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News Mac News powered by MacInTouch

Reports: Apple security
details of the major "Broadpwn" WiFi vulnerability and issues with Apple's response

Reports: Apple Messages
sync/deletion confusion and backups

Reports: Apple Pay
processing problems, related issues

Reports: Apple Software Updates
differing experiences

Reports: Firewalls
IPFire, Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, etc.

Reports: iTunes
CD import bugs; gift cards

Reports: MacBook Pro
burned by graphics defects

Reports: Malware
"natriabox" and backups

Reports: Microsoft Office
High Sierra; activation failures

Reports: Quicken
High Sierra experience

This cross-platform, open-source Internet suite includes browser, an HTML editor, web development tools, email, chat and newgroup reading. A new (beta) release gets security fixes from Firefox 51.

Reports: Hard drives
NAS drives, noise abatement

This remarkable alternative to iTunes for many iOS device management tasks includes Time Machine-like backup/archiving and restoring, Mac-mobile information exchange, file transfer, browsing, cloning and more. The latest updates support iOS 11 and High Sierra (APFS), add WiFi auto-backup, and introduce a free iMazing Mini menubar version.

This email app, a viable alternative to Apple Mail and Thunderbird, gets a few fixes.

VMware Fusion
The popular virtualization product gets a security update, and it's on sale at 30% off this week.

Reports: Apple CarPlay
VPN problem

Apple Security Updates
Apple updates OS X/macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS with patches for serious security holes and other bugs.

Java security patches
Oracle updates its development/deployment platform with another batch of critical security patches, plus bug fixes. ("28 of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials.")

"This update includes minor app and performance improvements."

Logic Pro X
Apple patches another batch of bugs in its flagship music production app, while making other improvements.

Apple patches more bugs in its live music performance app.

Roxio Toast 16
This Mac app can capture media from multiple sources in sync, convert it for iOS, build DVDs with menus and chapters, copy discs, and much more.

The free virtualization system from Oracle gets some bug fixes.

Reports: App Store
iOS browsers, ad blockers, music players

Reports: Help please
web video, used Macs

Reports: Internet
net neutrality issue

Reports: Photography
film copying lightbox

Canvas Draw
The classic drawing app for vector and raster graphics gets an update.

TG Pro
This app gives you details about temperatures in your Mac and control over its fans.

This inexpensive Mac text editor has syntax coloring, HTML preview, Unix text tools, grep and more.

UI Browser
Control apps via Apple's Accessibility interface with this scripting app.

Reports: Mac Pro
CPU upgrade, heatsink

Reports: MacBook Pro
graphics defect repairs?

Reports: Magic Mouse
problems after El Capitan migration

Reports: Microsoft Office
Windows Word for old Mac docs

Reports: Security
border searches

Reports: Storage
SSD Secure Erase

Reports: Voice recognition
Jabra headset

This sophisticated flight simulator is cross-platform and open-source.

OBD Auto Doctor
This cross-platform software talks to OBD-II automotive interfaces.

Export songs, albums and playlists from iTunes or the Finder to a folder or storage device (e.g. for playing in a car or other player).

Sound Control 2
Use this virtual mixer from the menubar or hotkeys to set audio volumes individually for multiple apps.

Balance Lock
Fix that "annoying left-right drift bug" in OS X.

PopChar X
Find and use special characters in fonts (even ".AppleSystemUIFont").

JSON Editor
Manipulate JSON data (including plist files) with syntax coloring and a built-in HTTP client.

This visual rapid development system is really, really cross-platform, while its design pays homage to Bill Atkinson's revolutionary HyperCard. (The latest releases bring bug fixes.)

Reports: 2016-2017 MacBook Pro
100W USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 cables; update failures

Reports: Apple management
iPhone 8 problems?

Reports: Apple Stores
Ron Johnson and JC Penney, etc.

