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News Mac News powered by MacInTouch

Reports: Adobe/alternatives
phone home problem; used CorelDraw

Reports: Apple photo software
Mojave iMac graphics bug

Reports: Apple support
abandoned printer support; Rossman response, etc.

Reports: Audio
XLD, Amadeus Pro

Reports: Competition
mini PCs, Linux, T5 SSD, Windows config, Godot

Reports: iMacs
Ethernet problem motherboard replacement

Reports: iOS 12
wireless problems

Reports: macOS Mojave
RAID scramble; APFS issues; unwanted installer; Dark Mode, etc.

Reports: Networking
dirty ATT tricks; DNS issues, options, tools

Reports: Office apps
LibreOffice and ODF; MS Word graphic problems

Reports: Safari 12
local file open bug?

Reports: Scams
"Spotify"/Apple ID phishing scam

Reports: Security cameras

Reports: Virtualization
performance, counter-intuitive configuration

Reports: Vulnerabilities
rampant router security flaws

Use a Mac to capture surveillance video from multiple cameras and use your iOS device to check on video and audio, too.

Pixelmator Pro
This image editing app for the Mac features "machine learning", but you'll need High Sierra or later and a "Metal-compatible graphics card" to run it. The latest version brings macOS Mojave support. (There's also an iOS version.)

Photoshop/Premiere Elements
Adobe updates its consumer (non-subscription) photo and video apps.

Audio Hijack
Record audio from applications, as well as external sound sources, and stream to Internet radio servers (updated for macOS Mojave).

See what's happening in your Mac's file system in real time....

Helm Personal Server
This integrated email (and calendar/contacts) personal server is designed as a more private and secure antidote to mainstream services from Google, Yahoo et al, yet is supposed to be easy to set up and manage.

This flexible, free, full-featured, modern OS (a Linux alternative to Windows and OS X) runs on a huge range of hardware (including Macs abandoned by Apple) with a friendly user interface and a variety of apps.

Elementary OS
This Linux-based operating system is quite Mac-like.

This cross-platform utility is designed to simplify installation of Linux onto a bootable USB flash drive for live testing or installation.

Reports: Apple Mail
attachment issues

Reports: Apple Photos
keyboard shortcuts

Reports: Apple quality
keyboard issues

Reports: Apple security/privacy
Apple dossier download; more lock-screen leaks

Reports: Competition
HP Pavilion, Thunderbolt

Reports: Microsoft Office
updates and security patches

Reports: Security cameras
build your own...

Reports: App Store
scammers in top 100

Reports: Apple security
Apple ID failure/scam help

Reports: iCloud
photo and message sync problems

Reports: SSDs
Samsung T5 price drop; SanDisk Extreme experience

Google Chrome
Google's web browser gets 23 security patches and backpedals on previous changes that sparked an outcry.

This software lets you run Windows apps on your Mac or Linux computer without running Windows itself....

This virtualization system from Oracle is free, open-source, cross-platform software.

Reports: Apple File System
APFS vs. HFS+ vs. Disk Utility

Reports: Apple Mail
attachment problems

Reports: Apple product issues
new iMac 5K vs. 2013 MacBook Pro

Reports: Apple quality
human resources, Mojave build bug, Ethernet bug

Little Snitch
The essential firewall/security app for Macs gets a few bug fixes.

This Mac app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for Windows-compatible encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more. A new release brings macOS Mojave support and various improvements.

Norbert Doerner's digital asset cataloger and browser (DAM) might help replace the abandoned Aperture or iView Media Pro (updated with workarounds for Mojave bugs).

The installer package browser and extractor gets workarounds for macOS Mojave bugs....

Reports: iCloud
Find Friends, cellular, Messages issues

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Adobe Flash trojans get trickier

Ubiquiti AmpliFi
These wireless mesh routers offer a variety of configurations, including remote encrypted access, plus streamlined setup and, with Apple-like design, could potentially replace Apple's abandoned AirPort devices.

