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Resource id #60Reports: macOS Mojave
Nvidia breakage, iTunes issues, FileVault abandonment for Mac Pros, APFS and backup, free space follies, Douglas Adams, Dark Mode, APFS compatibility issues, 32-bit deprecation, and more

Reports: Adobe
security/update issues

Reports: AirDrop
failures after Mojave update

Reports: Apple quality
iOS 12.1.1 battery drain

Reports: Apple security
2FA fun

Reports: HomeKit
remote power control, X10

Reports: Lighting
fluorescent replacements, longevity, wire nuts

Reports: Mac Mini
more benchmarks from Brian

Reports: Microsoft Office
Microsoft AutoUpdater update

Reports: Migration
abandoned Bias Peak

Reports: Misc.
Do Not Disturb disturbance

Reports: Startup issues
Little Snitch fix

Reports: Apple security
invisible XProtect update (Adobe Flash)

Reports: Displays
various LG displays, SpectraviewII color system

Reports: Email
AOL troubleshooting/workarounds

Reports: Malware
new Mac malware flurry

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets important security patches, macOS performance improvements, and other updates.

Reports: Apple quality
iPhone radio problem poll

Reports: eGPUs
purge-wrangler unblocks external GPUs

Reports: Finder
Carbon Copy Cloner alternative

Reports: Mac Mini
power measurements

Reports: Privacy abuse
location trackers, iOS vs. Little Snitch

Adobe Acrobat/Reader flaws "critical"
Adobe patches another big batch of critical security flaws in its Acrobat/Reader software.

Data Desk
This remarkable statistics software debuted in the early days of the Macintosh.

Reports: 5G phones
"grip of death"?

Reports: Apple Photos
bug fix in macOS 10.14.2

Reports: Apple security
updates; Spectre/Meltdown

Reports: Apple Watch
ECG heart monitor

Reports: Disk Utility
security issue, command-line basis

Reports: iOS 12
update cellular bug

Reports: iPhones
eSIMs; pricing problem

Reports: Mac malware
Adobe Zii and MS Word trojans

Reports: Technology
Doug Engelbart's "mother of all demos"

Reports: USB/Thunderbolt
USB-C ≠ Thunderbolt 3

DaVinci Resolve
This Final Cut alternative offers so much for so little, it's hard to believe, but it's built on a strong foundation.

This free, full-featured app, which can edit video on Macs, Windows or Linux, gets some bug fixes and feature tweaks.

VLC Media Player
The all-purpose, cross-platform media player and transcoder gets macOS fixes and security updates in recent releases.

This free, cross-platform app transcodes (converts) non-copy-protected video files into a wide variety of formats for different devices.

Duet Display
Use your iPad as an extra Mac monitor, with a Touch Bar, or turn your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil into a drawing tablet for the Mac.

The open-source web browser gets high-priority security patches.

Reports: Apple security
visible and invisible updates, firmware

Reports: Displays
color profiling/matching; NEC, Eizo; DisplayCAL, etc.

Reports: Drive formatting
Disk Utility changes/confusion

Reports: Mysteries

Apple WatchOS update
Apple patches serious security holes for Series 1 and later Apple Watches and adds ECG/EKG/AFib features for Series 4.

2018 Mac Mini Maxxer
iFixit has 16GB and 32GB memory upgrades and disassembly tools for Apple's 2018 Mac Mini, priced below Apple's own memory upgrades.

This software, which lets you run Windows apps on your Mac or Linux computer without running Windows itself, gets Quicken fixes and other tweaks.

Reports: Drive formatting
Terminal commands, FileVault, filename follies, etc.

Reports: Email
AOL problems/workarounds

Reports: macOS Mojave
Mac Pro vs. FileVault; migration experiences; Quicklook

Reports: Migration
macOS App Store hide and seek

Reports: Servers
troubleshooting tips, Rackspace email

Reports: Startup issues
Apple authentication changes and confusion vs. other platforms

Apple security updates
Apple patches a batch of serious security holes for its current Mac, mobile, media, web and Windows products (making silent, undocumented firmware changes to Macs in the process).

Google Chrome
Google's web browser gets an update to patch a slew of high-priority security flaws.

Adobe Flash flaw critical with exploit
The latest "critical" Adobe Flash security flaw has an exploit in the wild, so...

OWC Drive Docks
OWC has a new 10Gbps USB-C drive dock with dual SATA bays, plus an older, more expensive Thunderbolt 2/USB 3 version and an older, lower-priced 5Gbps USB 3 version.