Reports: iPhones
Mac Console app sees iPhone

Reports: Messaging
Skype compatibility hack

Google's Mac team is experimenting with open-source software for distinguishing good programs from malware on the Mac.

Build server-side software, too, in Swift.

Reports: Authentication
Apple website, 2FA/2SA hoops, SIM/phone hijacking

Reports: High Sierra
Beta 3 fixes Time Machine problem

Reports: Internet/phone services
5G wireless, Net Neutrality, rural broadband

Reports: Mac marginalization
pro support, MacBook Air, Windows, iPhone 8

Reports: Microsoft Office

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu tricks for macOS Sierra

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Broadpwn WiFi hack

Amazon Prime Day
Amazon is having a big sale today, which might be worth a look.

Adobe Flash flaws critical
More critical Adobe Flash security flaws allow "remote code execution."

The full-featured (yet inexpensive) image editor gets a big update.

This object-oriented, visual development system can build apps for OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Web, and Raspberry Pi, and it's free for development and testing.

Track issues across Git repositories with this slick Mac-native app.

Reports: App Store
'launchd' problem resolved

Reports: Audio

Reports: Help please
Chinese language learning

Reports: Messaging
Skype problem, alternatives?

Reports: Virtualization
caveats for Snow Leopard support?

Reports: Vulnerabilities
"Broadpwn" WiFi attack

OS X printer/scanner/fax support
Apple updates its software support lists for various printer/scanner/fax devices vs. various OS X versions.

This high-security iPhone communications app includes encrypted voice calls, messaging, video calls and camera/video/document exchange.

This unique email service offers high security and privacy, the ability to send encrypted information to anyone with a web browser, and access via both an iOS app and a web interface.

On1 Photo Raw
Free from subscription straightjackets and catalog/import delays, this photo app specializes in fast raw processing but also offers quick browsing, tagging and non-destructive editing with layers, masks, filters and more.

Export for iTunes
Export iTunes playlists and albums to a flash drive for playing in the car, or to a local folder.

Cesium Music Player
If you hate Apple Music, too, this iOS app offers an alternative.

Need a nicer alternative to iTunes for actually playing music on the Mac (with great sound)?

Where Am I?
Quickly grab details (and a map) of your current location and share them.

App Pier
Quickly open apps and favorite folders, hide and show windows via keyboard shortcuts or Touch Bar.

Enable and disable Intel CPU hyperthreading, as well as physical and logical processors.

Reports: Audio
microphones, gating

Reports: Firefox

Reports: Photography
Kodachrome scanning

Reports: User interface
support vs. changes, complexity and customizations

Prepare LaTeX documents directly in a WYSIWIG app instead of typing tags and compiling source code.

QromaScan, SlideBox
Put your iPhone camera to use scanning photos and slides with these lightboxes and apps.

Affinity Photo for iPad
The iPad version of Affinity's popular Photoshop alternative gets a bunch of improvements in the latest update.

Reports: Apple authentication
two-factor authentication issues, an iCloud vault concept, Steve Gibson's "Squirrel" (SQRL) login system, authorization code delivery options and issues, iCloud/Apple ID conflation confusion, the 2SV option hunt, app-specific passwords, issues with multiple Apple ID/accounts, email account/password issues, face-scanning and more.

Reports: Development
"App: The Human Story" film

Reports: Hackintoshes
$70 hack Mac vs. $2000 MacBook Pro

Reports: Hardware bugs
Intel CPU flaw

Reports: Security
Siri, privacy, subpoenas, voiceprints et al

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
Thunder 3 Quad Mini availability

Reports: Vulnerabilities/vectors
Ukrainian updater attack

Little Snitch
The popular network monitor and privacy utility gets a user interface redesign, Touch Bar support, a redesigned Silent Mode and more.

Radio Silence
This firewall app is designed for simplicity and ease of use, while blocking unwanted "phone home" behavior.

This inexpensive utility, which scans your system for malware, adware and other nasties, gets an update for High Sierra and "scans for active osascript browser hijacks."

