
macOS download hide and seek, Apple ID, etc.

Reports: Apple product issues
iMac as Mac Mini replacement?

Reports: Storage
SSD for 2009 Mac Pro?

Reports: High Sierra
Preview and PDF preferences

This full-featured, zero-knowledge, cross-platform password manager with subscription options for automatic sync among devices, backup, sharing, etc., gets a big update, an additional service plan, and a price increase.

Google Chrome
Google's web browser gets patches for high-priority security flaws and warns about plain HTTP pages.

Broadcast audio from your Mac to a collection of player devices, all in sync, that includes AirPlay devices, HomePod, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Macs, Sonos speakers, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, Windows and Linux.

The software that lets you run Windows apps on your Mac (or Linux computer) without running Windows itself gets preliminary support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Reports: MacBook Pro
more about Apple's bug fix for the 2018 model's thermal management/performance problem, plus tips regarding graphics hardware defects in past models, a review of the 2018 model, and Mac App Store confusion about macOS versions/availability

Reports: Apple security
XProtect mystery/changes, related utilities, MRTConfigData

Reports: Servers
Performance Mode; Pegasys problems; Thunderbolt issues

This free utility checks Apple security files, settings and updates, including those that are otherwise invisible, and lets you trigger updates.

Cable Matters Thunderbolt 3 dock
This Thunderbolt 3 dock includes 4K HDMI, a card reader, Ethernet and a headset/mic jack.

Thunder3 Dock Pro
This Thunderbolt 3 dock missed its promised ship date, and isn't even priced yet, but looks interesting otherwise.

This Mac-native version of the office application suite fixes more crashing bugs and memory leaks in a confusingly named "2017.11" update.

Reports: App Store
macOS 10.13.6 update failure workaround

Reports: AppleCare/repair
secret iPhone repair videos

Reports: Mac Pro
SSD (flash storage) upgrades

Reports: Privacy abuses
Venmo; Uber/Lyft driver's livestream

2018 MacBook Pro patch
Under fire for errors that crippled the performance of its most expensive laptop, Apple today issued a "supplemental update" to macOS to patch the bug.

Reports: Apple product issues
closed systems, moribund Mac Mini

Reports: Displays
Apple Cinema Display mounts?

Reports: iPhone chargers
counterfeit products and safety problems

HighPoint RocketStor
HighPoint has a Thunderbolt 3 expansion box that can be had with a number of different I/O cards, and the company also sells dual-drive docks for USB or Thunderbolt, as well as 1- and 2-meter Thunderbolt 3 cables supporting 40Gbps and 100W of power delivery.

Intel Power Gadget
Graph power usage, frequency, temperature and utilization for your Intel Core processor with this free utility (updated to fix a serious bug with High Sierra).

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets an update to cover Apple's macOS 10.13.6 update.

Safari 12 preview
Apple updates its beta-test web browser for macOS 10.13 and 10.14 beta.

Reports: Apple Mail
Spotlight and search issues

Reports: Apple software updates
failures, successes and firmware; slow downloads

Reports: Competition
HP mini workstations

Reports: Servers
Synology systems, AFP vs. SMB, Time Machine, file-sharing limits, etc.

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt 3
LaCie offers Thunderbolt 3 RAID storage systems from dual-drive units with card readers and a DisplayPort output to massive 12-drive hardware RAID systems.

Reports: Autonomous cars
Apple expands test fleet

Reports: Help please
transcription software?

Reports: iPad Pro
screen problems, light sensor

Reports: Mac Pro
2013 model $1600 on eBay

Oracle's development/deployment platform gets security and bug fixes.

View details and controls for all the many programs running on your Mac, Apple's and third-party.

Reports: Finder
free space follies, APFS, Time Machine, etc.

Reports: macOS Mojave
32-bit issue: QuickTime Player 7 vs. QuickTime Player 10

Reports: Malware
DanaBot ("MYOB") banking trojan

App Tamer
This Mac utility automatically manages unruly programs (including some from Apple...) that drain battery and CPU resources while heating up your Mac.

Reports: Apple photos
book printing alternatives after Apple abandonment

Reports: Autonomous vehicles
Tesla, Cadillac, Mercedes compared; driverless logging trucks

Roxio Toast
This Mac app can capture media from multiple sources in sync, convert it for iOS, build DVDs with menus and chapters, copy discs, and much more - now in 64-bit form.

This essential troubleshooting tool analyzes many Mac configuration details for potential issues, scans for malware, and helpfully lists 32-bit Mac apps that Apple will disable in an upcoming macOS update.