Reports: Apple updates
another Security Update fail

Reports: Email
Gmail vs. Apple Mail and OAuth 2.0

Reports: FileVault
fdesetup and Der Flounder

Reports: iOS 12
CarPlay, App Store issues

Reports: iPad Pro
delivery delays

Reports: Mac Mini
graphics limitations, thermal paste/throttling issues

Reports: MacBook Pro
external display issues

Reports: macOS Mojave
printing issues

Reports: Storage
follow-up from SoftRAID

Reports: Thunderbolt

"Creative Selection"
This book offers an inside look at Apple's product creation process during Steve Jobs's final years at Apple.

Reports: Apple security
fake Flash, iPhone unlocking, zero-day

Reports: Backup
Prosoft drops Data Backup app

Reports: Help please
optimizing/synchronizing storage

Reports: iPhones
swollen batteries, compatibility issues, etc.

Reports: Migration
blacklist, App Store follies

Capture One
The fast, full-featured, pro app for digital image editing gets a user interface redesign, a new plug-in "ecosystem", extended AppleScript capabilities, new masking options, and more.

This user-friendly app assembles images into panoramas, with a variety of helpful capabilities.

This full-featured backup and sync program can work remotely or locally, with cloud storage or direct connections, and with support for iPhones and iPads, too. The latest version is a major update for macOS Mojave.

This Rsync-based app, which offers file sync and a variety of backup features while preserving essential Mac metadata, gets a macOS Mojave update.

This app promises to back up and sync various Mac preference settings (as well as other files you choose and notes that you make).

Create multi-channel virtual audio devices for flexibly routing audio from apps and inputs to apps and outputs. A new version overhauls the user interface, doubles the channels and offers access to "hidden" audio sources (e.g. Siri).

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II
This new SDXC storage card promises read speeds of up to 300MB/s and write speeds of up to 260MB/s with UHS-II host devices.

Reports: SSD (solid-state drives)
Samsung X5/Thunderbolt issues; QLC technology

Reports: Apple ID
mess, then support

Reports: File systems
unwanted disk mounts, startup delays

Reports: iCloud
"Optimize Mac Storage" follies

Reports: iTunes
reversion fix

Reports: SSD (solid-state drives)
benchmarking Samsung X5/Thunderbolt adapter/dock etc.

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities (which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame) gets another macOS bug workaround, a few bug fixes of its own, and beta testing of a future version to support Apple's new APFS file system that's built into macOS 10.13 and 10.14).

Reports: Migration
startup program conflicts, Adobe apps and Java folders, user account duplication and home directory issues, and MathType

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product gets a security fix, a bug fix, and support for recent Windows releases.

Reports: Apple lawsuits
App Store monopoly at Supreme Court

Reports: Apple security
"Secure Boot in the Era of the T2"

Reports: Apple Stores
battery replacement issues

Reports: iTunes
update problems / downgrade workarounds

Reports: macOS Server
Service Migration Guide for abandoned features

Reports: Security
nasty bank scam via Google

ON1 Photo Raw
Free from subscription straightjackets and catalog/import delays, this newly updated photo app specializes in fast raw processing but also offers quick browsing, tagging and non-destructive editing with layers, masks, filters and much more (and not just for raw files).

RAW Power
This RAW photo processor for High Sierra and Mojave works as an Apple Photos plug-in or standalone app, and there's an iOS version, as well.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics toolkit "now supports the Hardened Runtime on macOS 10.14" and also has been "notarized" by Apple.

This full-featured, well-supported scanning software works across platforms (including Linux) and supports Macs from OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.14 as well as many scanning devices. (There are mobile versions, too.)

CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 docks
CalDigit offers a variety of Thunderbolt 3 docks, from a compact dock with tons of connections to compact, bus-powered units with dual HDMI or DisplayPort outputs.

DiskMaker X
Make bootable OS X/macOS installers on flash drives or hard drives (including for macOS Mojave).

This free app simplifies removal of an unwanted app and the various associated files.

Adobe Flash flaw "critical"
Adobe posts patches for yet another "critical" security flaw in Adobe Flash (which we recommend removing and which Adobe is terminating).

DetectX Swift
This unique and useful security software checks for malware and tracks changes to critical elements of your system, including kernel extensions, launch agents, apps and more.

Reports: Mac Mini
performance vs. MacBook Pros, FireWire adapters, hard drives vs. APFS, iMacs vs. Mini with eGPU, apps using eGPU, 4K+ display support, etc.