Synology routers
Known more for its popular NAS products, Synology also offers wireless routers with sophisticated software (and hardware) features.

Affinity Publisher
The long-awaited alternative to Adobe InDesign subscriptionware has a new, free, beta-test release available with more fixes and improvements.

Reports: Audio
Classic iPod flash upgrade

It's not BBEdit, but this open-source text editor is cross-platform, extensible, and rich in features.

Reports: Apple ID
FaceTime/Messages problem, resolution

Reports: Apple lawsuits
false advertising

Reports: Apple repair issues
mal-hardware, Chinese scams, CBC News report

Reports: Displays
adapter/cable advice for new iMac

Adobe security flaws
Adobe patches "critical" and "important" security flaws affecting Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Framemaker.

Reports: Malware

Reports: Mapping
Alpine head units (for cars)

Reports: Scams
dirty tricks

iOS 12.0.1
Apple patches a batch of security holes and bugs in its latest operating system for its 64-bit iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets critical security updates plus bug fixes.

DetectX Swift
This unique and useful security software checks for malware and tracks changes to critical elements of your system, including kernel extensions, launch agents, apps and more.

Suspicious Package
This utility lets you peek into OS X installer packages to see what they might be doing to your Mac... before they do it.

Cache Cleaner
This confusingly-named utility runs on Macs from Mac OS X 10.4 through macOS 10.14, offering malware checks, system details, trash cleaning, tuning, and preference options.

This remarkable utility, which opens up a whole world of hidden options and details in Apple's Mac system, gets a new version for macOS Mojave.

Intel Power Gadget
Graph power usage, frequency, temperature and utilization for your Intel Core processor with this free installer package.

This app for Macs and iOS devices provides access to a wealth of programming documentation for all sorts of languages and system from all kinds of sources.

Reports: Apple security
Back To My Mac (now abandoned), Dosdude's patches, a code signature security hole, and Safari 12 vs. 1Password

Reports: Apple TV
pink screen and cables

Reports: iPads
charging failure, replacement, etc.

Reports: Scams
"polite, professional" phone scammers

Reports: Storage
SSD firmware; SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Reports: Spotlight
Safari 12 bugs, workarounds

Reports: Utilities
Pmenu, Application Wizard, CustomMenu, BPM tappers, etc.

Reports: FaceTime
hand-waving magic

Reports: iOS 12
Phone app, charging bugs, Configurator

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Russian rootkit infecting UEFI firmware

Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets critical security patches and a Mojave update.

This free Mac backup app offers a bunch of features and promises speedy performance, too.

This full-featured, well-supported scanning software works across platforms (including Linux) and supports Macs from OS X 10.7 through macOS 10.14 as well as many scanning devices. (There are mobile versions, too.)

Backup (clone), restore, and migrate your Boot Camp Windows installations with this Mac app, now updated for macOS Mojave.

Reports: Apple ID
transient problems

Reports: Apple security
forced/face unlocking, Fruitfly malware

Reports: Backup
CrashPlan changes

Reports: Finder/alternatives
Path Finder experiences

Reports: High Sierra
install failure, QuickTime 7 Pro

Reports: Scams
new level of voice-based scamming

Reports: Storage
Samsung and SanDisk SSDs

Adobe Acrobat/Reader security flaws critical
Adobe has posted its latest patches in a long series for "critical" Adobe Acrobat/Reader security flaws.

Reports: APFS/file systems
detailed information about Apple's completely new file system, introduced first in iOS, then incorporated in macOS High Sierra, and now made mandatory in macOS Mojave, despite performance problems, missing documentation, a data-loss bug, and constant change...

Reports: Apple lawsuits
Apple after Jobs

Reports: Apple TV
"deeply flawed and frustrating"

Reports: Help please
iPad presentation options

Reports: iTunes
Apple compatibility, sleep issues

Reports: Maps
Chrysler Uconnect, Garmim Nuvi, Here WeGo, Apple and Google

macOS Server
Apple's server add-on for macOS Mojave has abandoned most of the services it previously provided.