This full-featured, cross-platform Lightroom alternative is free from any Adobe-style subscription hassles, and the company is working on a digital asset manager for later this year.

Reports: Apple A.I.
new chief's charter

Reports: Apple security
mobile device management (MDM) attack

Reports: Apple car project
thousands of engineers, China theft

Reports: AppleCare
defective iPad replacement loses T-Mobile

Reports: iMacs
Thunderbolt drives, migration procedures, Fusion drives

MCE Flash (SSD) upgrades
These flash storage (SSD) upgrades for various MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and 2013 Mac Pro models, offer high performance and capacity at competitive prices.

JetDrive SSD upgrades
Transcend also has SSD upgrades for various Mac models.

Plugable TB3 SSD
This compact, high-performance SSD connects via Thunderbolt 3.

Areca RAID systems
These big Thunderbolt 3 RAID systems handle a lot of drives and offer a lot of features.

Mobius, MiniPro
These portable and desktop RAID storage options offer RAID 0/1/JBOD/SPAN with a 10Gbps USB-C connector (or FireWire, USB and eSATA ports).

The cross-platform password manager gets a 1Password importer.

Reports: iMacs
performance issues and experiences, fusion drives, internal access/upgrades, migration procedures and issues, etc.

Reports: File-sharing
High Sierra APFS special requirement

Reports: macOS Mojave
Dark Mode, Carbon Copy Cloner, USB-C SSD boot

This utility customizes the behavior of USB and Bluetooth mice and lets you trigger sequences of keystrokes - even on macOS Mojave.

Reports: Apple software updates
file-sharing problems after an update and special issues with High Sierra's APFS file system; issues with unwanted iCloud changes and free space issues; misleading High Sierra version numbers, etc.

Reports: Apple Mail
POP account issue/config trick; obscure Remove setting

Reports: Apple security
iOS USB Restricted Mode bypass

Reports: HomeKit
bluetooth extenders vs. Apple TV

MacBook Pro refresh
Apple refreshes its Touch Bar MacBook Pro models, keeping prices the same but using a current-generation CPU, adding Apple's T2 security chip, and raising maximum memory and storage options and moving to "an improved third-generation keyboard for quieter typing."

Blackmagic eGPU
Sold via Apple, this Thunderbolt 3 external graphics accelerator has a stylish design, quiet fan, Radeon 580, plenty of ports, and Power Delivery for laptop charging.

Reports: Backup
backup integrity testing

Reports: Competition
Surface Go

Reports: MacBook Pro
seeking 2015 models with discrete GPU

Reports: Office software
Office 2016 update, OpenOffice et al

Reports: Privacy abuse
shopping center license plate scanners

Reports: Virtualization
clock sync issues/tips

Affinity Designer
This subscription-free alternative to Adobe Illustrator (with a free trial) runs on Macs, Windows and the latest iPads.

Reports: Antivirus apps
Sophos issues and Avast alternative

Reports: Backup
Retrospect and Port 497; Java

Reports: HomeKit
Bluetooth vs. WiFi connections, Indigo, X10, early days, etc.

Adobe security flaws critical
The second Tuesday of the month brings yet another big batch of Adobe patches for "critical" security flaws, with Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat, "Experience", and "Connect" all involved.

Apple updates its least-liked app to support AirPlay 2 and HomePod stereo, as well as patching security holes for Windows users.

The latest Mac update "resolves an issue where third-party Audio Units and the PlatinumVerb plug-in could not be accessed", while the iOS version gets support for "Schoolwork."

This powerful, open-source graphics editor, which works across platforms (including Linux), gets a bunch of improvements but still runs on Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Easily create web galleries, even for thousands of files, with this cross-platform app.

Reports: Mac Pro
USB 3 cards for cheesegraters

Reports: Scams
software PBX, junk fax, anti-spam apps, vulnerable victims

Safari security patches
Apple patches up security holes in its Safari web browser for OS X 10.11 and up.

macOS/OS X security patches
Apple patches a bunch of security holes in OS X 10.11 through macOS 10.13.

iOS, tvOS, watchOS security patches
Apple patches more security holes for its current mobile/entertainment platforms.

Apple Windows security patches
Apple patches security holes in its web-based Windows software.

Send scammers to this answerbot service when they call your mobile phone.

This Thunderbolt 3 storage device is small and fast.

G-drive SSDs
Western Digital (G-Technology) has a variety of high-speed Thunderbolt 3 SSD storage systems, plus a USB-C device (which is slower).