VLC Media Player
The all=purpose media player and transcoder gets security updates and other improvements.

GPX Editor
This full-featured app lets you view, map, edit and convert GPX (GPS eXchange) data.

This utility can help set up VirtualDisk raw access to a hard drive, but use it with care.

Reports: Apple Messages
Google Chat shutdown

Reports: Mac App Store
'launchd' problems

Reports: MacBook Pro
clamshell mode vs. external displays, Photo Booth

Reports: Microsoft Office
document compatibility/conversion

Reports: Quicken
file-sharing, IRR, etc.

Reports: WWDC 2017 etc.
APFS issue, video transcripts, High Sierra preview

Reports: Migration
Eudora vs. Thunderbird (source code)

Reports: Robocalls
AT&T Call Protect vs. Nomorobo, plus iPhone tricks

NekTeck mSATA enclosure
Assemble a tiny, fast USB SSD storage system with this inexpensive enclosure.

Reports: Backup
cloud backup issues

Reports: Car audio
USB junk file removal tricks

Reports: Passwords/security
password reset man-in-the-middle attack

Carbon Copy Cloner
This indispensible app for disk cloning, backup/archiving, testing and more gets preliminary High Sierra support, plus a patch for a Sierra problem.

Drobo 5D3
This remarkable storage system pools drives dynamically and connects via Thunderbolt 3.

Reports: Adobe
pricing problems, alternatives

Reports: Apple privacy
cloud storage, subpoenas and secure messaging

Reports: Apps
Apple Music, alternatives and App Store

Reports: Migration
Eudora substitutes, storage options

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
storage options

Apple Public Betas
Help Apple find bugs in High Sierra, iOS 11 and Apple TV....

Here's another key for escaping the Adobe subscription stranglehold: Norbert Doerner's venerable digital asset cataloger and browser (DAM) just gained full support for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

Acrosync, Duplicacy
These unique backup apps provide deduplication, Time-Machine/Dropbox-like features and support for various cloud/hosting services.

Manage your money on Macs, Linux or Windows with the help of this app.

OWC Auro Pro
If you're not afraid to break open Apple's locked-tight laptop, you can get a big flash storage upgrade for a 2012 to 2013 Retina MacBook Pro.

The storage formatting, management and testing program with comprehensive RAID capabilities, which puts Apple's Disk Utility to shame, gets a couple of minor bug fixes.

Reports: Credit cards
fraud and responsibility

Reports: Hard drives
mount problems (HGST drives, Mac Pro)

Reports: MacBook Air
battery issues, SSD defect

Reports: MacBook Pro

Reports: Photography
color curves vs. scanning methods

Reports: Privacy
face-matching harvested profile photos

Reports: Security
Stack Crash, Apple patches, Russian reviews

Reports: Storage
the story of FireWire

Reports: iPhone security
serious spyware

Reports: Linux
Chromebooks vs. alternatives

Reports: Malware
OceanLotus Mac backdoor; NSA DoublePulsar

Reports: App Store
cleaning out clones, spam and scams

Reports: Backup
file date problems; Time Machine issues

Reports: Help please
classic Mac networking

Mozilla's reliable, full-featured and free email app gets an important security udpate.

ExtFS for Mac
Get access to Linux ExtFS storage volumes and files from your Mac (or from Windows).

This little utility handles compression and extraction of many file formats, including password-protected 7Zip for secure file exchange with Windows systems.

Reports: Apple
global war on leakers

Reports: Development
Safari extensions and Apple fees

Reports: Displays
Apple adapter no go for 4K/60Hz

Reports: Photography
iOS geotagging issues; drum scanners vs. DSLRs

Apple Remote Desktop
Apple takes another shot at cleaning up bugs in its remote control software for managing Macs.

If you need VPN for security/privacy, this new service from the creators of ProtonMail is worth a look.

Reports: Apple Messages
sync issues, travel and change coordination, etc.