Logic Pro X, MainStage
Apple updates its pro audio app to patch another long list of bugs and performance problems, while its live performance app gets patches, as well.

This fully-featured, cross-platform password manager offers a single, non-subscription purchase and a choice of sync systems, including local Wifi - now updated for macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

This Mac app helps control "HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches."

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of useful and unique features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and an iOS mobile version, too. The latest update fixes a macOS Mojave glitch.

Reports: Email
FastMail vs. problem providers

Reports: Graphics
Mac Pro card/driver issues

Reports: iPhones
compatibility issues; performance problems

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product gets a big update.

Déjà Vu
This unusual backup "app" does scheduling, network backups, versions, clones and more - just updated with some Mojave tweaks.

DiskMaker X
Make bootable OS X/macOS installers on flash drives or hard drives, now for Mojave, too.

Get control over a wide range of preference settings and features that Apple built into OS X and some of its applications - on Mac OS X 10.1 through macOS 10.14....

Reports: iCloud
silent censorship, blacklisting, zip files, etc.

Reports: iOS 12
charging and compatibility issues

Reports: Mac Pro
Mojave and graphics cards

Reports: Safari 12/Finder
extension issues, file-type follies

Reports: Storage
SSD Trim, APFS, Fusion/SSD, benchmarks, etc.

Reports: Apple quality
radio problems with iPhone Xs models

Reports: Apple security
a hole in Mojave

Reports: Apple Watch
falls, calls, and irony

Reports: Backup
CrashPlan migration issue

Reports: Apple announcements
CDMA clarifications, iPhone SE elimination

Reports: iTunes
folder name follies

Reports: App Store
uncontrolled app change, support drop

Reports: Apple Photos
graphics card issues

Reports: Email security
GPG Suite follies

Reports: High Sierra
SSD Trim, startup delay, network search, APFS, etc.

Reports: Mice
Mighty Mouse, Contour, SteerMouse, MouseZoom, Magic Prefs, Surface Precision

macOS Mojave 10.14
Apple's new, iOS-ified operating system for Macs makes its debut today and includes security patches.

Configurator 2
Apple's iTunes alternative for enterprises now requires macOS 10.14 Mojave.

Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft really wants you to subscribe to its cloud-managed apps, but it debuted its standalone Office 2019 update for enterprise customers today and promised others will be able to buy it in the "next few weeks."

Another option for photographers abandoned by Aperture and/or disgusted with subscriptions just got a big update.

The friendly, full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets Mojave updates and other improvements.

The venerable, all-purpose graphics toolkit gets a Mojave update and other improvements.

This essential troubleshooting tool gets a big update.

This effective email spam filter gets a Mojave update.

This little utility handles compression and extraction of many file formats, including password-protected 7Zip for secure file exchange with Windows systems, with an update for Mojave and other tweaks.

Reports: HomeKit
notes and tips

Reports: iPhones
battery replacements

Reports: Photo software
iView MediaPro replacements?

Apple patches a security holes allowing "arbitrary code execution" and updates its development system for macOS Mojave and iOS 12, among other changes.

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for recent Macs, 64-bit iOS devices and iCloud.

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes app management (abandoned by iTunes), Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning, WiFi auto-backup, a free iMazing Mini menubar version and more (updated for iOS 12 and new iPhones).

Reports: App Store
media "purchases" and storage

Acrobat security flaws
Adobe has now issued its patches for "critical" Adobe Acrobat and Reader security flaws.

Carbon Copy Cloner
Mike Bombich's essential Mac backup app gets a Mojave update and other tweaks.

Reports: Microsoft Office
change-tracking; telemetry/privacy/HIPAA issues

Reports: Networking
Synology notes, backup systems, SMB bugs

Reports: Scams
porn/password scams

Reports: Storage
OWC SSD experiences

Reports: Video editing
FCPX bug freezes MacBook Pro, not iMac

Safari security patches
Apple patches security holes in its web browser... for macOS 10.12 and later.