Reports: External GPUs
AMD vs. Nvidia support; 20Gbps vs. 40Gbps cables

Reports: iTunes
authorization/Apple ID follies

Reports: MacBook Pro
eGPU benchmarks and display capabilities

Reports: Quicken
2007 vs. 2016 and 2018 versions, See Finance

Reports: Storage
Samsung T5 vs. X5, Trim, etc.

MacBook Pro graphics update
Apple extends the top end of its 15-inch MacBook Pro graphics hardware with new Radeon Vega Pro options, while extending its prices higher, too.

Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor
Apple updated its "pro" video apps for Macs (not available for iPad Pros) with "workflow extensions", "batch sharing", color grading, 64-bit processing, and more.

Apple video codecs
Apple updates its video codec collection for macOS.

This cross-platform, open-source Internet suite includes a browser, an HTML editor, web development tools, email, chat and newgroup reading. A new release gets security fixes from Firefox and Thunderbird.

Mozilla's robust, full-featured (and free) email app gets a workaround for a password problem with Office365 and other fixes.

Little Snitch
The essential firewall/security app for Macs gets a few more bug fixes.

The popular backup app, which includes APFS snapshot support, gets a "workaround for -1708/-1701/-1712 errors" and a couple of other tweaks.

Drive Genius
The long-lived disk utility gets a Mojave update.

Data Rescue
This Mac data-recovery app focuses on copying files to a new drive, rather than trying to fix them in place.

Reports: Security
Apple 2FA codes and devices

Reports: Storage
Backblaze hard drive reliability upddate

OWC Thunderbolt docks
OWC adds a Micro SD slot and an 8Gbps USB-C port in a new version of its Thunderbolt 3 dock, currently in pre-order status, while still selling a slightly different Thunderbolt 3 dock, plus a Thunderbolt 2 dock, etc.

This visual rapid development system is really, really cross-platform, while its design pays homage to Bill Atkinson's revolutionary HyperCard.

Reports: Apple announcements
SSD security, teardowns

Reports: Apple Mail
attachment bug

Reports: Apple repair
Mac T2 vs. third-party service

Reports: Storage/SSD
Samsung 970 in Thunderbolt box benchmarks

Reports: Thunderbolt
more performance problems

Adobe security flaws
Adobe posts patches for security flaws in Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Photoshop, and Adobe Flash.

Reports: Apple announcements
quick buying guide, soldered storage

Reports: Apple updates
notification abuse

Reports: Audio

Reports: Clones
fake iPhone Xs Max

Reports: Competition
Windows file deletion

Reports: iPhones
compressed air, batteries

Reports: Mac Pro
2013 Mac Pro upgrades, graphic defects, Mojave

Reports: Storage
storage/transfer tests, options and problems

Apple defects (destroy data)
A nasty Apple defect destroys your data and drive on certain MacBook Pro models... but Apple has a program to repair the affected computers. Another defect causes iPhone X models to either fail to respond to touches to respond to touches that weren't actually there....

2018 MacBook Air patch
A special software update "improves the stability and reliability" of Apple's latest laptop.

MainStage patch
Apple's live music performance app for Macs also gets ""stability improvements and bug fixes."

Configurator 2
Apple's iTunes alternative for enterprises gets "support for new hardware."

DXO PhotoLab
A new version of the full-featured digital image processor adds a photo "library" and other improvements, and it still has a 30-day trial available, as well as Lightroom round-tripping.

This powerful photo raw image file processor is free, cross-platform, open-source software.

This Mac utility software give you more screen resolution options and information than Apple does.

Reports: Email servers
options, experiences, changes, details

Reports: iMacs
the sound of silence

Reports: Mac Pro
Samsung 970 NVMe upgrade

Reports: macOS Mojave
filename case/compatibility issues

Reports: Solid-State Drives (SSD)
MacBook Pro Samsung 970 upgrade; USB vs. SATA SSDs

Reports: Thunderbolt
Target Disk Mode misery

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for recent Macs, 64-bit iOS devices and iCloud with "performance and stability improvements" and Apple Books publishing.

Apple's consumer video app gets "overall stability" improvements and support for external displays on iPads and iPhones.

The latest iOS update brings "stability improvements and bug fixes" and "adds the Wah stompbox pedal and Face Control to Smart Guitar."

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets some security and bug fixes.

LaCie Portable SSD
LaCie plans to join a crowded field of compact USB-C SSDs later this month.

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes app management (abandoned by iTunes), Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning, WiFi auto-backup, a free iMazing Mini menubar version and more (updated for iOS 12.1 and new iPads Pro).