Reports: QuickBooks
various alternatives

Reports: Security
router hacks, courtesy of CIA

SD5000T Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station
Kensington has a new Thunderbolt 3 dock, too.

2017 iMac 21.5" RAM upgrade
Pay Apple's absurdly exhorbitant prices for new iMac RAM, or upgrade the closed computer yourself for half the money via a special kit with tools.

Rayz Rally
Pioneer has a Lightning-attached conferencing speaker with a "Smart Button" for your iPhone.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Here's a "comprehensive, state of the art" (in 2010) textbook about artificial intelligence applications.

Deep Learning
Here's a deep textbook on Deep Learning that you can check out online, as well as on paper.

Reports: Apple Mail
confusion, questions

Reports: Development
Safari extension programming?

Reports: Mac marginalization
Apple video programming, Messages on Mac

Reports: Photography
Aperture libraries, SmugMug, Pixieset, iOS GPS

Reports: Security
network isolation and more

Reports: Virtualization
classic Mac emulation

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
Elgato 85W dock now shipping

Reports: Audio configuration
volume control, tests and options

Reports: iPhones/iOS
battery drain/shutdowns

Chromium security update
The open source web browser platform gets a bunch of high-priority security patches, plus other changes.

Google Chrome security patches
The Google web browser gets critical security patches and other changes.

Reports: iOS 11
Apple Files app and Mac-iOS file exchange issues

Reports: Mac migration
update follow-up; Apple Mail

Reports: MacBook Pro
battery issues and maintenance

Reports: Malware
MacSpy RAT service, unwanted installs, Chrome updates, etc.

Reports: Phishing
Apple ID scam

Reports: Security
updates; malware gateways; air-gapping

Reports: User interfaces
PARC Prometheus myth; radio button rant

This popular anti-virus utility, which provides virus scanning and frequently updated malware definitions on top of a solid anti-virus engine, gets an update with fixes for 32-bit Macs, plus interface and stability improvements, along with a website redesign.

This upcoming Mac utility promises to monitor SMART data for storage failure prediction and to aggregate results from many users further in the future.

Reports: Help please
sleep and screensavers

Reports: iTunes
update/version confusion

Reports: Mac marginalization
$billion car projects, 1000 engineers

Reports: Malware
ransomware, adware, etc.

Reports: Security
old Macs missing security

Reports: Yahoo
Verizon acquisition complete

Firefox security update
Mozilla's free alternative to Google Chrome and Apple Safari gets a critical security patch.

This essential troubleshooting tool analyzes many Mac configuration details for potential issues and scans for malware, too.

Microsoft Office critical patches
Microsoft patches security flaws in Office 2011 and Office 2016 that let attackers "overwrite the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code."

Adobe security flaws critical
Adobe patches critical security flaws in Flash that "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system" plus big holes in Adobe Digital Editions plus an Adobe Captivate privacy problem and more.

Apple iWork
Apple updates its iWork app suite for up-to-date Macs, iOS devices and iCloud with various improvements and additions.

Reports: Displays
Thunderbolt Display daisy chaining

Reports: Performance
App Nap issues

Reports: Remote access
audio sharing solution

Reports: Virtualization
OS X hypervisor framework, Veertu

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
2015 alternatives and OS X compatibility

Reports: App Store
scamming for big bucks

Reports: iTunes
iPod Shuffle problems

Reports: macOS Sierra
Finder free space follies

Reports: Performance
hard drives vs. SSDs

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
performance, cables, compatibility

Reports: Xprotect
blacklist update tracking and version issues

Here WeGo
This map and navigation app for iOS has a rich set of features, a friendly user interface, and a price that can't be beat.

TS3, TS3 Lite
Caldigit has Thunderbolt 3 docks, a "Lite" version that's shipping and a full-sized version in pre-order status.

Samsung CHG90
Gamers might like this huge, curved, ultrawide display.