Apple security patches
Apple's batch of patches for security flaws is incorporated within its latest software releases.

iOS 12
Apple's latest mobile OS promises ever deeper AI involvement in your activities, new "animoji" and "memoji", and, also, better performance and patches for security flaws. watchOS 5 and tvOS 12 are due, too.

This Mac security app checks all kinds of settings to help you improve the security and privacy of your computer over Apple's defaults.

Avira Antivirus
This cross-platform antivirus app promises comprehensive coverage with lightweight overhead.

Affinity Photo
This appealing, subscription-free alternative to Adobe Photoshop (with a free trial) gets an update in the iPad version.

Aperture Exporter
Here's a helper for migrating your images out of Apple's abandoned Aperture for use in a replacement app.

This powerful, open-source graphics editor, which works across platforms (including Linux), gets another update.

Galileo Offline Maps
Record your routes using GPS data, display speed, altitude, distance and more, and display maps using OpenStreetMap vector data.

GPS Tracks
The iPhone app lets you record and edit GPS tracks, while a Mac app can sync via the cloud to also create routes and waypoints and to edit track data.

GPX Editor
This full-featured app lets you view, map, edit and convert GPX (GPS eXchange) data.

Where Am I?
Quickly grab details (and a map) of your current location to share.

Reports: Audio
Zoom iQ7; iPhone activation, SIMs

Reports: Photo books
Apple's abandoned service substitutes

Reports: Privacy abuse
"sniffing" users' connections...

Reports: Apple security
private data theft via Mac App Store

Reports: Audio
click-wheel iPod benefits, alternatives

Reports: Photo software
Aperture adjustments/abandonment

Reports: Storage
Thunderbolt problem detailed

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities (which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame) is now compatible with macOS Mojave, while working around destructive Apple bugs and striving to support Apple's new file system and volume formats in spite of Apple's documentation and programming roadblocks.

Reports: Help discussion
support, appropriate systems and issues for older users, from accidental swipe-deletion to email apps to pens, paper and photographs

Reports: Adobe
license/authentication problems

Reports: Backup
Arq timings, CrashPlan, Duplicati, etc.

Reports: Mac Pro
display/boot issues

Microsoft Office security patches
Microsoft patches more security holes and information leaks in Office 2016 that attackers can exploit.

Adobe security flaws, patches
Adobe issues yet batch of patches for more critical security flaws in Adobe Cold Fusion, as well as Adobe Flash flaws.

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets security patches from the latest Firefox and other improvements and fixes.

A nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound) gets a macOS Mojave fix and other improvements.

Reports: Troubleshooting
Mac Mini mystery

The open-source web browser gets 40 security patches.

Hands Off
The friendly firewall, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets Mojave support and internal improvements in a new Version 4.

Satechi Keyboard Collection
Satechi has both bluetooth and wired aluminum keyboards, in various Apple colors without the "Apple tax" pricing.

This full-featured, cross-platform backup app, which has been around for many years, gets macOS 10.14 Mojave certification and other updates.

AJA System Test
Test storage performance (including performance vs. time graphs) with this free app for Mac OS X 10.6 and up.

Test storage performance with a variety of configuration options and a familiar report design.

Reports: Apple security
custom URL attack

Reports: Internet/cell service
Verizon throttling

Reports: Mojave
AppleEvent fiasco

Reports: Remote access
support odyssey, issues

Reports: Storage
performance issues with Thunderbolt dock and USB 3 controllers

Reports: Technology
fun with IBM Power systems

Reports: Web security
phishing with URLs

Reports: FaceTime
wrong ring troubleshooting

Reports: Password managers
App Store issues

Reports: Security
Mac security conference

Reports: Adobe
compatibility changes

Reports: Apple quality
iPhone 8 motherboard defect

Reports: Autonomous cars
Apple accident; avoided accidents and bad stats

Reports: Backup
Time Machine confusion and slowness; Backblaze, etc.