Reports: Apple discussion
storage security, monitor refresh rates, high-speed Ethernet, low-power Mac laptops vs. big iPads, MacBook Pro vs. Mac Mini prices, iMac repurposing via Target Display mode, and more

Reports: Apple support
Apple "Communities"

Reports: Apple Watch
non-bricking update

Reports: iPhones
battery health misleading

Reports: iTunes
Mojave update vs. iTunes 12.6.5

Reports: macOS Mojave
downgrade/compatibility issues

Display disk usage in a smart graphical map with the ability to zero in on space-hogging files/folders to free up storage space.

This utility makes it easy to create and use disk images in a variety of formats, now updated for macOS Mojave.

Angelbird Wings PX1
This PCIe card hosts high-performance M.2 SSDs and provides critical cooling.

Yamaha WXC-50, WXA-50
Stream music wirelessly to this pre-amp or amp.

Reports: Apple ID
iPad lock-out

Reports: Apple security
update issues/experiences

Reports: Displays
30-inch Cinema Display with new MacBook Pro

Reports: iOS 12
update bricking and recovery

Reports: Storage
Thunderbolt SSD performance issues, reliability, noise

Reports: APFS
boot delay

Reports: Apple service
"Simply Mac" store experiences

Reports: iOS 12
text-replacement bug confirmed

Reports: macOS Mojave
update installers, file-sharing, APFS conversion, scanners,

Reports: Microsoft Office
font madness

Reports: Photo software
HEIC export bug; raw-file apps

Reports: Storage
SSD benchmarks and compatibility (NVMe, sector size, macOS, etc.)

Apple USB-C accessories
Having deleted the headphone jack in new iPad Pros and switched to USB-C for connections, Apple has a new adapter dongle to plug headphones into, plus a new USB-C SD card reader.

This excellent audio editing, recording and processing app gets support for macOS Mojave.

This powerful photo processing software runs on Macs and Linux, free of charge.

This Mac utility displays lots of details about storage devices (including sector size) and their reliability, plus it logs data, writes detailed reports, and runs tests. An update addresses free space anomalies with Apple's latest file systems, as well as some email notification issues.

This free utility checks Apple security files, settings and updates, including those that are otherwise invisible, and lets you trigger updates. The latest version attempts to deal with multiple Mojave messes.

Use encrypted "safes" to protect and sync sensitive files among Macs and iOS devices.

Hands Off
The friendly firewall, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets an update for macOS 10.14.1.

Reports: Adobe
Creative Cloud now requires High Sierra

Reports: Apple Mail
iCloud delivery and status problems

Reports: iMacs
troubleshooting, disassembly, etc.

Reports: MacBook Pro
fans and demands

Reports: Help
username change issues

Reports: Java
Mac compatibility, version confusion, etc.

Reports: Web browsers
Safari 12 plug-in problems, Firefox 63

Reports: Apple security/privacy
DataVault, Spotlight issues

Reports: macOS Mojave
USB 3 problems vs. USB 2; battery drain; etc.

Reports: Scams and phishing
password management

Apple announcements
Apple finally updates its ancient MacBook Air and Mac Mini models, raising their entry prices, and comes out with new iPad Pro models that offer USB-C connections, while removing headphone jacks and adding Face ID.

iOS 12.1
Apple's latest iOS update, due today for its 64-bit devices, brings the delayed Group FaceTime feature, plus dual-SIM support for its latest iPhones.

Apple security updates
Apple patches security flaws in its current Mac, mobile, media, and Windows software.

"CoinTicker" Mac malware
The "CoinTicker" Mac app is actually malware, containing two "broad-spectrum" backdoors ripe for exploitation... even on non-priviliged user accounts.

Reports: Apple security/privacy
iCloud issues and government access, Siri, voiceprints, location tracking (even with VPN use), invisible "analytics", and Apple's public privacy policy vs. secret DataVaults

Reports: Scams and phishing
gigantic breaches and databases of user accounts, passwords and personal data, plus email headers and anti-spoofing mechanisms (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), as well as password management and recommended procedures and responses to breaches, SMS security problems, and more

Reports: Web browsers
Ghostery and other plug-ins, Firefox tracker blacklists, Firefox updates, macOS Mojave compatibility, video autoplay, security keys (YubiKet et al), a Google/Chrome/Chromium crossover issue, and more

Reports: Java
confusion over Mac updates and versions, along with the serious security problems involved in using Java plug-ins with a web browser

Reports: Apple plans
announcements preview

Reports: Competition
software update issues, HP EliteBook, Ubuntu, etc.