2017 iMac 5K RAM
Save a bundle on RAM upgrades for Apple's new 2017 iMac 5K computers.

iMac 21.5" 2017 Max RAM
Fight back against Apple's obnoxious closed design and exhorbitant memory pricing for its new, 21.5-inch iMacs with this toolkit and memory package for hacking in the upgrade yourself.

Keep Drive Spinning
Does your external drive go to sleep when you told Energy Saver it shouldn't? Here's a neat hack to resolve the problem.

Reports: Data recovery
heroic measures fail to revive dead Seagate drive

Reports: Safari
DirecTV Now problems

Reports: Security
webcam backdoors widespread

Reports: User interface
perspective from the past

Reports: Virtualization
ESXi versions and USB Ethernet adapters

This alternative to Apple's iOS Camera app offers more manual control.

Reports: Audio
iOS 11 FLAC support

Reports: Storage
SSD firmware updater vs. new Macs

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock
Announced way back in October 2016, Belkin's Thunderbolt 3 dock is finally beginning to ship.

Elgato Thunderbolt 3 dock
Never mind the delays, this Thunderbolt 3 dock with 85W charging and plenty of ports should ship real soon now.

Reports: AppleCare
accidental damage and "plus" option

Reports: iCloud
2TB cost cut

Reports: Internet/phone services
Verizon double-poles

Reports: User interface
Apple Human Interface Guidelines/Mac design themes

Reports: Maps
print, PDF issues; Waze tracking

Reports: Networking
lower-cost 10Gb Ethernet switches

Reports: Siri
mode changes; partner confusion

Reports: Web platforms
FileMaker and static sites

Apple keyboards
Apple replaces its $49 wired keyboard with a $129 Bluetooth version.

External Graphics Development Kit
Get an external Thunderbolt 3 GPU hardware bundle from Apple to "start optimizing advanced VR and 3D apps on external graphics processors"... (if you're an Apple developer).

Apple's development software gets support for the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Apple patches
Apple posts patches to fix problems with its latest Macs.

Apple adds Touch Bar support and other changes to its consumer music app.

Apple WWDC Keynote
Apple introduces "High Sierra", the next version of macOS, and iOS 11, both due for release in the fall. The App Store is getting a complete overhaul. An "iMac Pro" and "HomePod" Siri speaker are due at the end of the year. New iMacs are here now, with fast graphics and Thunderbolt 3 ports, but still crippled by slow hard drives at the low end. MacBook Pros get updated to current processors, with a $300 cut for the low-end, two-port entry model. The MacBook Air hasn't been killed off yet (nor has one 2015 MacBook Pro). The stale Mac Mini and Mac Pro got neither updates nor price cuts. There's a new iPad Pro and other iPad hardware updates. watchOS is getting even more Siri-centered, along with the rest of Apple's software, as the company works to more completely track, analyze, mediate and predict your actions and interactions. Developers get new machine learning and augmented reality support.

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
fun with function keys

Reports: Adobe
twenty years at the company

Reports: AppleCare
battery repairs

Reports: Applications
Interarchy issues

Reports: Storage
SSD prices, firmware update issues

Reports: Web browsers
iCab for PDFs

OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock
OWC is finally shipping its long-awaited Thunderbolt 3 dock, which provides a plethora of peripheral ports (including FireWire 800, Ethernet, audio, USB 3 and display), plus an SD card slot and more....

Promise has started shipping devices in its Thunderbolt 3 RAID line-up, but a promised SSD-based version is still unavailable.

Remotely trigger Automator actions, AppleScripts and Unix shell scripts on your Mac from an iOS device with this free app pair.

Code Clean
Check your Objective-C or Swift code against clean coding standards via config files.

The professional text editor with a wealth of features for programmers, web developers and others offers a free, full-function 30-day demo mode and a continuing free mode with reduced functionality (replacing TextWrangler) if you don't purchase a modestly priced license.

Configure a buy-and-hold investment portfolio with this free iOS app, then monitor results and compare with others'.