Reports: FileVault
boot time tests

Reports: Mac Pro
Nvidia update problem

Reports: MacBook Pro
old vs. new (vs. Windows); keyboard ode

Reports: macOS Mojave

Reports: Networking
Firewalla, Sonos

Reports: Security/privacy
perfect surveillance state

Reports: Storage
SSD vs. HDD vs. mix, and RAID

Reports: Vulnerabilities
HP fax hacks

This free cross-platform app for coffee roasters does it all, from machine control to real-time graphing/analysis to logging and evaluation.

Produce technical and architectural drawings with this inexpensive 2D CAD program, compatible with many Macs.

Bluetooth Smart Pointer
Control presentations and media playback with this Bluetooth remote control.

Apple abandoned its MagSafe power cord, but here's something similar for USB-C chargers.

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets a few tweaks after a major overhaul.

Reports: Storage
SSD history; Thunderbolt speeds, drives and adapters; Apple's anti-standard slots and related special adapters products

Reports: Backup
SpiderOak experience

Reports: Competition
Chromebooks and switcher wars

Reports: High Sierra
SSD upgrade: happy ending

Reports: MacBook Pro
"designed ourselves into a corner..."

Reports: Password managers
1Password subscriptions/sync

Reports: Safari
ad blocking, uBlock Origin

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Abbyy and Air Canada breaches

The go-to, cross-platform app for homebrewers just got a big update after two years of development, adding support for mead, wine and cider, two-stage yeast starters, cloud features and more.

Broadcast audio from your Mac to a collection of player devices, all in sync, that includes AirPlay devices, HomePod, Apple TV, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Macs, Sonos speakers, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, Windows and Linux - now with support for AirPlay 2 on the AirPort Express and preliminary Mojave support.

Reports: Antivirus
scan locations, AV vs. AV conflicts

Reports: FileVault
boot speed oddity

Reports: Help wanted
iPad Pro Bluetooth remotes

Reports: MacBook Pro
Type-C follies, label fails, Supplemental Update 2

Reports: Remote access
Back to My Mac, Synology and security

Reports: Thunderbolt
TB3-to-TB adapters

Portable SSD X5
Samsung announces a portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD with very high performance.

AirPort Express 7.8
Apple updates its AirPort Express 802.11n device with security patches and AirPlay 2 support.

2018 MacBook Pro patcher
Apple posts another special patch for its latest laptop models, addressing "stability and reliability" problems and a security shortfall.

Reports: Antivirus
malware concepts and countermeasures

Reports: Microsoft Office
autocorrect follies, HIPAA vs. telemetry

Reports: Web browser security
Flash vs. HTML5 DRM

Neverware CloudReady
Repurpose older Macs and PCs, turning them into Chromebooks.

Visual Studio
Microsoft's free source code editor supports dozens of languages, including HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Less, Markdown, PHP, Sass, and more, to accompany a Xamarin-based development system.

Adobe CC security patch
Adobe patches another Creative Cloud security hole.

Reports: Apple security/privacy
iOS QuickType

Reports: Batteries
replacement battery sources and notes

Reports: MacBook Pro
connector confusion/compatibility info

Reports: Photo software
ON1 Photo RAW details vs. Lightroom

Reports: Steve Jobs
"Small Fry"

Reports: Web security
browser hijacks vs. Malwarebytes and Windows Defender

Jump Desktop
Here's another remote control replacement candidate for Apple's abandoned Back to My Mac (and it also handles Windows remote desktops).

Solo 10G, Twin 10G
Apple deleted Ethernet ports from its MacBook Pro, but you can add much faster 10Gbps Ethernet (and fibre connections) via these Thunderbolt 3 adapters.

CalDigit Type-C cables
These Type-C USB and Thunderbolt 3 cables offer full power and speed, plus a longer, "active" Thunderbolt 3 option.

This object-oriented, visual development system can build apps for OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Web, and Raspberry Pi (and it's free for development and testing).