Reports: iPhones
XR teardown

Reports: Speech recognition
Apple, Nuance, and Dragon drop

Reports: User interfaces
Apple's At Ease and Simple Finder, GrandPad

This remote control software, based on the Internet standard, reaches across a very wide range of platforms and has new security features in the latest release.

This music tag editor offers scripting, validation, link repair, lyrics download, and more.

Get control over a wide range of preference settings and features that Apple built into OS X and some of its applications - on Mac OS X 10.1 through macOS 10.14 (updated with new dark mode and iCloud options).

Reports: Accounting
QuickBooks for Mac 2019

Reports: Apple photo apps
Image Capture iOSification in Mojave

Reports: HomeKit

Reports: iCloud
outage effects and status page

Reports: Apple repairs
security/privacy issues, printer drivers

Reports: Backup
macOS Mojave changes

Reports: Software de/activation
NetSpot Pro problem

Reports: Storage
SSD deal of the day...

This advanced word processor, which offers a wealth of features while keeping your documents in a safe, open file format, gets a big update and a small price cut.

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets security patches from the latest Firefox and other improvements and fixes.

Reports: Adobe
de/activation follies

Reports: App Store
iPhone vs. iPad update

Reports: Competition
Linux + Intel NUC/XPS 13, Apple eBay stores

Reports: macOS Mojave
graphics bugs, unwanted download/update, unwanted "features"

Reports: Networking
DNS troubleshooting, bugs, and changes

The friendly, full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets more Mojave compatibility changes.

This network utility offers lots of capabilities and customization options, plus some interesting graphics.

Path Finder
This alternative to Apple's Finder app, with advantages and extra capabilities, gets a macOS Mojave update.

Reports: Apple photo software
Mojave iMac graphics bug

Reports: Audio
XLD, Amadeus Pro

Reports: iMacs
Ethernet problem motherboard replacement

Reports: iOS 12
wireless problems

Reports: Office apps
LibreOffice and ODF; MS Word graphic problems

Reports: Safari 12
local file open bug?

Reports: Virtualization
performance, counter-intuitive configuration

Reports: Vulnerabilities
rampant router security flaws

Use a Mac to capture surveillance video from multiple cameras and use your iOS device to check on video and audio, too.

Pixelmator Pro
This image editing app for the Mac features "machine learning", but you'll need High Sierra or later and a "Metal-compatible graphics card" to run it. The latest version brings macOS Mojave support. (There's also an iOS version.)

Photoshop/Premiere Elements
Adobe updates its consumer (non-subscription) photo and video apps.

Audio Hijack
Record audio from applications, as well as external sound sources, and stream to Internet radio servers (updated for macOS Mojave).

See what's happening in your Mac's file system in real time....

Helm Personal Server
This integrated email (and calendar/contacts) personal server is designed as a more private and secure antidote to mainstream services from Google, Yahoo et al, yet is supposed to be easy to set up and manage.

This flexible, free, full-featured, modern OS (a Linux alternative to Windows and OS X) runs on a huge range of hardware (including Macs abandoned by Apple) with a friendly user interface and a variety of apps.

Elementary OS
This Linux-based operating system is quite Mac-like.

This cross-platform utility is designed to simplify installation of Linux onto a bootable USB flash drive for live testing or installation.

Reports: Apple Mail
attachment issues

Reports: Apple Photos
keyboard shortcuts

Reports: Apple quality
keyboard issues

Reports: Apple security/privacy
Apple dossier download; more lock-screen leaks

Reports: Competition
HP Pavilion, Thunderbolt

Reports: Microsoft Office
updates and security patches

Reports: Security cameras
build your own...

Reports: App Store
scammers in top 100

Reports: Apple security
Apple ID failure/scam help

Reports: iCloud
photo and message sync problems

Reports: SSDs
Samsung T5 price drop; SanDisk Extreme experience

Google Chrome
Google's web browser gets 23 security patches and backpedals on previous changes that sparked an outcry.

This virtualization system from Oracle is free, open-source, cross-platform software.

Reports: Apple File System
APFS vs. HFS+ vs. Disk Utility

Reports: Apple Mail
attachment problems

Reports: Apple product issues
new iMac 5K vs. 2013 MacBook Pro

Reports: Apple quality
human resources, Mojave build bug, Ethernet bug

This Mac app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for Windows-compatible encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more. A new release brings macOS Mojave support and various improvements.