Perform symbolic math operations with this free app for OS X 10.8 and up.

Reports: macOS Sierra
migration procedures and tips

Reports: Photo software
plug-ins (Nik, Macphun, etc.)

Reports: Remote access
audio sharing options

Mercury Elite Pro Dual Mini
This portable RAID storage system connects via USB-C for top speed with Apple's latest laptops.

Reports: Electricity
bonding, hum, danger, and... trackpads

Reports: Help please
random reboots

Reports: iMac
slow boot resolved

Reports: Mac marginalization
halo products, pro audio

Reports: Map apps
offline options, user interface issues

Reports: Passwords
OneLogin breach

Reports: Storage
unwanted unmounting

DaVinci Resolve
This Final Cut alternative offers so much for so little, it's almost hard to believe, but it has a strong foundation.

Reports: Lawsuits
ink cartridges and Apple vs. Qualcomm

Reports: Networking
adapter attachment vs. virtualization

Reports: Security
border searches and rental computers

Reports: Siri
silencing tips

Reports: Web browsers
stealth camera/audio recording via Chrome

"The world’s leading software containerization platform", which runs on Apple's Hypervisor framework on modern Macs, gets a security update.

Easily drag and drop all manner of media files to any iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Reports: Applications
Nikon update, Aperture v. Lightroom

Reports: Compatibility
iPhone iTunes activation versions

Reports: Virtualization
VMware notes

Reports: Apple Watch
troubleshooting tip works

Reports: iTunes
update problems for iPod Shuffle

Reports: Mac marginalization
AI, pro audio, Dell iMac competitor, new Intel CPUs

Reports: Vulnerabilities
Samba patches for Synology and QNAP

Reports: Xprotect
update issues with Apple blacklist

Touch Bar Simulator
Put a virtual Touch Bar on your non-Touch Bar Mac.

Control an interesting variety of devices from your iPhone or iPad.

Audio-Technica ATH-DSR7BT
These wireless headphones offer exceptionally high fidelity (and Hi-Res Audio over USB).

Run Apple's current web browser frameworks on old Macs.

Create, edit, control and manage OpenVPN connections with this Mac app.

Mounty for NTFS
Remount NTFS volumes for both reading and writing files with this menubar app.

Tuxera NTFS
Get full access on a Mac to Windows NTFS file systems.

Get "commercial grade" file and printer sharing software for use with Final Cut Pro, Creative Suite, Avid, and Office for Mac.

Disassemble, decompile and debug executable code.

Reports: Malware
analysis of three recent, diverse Mac malware variants

Reports: Displays
Dell 8K review

Reports: App Store
update issues, cloning, FileMaker

Reports: Authentication
travel issues, NIST, written passwords

Reports: Networking
SMB performance issue

Reports: Thunderbolt 3
half-year delays, power problems, specs and more

Apple video app patches
Apple patches a few more bugs in iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Reports: Mac Pro
4K HDMI display finally hits 60 Hz.

TechTool Pro
A new version of the venerable Mac testing and maintenance app gets a new data recovery system, cache rebuild, and more.

Adata SE730
Put 256 GB on this little, rugged SSD and connect via 10Gbps USB-C for top performance.

CFast 2.0 Pro
Ingest files from CFast media cards at high speed with this Thunderbolt 3 card reader.

Reports: Apple updates
fax support removed

Reports: Internet/phone services
American Customer Satisfaction report

Reports: iPhones/iOS
Apple battery case

Reports: macOS Sierra
unwanted behavior, Apple Data Detectors

Reports: Troubleshooting
windowserver bug and other hangs

This utility app lets you decode and manage data in a huge collection of archive formats from multiple platforms with support for Windows-compatible encryption, Apple disk images, AppleScript, 7-Zip and much more, and a new version brings a bunch of features and improvements.

Path Finder
This Finder alternative from Cocoatech offers many advantages as a replacement for Apple's default desktop app, on sale now with a new version in development.