This search website, browser extensions and iOS app offer radical improvements in privacy vs. Google.

The open-source, cross-platform password manager gets a new, more secure browser plug-in.

This free, open-source password manager (based on JavaScript and NodeJS), which runs across desktop, mobile and browser platforms, gets a bug fix, CSV export and offline vault access for the mobile version.

Here's a more capable, compatible replacement for Apple's abandoned Back to My Mac feature.

Reports: Email security
Airmail patches its security flaw

Reports: Apple competition/changes
T-Mobile+Sprint, radios, spectrum, VoLTE; iPhone SE; VM performance

Reports: Internet/phone services
Verizon throttling debacle vs. net neutrality

Reports: Old systems
"Apple CD-ROM Explorer"

Reports: Security/privacy
Apple, A.I., metadata, and forensics

Reports: Storage
Disk Utility operations and bugs

Reports: Migration
disk formats, recovery, cloning, etc.

Reports: Networking
FaceTime follies with WiFi bands

Photoshop CC security holes
Adobe patches "critical" vulnerabilities in Photoshop CC 18 and 19.

Reports: Apple quality/support
Apple LG "Ultrafine" experience; iPhone 7 defect

Reports: Apple security
teenage Aussie hacker; face/photo analysis daemons

Reports: Apple Watch
cellular setup experiences

Reports: Competition
virtualization; moribund Mac replacements, new iPhones and Apple Watches

Reports: Solid-state drives
SSD price drops; Samsung T5 tests; Time Machine bootability

ON1 Photo Raw
Free from subscription straightjackets and catalog/import delays, this photo app specializes in fast raw processing but also offers quick browsing, tagging and non-destructive editing with layers, masks, filters and more.

Stream audio, video and photos from your choice of computers to your choice of devices (including smart TVs).

This third-party software improves a lot on Apple's menubar (now with Mojave support).

This utility makes it easy to create and use disk images in a variety of formats.

Reports: App Store
Apple subscription drive, rent vs. own

Reports: High Sierra
Disk Utility follies

Reports: Microsoft Office
keyboard customization redux

Reports: Migration
procedures, tools and notes

Logitech Powered
Apple hasn't managed to ship its wireless charger yet, but Logitech has a new one that's designed for iPhones (8 and X).

This Finder alternative (sans desktop) is much more capable and network-aware.

Reports: Apple security
mouse/UI hacks; GatekeeperConfigData

Reports: Competition

Reports: Storage
SMART drivers; fusion drives

This website design app, extensible via separately-priced, third-party add-ons, gets a big update.

Reports: Apple quality
video cable failures; iPhone 7 defects

Reports: Competition
PC laptops, Hyper V

Reports: Scams
"iCloud" email phishing scam

Reports: Security/privacy
"behavioral biometrics"

Reports: TV issues
Apple TV app problem; TVMobili

Reports: Vulnerabilities
medical system hacking; Intel SGX; USB-C chargers

This anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets an overhaul and subscription-based pricing.

Intel SSD 660P
Intel's new NVMe M.2 SSD is faster than SATA SSDs with new NAND technology that brings down its price while increasing capacity.

Reports: App Store
subscription push; version/update follies

Reports: Apple quality
embarassing problem in new laptops

Reports: Apple delays
AirPower, FaceTime group chats

Reports: Competition
touchscreens, hide-and-seek UI, stylii, ThinkPads

Reports: Email
MailSteward problems

Reports: High Sierra
Samsung 840EVO warnings; Mac Mini upgrades; backup clones

Reports: Microsoft Office
license removal tool

Reports: Networking
ATT DNS abuse and alternatives/workarounds

Reports: Security/privacy
more Google issues

Acrobat security flaws, patches
Adobe issues yet another round of patches for more critical security flaws in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe "Experience Manager" and Creative Cloud on Windows.

Here's a replacement for Apple's abandoned wired keyboards, complete with backlighting.