Norbert Doerner's digital asset cataloger and browser (DAM) might help replace the abandoned Aperture or iView Media Pro (updated with workarounds for Mojave bugs).

The installer package browser and extractor gets workarounds for macOS Mojave bugs....

Reports: iCloud
Find Friends, cellular, Messages issues

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Adobe Flash trojans get trickier

Ubiquiti AmpliFi
These wireless mesh routers offer a variety of configurations, including remote encrypted access, plus streamlined setup and, with Apple-like design, could potentially replace Apple's abandoned AirPort devices.

Synology routers
Known more for its popular NAS products, Synology also offers wireless routers with sophisticated software (and hardware) features.

Affinity Publisher
The long-awaited alternative to Adobe InDesign subscriptionware has a new, free, beta-test release available with more fixes and improvements.

Reports: Audio
Classic iPod flash upgrade

It's not BBEdit, but this open-source text editor is cross-platform, extensible, and rich in features.

Reports: Apple ID
FaceTime/Messages problem, resolution

Reports: Apple lawsuits
false advertising

Reports: Apple repair issues
mal-hardware, Chinese scams, CBC News report

Reports: Displays
adapter/cable advice for new iMac

Adobe security flaws
Adobe patches "critical" and "important" security flaws affecting Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Framemaker.

Reports: Malware

Reports: Mapping
Alpine head units (for cars)

Reports: Scams
dirty tricks

iOS 12.0.1
Apple patches a batch of security holes and bugs in its latest operating system for its 64-bit iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Suspicious Package
This utility lets you peek into OS X installer packages to see what they might be doing to your Mac... before they do it.

Cache Cleaner
This confusingly-named utility runs on Macs from Mac OS X 10.4 through macOS 10.14, offering malware checks, system details, trash cleaning, tuning, and preference options.

This remarkable utility, which opens up a whole world of hidden options and details in Apple's Mac system, gets a new version for macOS Mojave.

Intel Power Gadget
Graph power usage, frequency, temperature and utilization for your Intel Core processor with this free installer package.

This app for Macs and iOS devices provides access to a wealth of programming documentation for all sorts of languages and system from all kinds of sources.

Reports: Apple security
Back To My Mac (now abandoned), Dosdude's patches, a code signature security hole, and Safari 12 vs. 1Password

Reports: Apple TV
pink screen and cables

Reports: iPads
charging failure, replacement, etc.

Reports: Scams
"polite, professional" phone scammers

Reports: Storage
SSD firmware; SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Reports: Spotlight
Safari 12 bugs, workarounds

Reports: Utilities
Pmenu, Application Wizard, CustomMenu, BPM tappers, etc.

Reports: FaceTime
hand-waving magic

Reports: iOS 12
Phone app, charging bugs, Configurator

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Russian rootkit infecting UEFI firmware

This free Mac backup app offers a bunch of features and promises speedy performance, too.

Backup (clone), restore, and migrate your Boot Camp Windows installations with this Mac app, now updated for macOS Mojave.

Reports: Apple ID
transient problems

Reports: Apple security
forced/face unlocking, Fruitfly malware

Reports: Backup
CrashPlan changes

Reports: Finder/alternatives
Path Finder experiences

Reports: High Sierra
install failure, QuickTime 7 Pro

Reports: Scams
new level of voice-based scamming

Reports: Storage
Samsung and SanDisk SSDs

Adobe Acrobat/Reader security flaws critical
Adobe has posted its latest patches in a long series for "critical" Adobe Acrobat/Reader security flaws.

Reports: APFS/file systems
detailed information about Apple's completely new file system, introduced first in iOS, then incorporated in macOS High Sierra, and now made mandatory in macOS Mojave, despite performance problems, missing documentation, a data-loss bug, and constant change...

Reports: Apple lawsuits
Apple after Jobs

Reports: Apple TV
"deeply flawed and frustrating"

Reports: Help please
iPad presentation options

Reports: iTunes
Apple compatibility, sleep issues

Reports: Maps
Chrysler Uconnect, Garmim Nuvi, Here WeGo, Apple and Google

macOS Server
Apple's server add-on for macOS Mojave has abandoned most of the services it previously provided.

Logic Pro X, MainStage
Apple updates its pro audio app to patch another long list of bugs and performance problems, while its live performance app gets patches, as well.

This fully-featured, cross-platform password manager offers a single, non-subscription purchase and a choice of sync systems, including local Wifi - now updated for macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

This Mac app helps control "HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches."

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of useful and unique features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and an iOS mobile version, too. The latest update fixes a macOS Mojave glitch.