Seagate SSD
Seagate is selling a standard 2.5-inch SATA SSD now but doesn't seem to be supplying any compelling details about it.

Reports: Computer history
early space (Star Trek) games, Xerox (PARC) research (Alto, Ethernet), an Apple I portable, galactic mass functions and more.

Reports: AirPort
performance/configuration issues

Reports: SSD (solid-state drives)
firmware updates, SMART errors

Boot Camp security patch
Apple patches KRACK vulnerabilities in its Windows support system.

Acrobat security flaws (critical, unpatched)
Adobe plans to patch "critical" security flaws in Adobe Acrobat... next week.

This full-featured network backup application offers local encryption for security, full Mac metadata support, multiple-version and changes-only backup, an open, documented storage format, bandwidth and budget controls, and more, while supporting inexpensive storage at Amazon (Amazon Cloud, AWS, Glacier), Backblaze B2, SFTP servers, NAS, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Cloudberry Backup
This backup app handles local and cloud storage, running on Macs, Linux and Windows systems.

Acronis True Image
This backup system specializes in saving images of your entire disk (Windows or Mac). An optional cloud backup service supports iOS devices, as well.

Reports: Displays
MacBook Pro DisplayPort and dongles

Reports: iTunes
compatibility issues, Configurator

Reports: Malware
OSX.Dummy Mac malware targets cryptominers

Reports: Servers
Thunderbolt, macOS Server vs. Synology, Acronis Files Connect, SMB, etc.

Akitio Node series
These Thunderbolt 3 expansion boxes hold graphics cards (eGPU) and other PCIe cards.

This free terminal emulator offers a more capable alternative to Apple's Terminal app.

Reports: Apple security
passwords and family support

Reports: Bluetooth
constant connection/reconnection between Macs

Reports: High Sierra
"in memoriam..."

APFS to HFS+ Converter
This free utility promises to revert High Sierra's APFS file system conversion back to HFS+.

Reports: AirPort
troubleshooting notes

Reports: Email
Verizon/AOL/Oath problems

OWC Express 4M2
Put four M.2 SSDs in a Thunderbolt 3 box with a DisplayPort connector, too.

Reports: Apple Mail
troubleshooting trick

Reports: Help please
rebuilding old batteries

Reports: MacBook Pro
detailed analysis of keyboard flaw

Reports: Security
Exactix personal data mega-breach

Reports: SSD (solid-state drives)
2TB Micron 1100 deal; Glyph AtomRAID

Malwarebytes, which has excellent history of providing anti-malware products for Windows and Macs, has a new security app for iOS that combines spam call blocking, text message filtering, ad blocking, and protection from malicious websites.

Reports: Apple lawsuits
Samsung suit finally settled

Reports: Compatibility
graphics cards and Mac compatibility

Reports: FileVault
problems with leftover tokens/recovery keys

Reports: Google issues
Google News

Reports: Internet services
surveillance, Safari Debug mode

Reports: Security
Snow Leopard antivirus options

Reports: Apple Calendars
troubleshooting note

Reports: Internet services
AT&T's big advertising/analytics acquisition

Reports: Scams
all kinds of scams, all the time

Reports: Wireless security
WPA3 rollout

Swift security update
Apple patches a security flaw in its SwiftNIO networking library.

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets a critical security update, plus performance improvements, new features and a new-generation ESR version.

Reports: Apple security
macOS data extraction and hidden files/folders

Reports: Competition/technology
Snapdragon 1000

Reports: Displays
4K panels in QHD displays not so good

Reports: IoT (Internet of Things)
abuse, "security" camera issues

Reports: Mac Pro
Metal-capable graphics cards

Reports: Storage
backups, power-on hours, SoftRAID

Apple Public Betas
Help Apple find bugs in iOS 12, tvOS 12 and macOS Mojave....

Aquiline Check
Here's a free utility to help mitigate privacy problems with Apple's Quick Look system.

Murus and Vallum
These Mac firewalls give you easy, application-level control or deep control using the Mac's built-in PF firewall.

Gas Mask
Swap and edit "hosts" files for more control over your network and what gets out of it.

Reports: Apple issues
IT in K-12

Reports: Apple photo apps
High Sierra trap

Reports: Autonomous cars
Uber police report, Massachusetts memorandum

Reports: Disk utilities
Apple Disk Utility vs. SoftRAID

Reports: Competition
MacBook Pro vs. XPS 13; Intel processors

Reports: iMac troubleshooting
WiFi fix, Target Disk Mode/adapters for failing Mac

Reports: Networking
MoCA/coax options

Apple laptop keyboards
After three years and three lawsuits, Apple announces a "Keyboard Service Program" to address defective keyboards in 2015 and later MacBooks and 2016 and later MacBook Pro models.