Get a very detailed look at your wireless network/devices, Bluetooth, Bonjour and more. You can even get a WiFi spectrum analysis (with the help of a pricy device).

Take back control of Safari with this plug-in from websites that mess up its standard operations.

This open-source math package offers a free alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab.

DetectX Swift
This unique Mac security app "uses a combination of hardcoded search definitions along with live updates and predictive heuristics to detect both known and unknown threats and issues", and it keeps track of changes to the most critical parts of your system.

Reports: macOS High Sierra
performance/SSD, APFS, FileVault/CPU issues

Reports: macOS Mojave beta
"Users may be unable to print"

Reports: Migration
T2 chip, SIP and Recovery mode

Reports: Publishing
epub export; "a few key tips" from print veteran

Reports: Adobe/alternatives
Java follies, subscriptions, print preparation

Reports: Apple quality
speaker problems with new MacBook Pro (and iMac Pro)

Reports: Migration
zombie WiFi networks, NVRAM/T2/firmware/etc, SIP, Recovery mode and more

Reports: Scams/phone abuse
Do Not Call lists; Hiya app

Exchange messages and files securely and directly without involving any clouds or accounts.

Echo 11
Sonnet has a new Thunderbolt 3 dock with a wealth of connections.

Reports: Publishing
CircularFLO, e-books and epub, Apple Pages, Motif Photo Books, Kindle tools, Capture One, PDF problems and more.

Reports: Security
machine learning and Apple phishing

Reports: Storage
new 4-bit ("QLC") SSD technology

Panorama X
This radically fast, highly innovative, totally Mac-native and powerful database system, with a radical new pricing/licensing system, gets a major update.

Reports: Remote support/access
iCloud issues/configuration, Apple changes and compatibility problems, Chrome Remote Desktop, double-NAT issues etc.

Reports: Apple security
TSMC WannaCry infection

Reports: Competition/technology
Sculley on Cook; PC's no longer personal

Reports: Microsoft Office
license removal and transfer

Reports: Password managers
1Password 7 issues, subscriptions, etc.

Reports: Scams/abuse
Do Not Call; Malwarebytes iOS; "metadata"; robocall abuses, etc.

Reports: Security cameras
Ubiquiti user community

When Apple abandoned its photo book service (after abandoning Aperture and iPhoto), its printing partner created a Photos plug-in to create photo books, calendars and cards (for macOS 10.13 only).

Reports: Apple Mail
troubleshooting techniques (e.g. mailbox/envelope rebuilds, Shift key launch, and account deletion), plus export/import, archiving, etc.

Reports: Apple compatibility
DisplayLink problem with macOS 10.13

Reports: Apple software updates
macOS update problems, cache deletion; iOS refresh trick

Reports: Security
tricky Apple Music phishing scam; Do Not Call

Resilio Sync
This robust and efficient network file transfer system lets you directly sync folders among various devices in various locations without needing any third-party cloud to do it.

The full-featured, cross-platform, open-source alternative to Microsoft Office gets a batch of bug fixes following a major update.

This free, full-featured app, which can edit video on Macs, Windows or Linux, gets bug fixes "after a few releases with major additions and changes."

Akitio NT2 U3.1
This compact storage enclosure offers hardware RAID, dual 3.5-inch SATA drive bays and 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 performance.

Plugable USB-C Mini Docking Station
Macs with native USB-C ports (which don't include MacBook Air, Mac Pro or Mac Mini) can add a bunch of ports - Ethernet, USB 3.0, HDMI and audio, via this expansion dock, which also provides 85W charging power.

Reports: Bluetooth
major startup delays; pairing files and keys; radio interference

Reports: Migration
enterprise control system issues

Reports: Storage
SAT SMART driver glitch; USB flash sticks

Canvas Draw
A new version of the classic drawing app for vector and raster graphics gets a table tool, Touch Bar support, dynamic effects, bug fixes and more.

Dell Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD
Dell has a neat little high-performance Thunderbolt 3 SSD, bus-powered with a 3-year warranty and compatible with macOS.