Final Cut Pro X
Apple fixes a couple of bugs and adds some drone support for its $300 video editor.

eGFX Breakaway
Got a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 but need more graphics power? Sonnet has several solutions.

Thunder3 Quad Mini
Pack four SSDs in a Thunderbolt 3 box with RAID, and you can get some serious speed.

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets fixes for a few glitches.

Reports: Apple compatibility
Metal cheese grater; Safari Preview in parallel

Reports: Apple security
cache/Quick Look leaks and clean-up

Reports: Microsoft Office
change tracking, keyboard shortcuts

Reports: Printing
post-lightning problem

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of useful and unique features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and an iOS mobile version, too.

This cross-platform app converts email files from most popular apps to standard, portable formats and even offers a built-in IMAP server to help with conversion and archiving.

Reports: Apple quality
iOS 11.4 camera issue

Reports: Email
GPG Tools/GnuPG security patches

Reports: Office software
compatibility issues, options

Reports: Printers
Brother MFC-8860DN, PostScript, VueScan etc.

Reports: Storage
Apple Disk Utility issues

Create virtual disks that are faster than the fastest flash (but only temporary).

Reports: AppleCare/repair
$6.6 million Error 53 fine

Reports: Privacy problems
Google's location leak

Reports: Security
phishing in a nutshell

Mail Archiver X
Automatically collect and archive your email in a database (internal or FileMaker) with the help of this Mac app.

A nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound) gets a few minor fixes and improvements.

This full-featured, reliable, cross-platform, open-source FTP client has been around for years, and its Transcript window can make quick work of repetitive tasks.

Reports: Networking
wireless standards vs. performance, passwords, access point configuration, and Apple's AirPort Utility.

Reports: Apple issues
Mac vs. Windows in universities

Reports: Audio
thunder vs. AGC; Rode iXY-L mic

Reports: High Sierra
iTunes backups M.I.A. after migration

Reports: Mac migration
Safari home page workaround; Fusion failure without backup

Reports: Printing
broken Brother fix after router reset

Reports: Web browsers
Chromium downloads and Google credit-card capture

This combination iOS app and web service lets you advertise slots in your calendar for people to book time with you.

View and make changes to any data in any file - even huge ones - and peek into disk partitions, even invisible ones. A quick update after the last release brings binary templates, a High Sierra fix, and other improvements.

Reports: AirPort/alternatives
Time Capsule data issues

Reports: Apple quality
Xcode, another MacBook Pro defect, maps/outages

Reports: Augmented Reality (AR)
Apple focus, advertising

This innovative app lets you tag photos with essential metadata, using your voice instead of typing.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics toolkit gets a few more features and fixes.

Pixelmator Pro
This image editing app for the Mac features "machine learning", but you'll need High Sierra and a "Metal-compatible graphics card" to run it. The latest version brings some fixes after a "massive update."

This full-featured app handles all manner of PDF tasks, offering an alternative to Adobe Acrobat and an iOS version that can share files.

Print to Mac-connected printers from your iOS devices over AirPrint (no extra software required).

Reports: Databases
Google App Maker

Reports: Security/privacy
Pi-hole, Panopticlick, Firefox private mode

Reports: USB Type-C
robustness, complexity

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for recent Macs, 64-bit iOS devices and iCloud with LaTeX/MathML support, better Microsoft Office compatibility, Apple Pencil support and audio integration.

Reports: Apple security
contacts harvesting, USB loopholes, Facebook...

Reports: Help please
wired mice for Apple software updates

Reports: Internet services
ad blocking, JavaScript, perfume, Facebook, tracking

Reports: Mac Pro
fun with graphics cards and cables

Reports: Migration/updates
High Sierra disk format follies

Reports: Networking
wireless printer troubleshooting

Reports: Products
business card scanning

Xcode security update
Apple patches Git security holes in its flagship development system that allow "arbitrary code execution."

Reports: WWDC discussions
from Chromebooks to Google-Apple comparisons and from Apple licensing and market share to competition in education and more.

Reports: Apple quality
iOS battery drain, MacBook Pro video defect

Reports: Apple security
Mac malware vulnerability, cryptomining

Reports: Malware
Russian VPNFilter router malware

Reports: Migration/updates
macOS compatibility, Migration/Setup Assistant

Reports: Apple compatibility
HFS (non-Extended) volume support

Reports: Apple Mail
migration and configuration problems/tips

Reports: Apple TV/alternatives
Filmstruck, Nvidia Shield

Reports: Audio
iPad thunder recording

Reports: Competition
performance and perception; new Dell XPS 15

Reports: FileMaker
Server 17 admin changes

Reports: High Sierra
file space follies

TechTool Pro
A new version of the venerable Mac testing and maintenance app brings iPhone/iPad battery tests, support for FAT32/ExFAT volumes and more.

eM Client
A Windows email app is now available in a pre-release Mac beta test version.

Reports: Apple Messages
dysfunctional after software updates

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro keyboard follies

Reports: Apple security
Apple security guides

Reports: Apple updates
firmware, update experiences

Reports: Apple TV/alternatives
streaming vs. cable; Fire TV Cube

Reports: Migration/updates
moving to new iMac, High Sierra

Reports: Old systems
PowerBook G3 resuscitation

Reports: Storage
SSD secure erasing, FileVault and formatting, performance, reliability, etc.

Reports: Time Capsule
reset kills printing

Reports: User interfaces
Apple hide-and-seek, manuals

Nik Collection
The popular photo plug-ins are now with DxO after their journey from Nik Software through Google, updated for compatibility with recent versions of macOS and the Adobe apps.

DXO PhotoLab
This digital image processor offers lots of features and a 30-day trial period.

Process a bunch of photos in a batch with these tools.

Macs Fan Control
This free app lets you display and control Mac fan speeds, even with Boot Camp running.

Reports: Audio
CD-burning software

Reports: Input devices
Magic Mice and batteries

Reports: Internet services
Spectrum IPv6 change and recovery

APFS for Windows
Paragon Software says you can access APFS volumes from Windows with their beta-quality driver (with a lot of limitations).

Reports: A.I.
Apple's overhauling Siri

Reports: Migration
mail misery and other issues

Reports: Time Machine
macOS 10.13.5 update problem

Reports: Vulnerabilities
rampant Russian VPNFilter malware

Adobe Flash flaw "critical"
Adobe patches yet another "critical" Adobe Flash security flaw, one that's being actively exploited in the wild (on Windows systems, at least).

Reports: Apple quality
MacBook Pro, High Sierra, flight fun

Reports: Apple updates
firmware updates, location details

This Mac utility displays lots of details about storage devices and their reliability, plus it logs data, writes detailed reports, and runs tests. An update adds 110 new SSDs and other improvements.

Reports: AppleCare
iMac Pro VESA fiasco follow-up

Reports: Apple security
authentication issues; upcoming enhancements

Reports: Finder/alternatives
Path Finder; free-space follies

Reports: iCloud
clouded messages correction

Reports: Maps
search in Google Maps; Galileo Pro

Apple WWDC
Today's Apple show was about software... entirely. iOS 12 and macOS Mojave are due in Q3, along with watchOS 5 and an Apple TV update. There's more and more "artificial intelligence" monitoring users and predicting/guiding their actions, and more augmented reality. There are also some security/privacy improvements. Oh, plus "Me-moji" [cough]. And Apple isn't exactly merging iOS and macOS, but the company has a new system for porting iOS apps to macOS, and they're using it on their own apps now, and the App Store. macOS Mojave has a dark mode, and FaceTime gets group support. Apple Watches will be able to "walkie-talkie" each other (outside of certain countries).

Reports: Apple authentication
customers get shut out of their own devices and forced into jumping through new hoops, with some rough results

Reports: PDF problems
doc locks, workarounds, and annotation

Reports: Phone security
surveillance, interception, Stingray et al

Reports: Routers/security
restarts, network configurations

Reports: Web browsers
Chrome problems

The go-to, cross-platform app for homebrewers is about to get a big update after two years of development, adding support for mead, wine and cider,two-stage yeast starters and more.

Find Any File
This shareware utility is far faster and more capable than Spotlight for finding files on your Mac, and the latest update brings a High Sierra APFS fix, while a 64-bit version is in the works with additional features.

This simple database app might serve as a replacement for Apple's abandoned Bento, and it works across Mac, Linux and Windows platforms.

CSV Converter
Import and clean up data from comma- and tab-separated text files, edit them, and export in several formats.

Reports: Autonomous cars
$billions deals, Lidar

Reports: Finder
Path Finder update, free trial

Reports: iTunes
USB Contacts sync vanishes

Reports: Vulnerabilities
side-channel Facebook leaks