Reports: iOS/iPhones
sudden shutdowns in iOS 10.3

Reports: iTunes
how to revert to earlier version

Reports: Networking
Sonos/SMB security issues (vs. AFP)

Reports: Yahoo
ImageMagick vulnerabilities exploited

This cross-platform, open-source password manager is compatible with KeePass files.

Reports: Mac Marginalization
pizza boxes and tips

Reports: macOS Sierra
slow Finder AppleScripts

Reports: Privacy
Apple retaining deleted data

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu AppleScript Sierra trick

Reports: Repair
Apple fighting Fair Repair bill

This open-source password manager works cross-platform (although not on iOS) without requiring any cloud.

F-Secure Key
This password manager works on iOS and OS X, and can import passwords from other programs.

Hands Off
This Mac security app, which monitors and manages access from each application to your network and storage devices, gets another update for macOS Sierra.

This Mac utility software gives you much more control than Apple does over display resolutions and configuration.

Hook up your Thunderbolt ports to high-speed networks - 10 Gb Ethernet, Fibre Channel or SFP+ (e.g. for SAN storage access).

This collection of Thunderbolt 2 and 3 adapters can connect devices via SAS/SATA, SFP+, 10G Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

USB-C to GigE
Get dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, plus a standard USB 3.0 connector, from your USB-C port.

Reports: Apple
laptop issues

Reports: Apple security
Pwn2Own patches; update question

Reports: Audio
file formats

Reports: Benchmarks
Apple laptop SSDs

Reports: Internet services
net neutrality vs. bots and monopolies

Reports: iOS 10
update problems

Reports: iTunes
problems with update, problems reverting

Reports: Mac Pro
graphics card driver/update issues

Reports: Malware
Mac developer pwned via HandBrake trojan

Reports: Phishing
DocuSign hack, scam

Reports: Apple Mail
Spotlight issues

Reports: Microsoft Office
critical security updates

Reports: Servers
file-sharing, Synology, etc.

Ray Marshall (mSeven Software) makes a major overhaul to his password manager, with some significant changes.

Reports: Apple updates
silent firmware changes, boot process

Reports: Audio
MP3 patent expires

Reports: Backup
Time Capsule known bug

Reports: Displays
Apple 30-inch replacement options and issues

Reports: Xprotect
invisible blacklist update glitches

Philips BDM4350UC
At 43 inches, this 4K display should be big enough that you shouldn't need a magnifying glass to see elements on-screen while offering a ton of visual space.

This cross-platform utility is designed to simplify installation of Linux (Elementary OS) onto a USB flash drive.

Reports: Data recovery
Carbon Copy Cloner; SpinRite and FreeDOS

Reports: Help please
encrypted disk image unmount issue

Reports: MacBook Pro
trackpad troubles and swollen batteries

Reports: Safari
10.1.1 fixes drag crash bug

Reports: Servers
performance, peripherals and prices

This stylish, cross-platform app lets you "secure, manage and trade blockchain assets", but you'll have to purchase digital currency with "fiat currency" separately.

USB-C Pro Hub
Add this aluminum appendage to your 2016 MacBook Pro to get back some of the ports you had in previous models.

Control apps like iTunes, Keynote, QuickTime and VLC on your Mac with an Apple TV Siri Remote.

This backup system specializes in saving images of your entire disk, Windows or Mac. An optional cloud backup service supports iOS devices, as well.

Viewsonic VG2860MHL-4K
This 28-inch, 4K monitor takes input from DVD-D, HDMI, HDMI MHL, DisplayPort 1.2a, and Mini DisplayPort.

The full-featured and free alternative to Microsoft Office gets another update following a major release.

This powerful, open-source graphics editor, which works across platforms (including Linux), gets a security update and crash patches.

Apple security updates
Apple pushes out a bunch of security updates for current Mac and mobile platforms (and Windows), plus an App Store update for compatibility with "future software updates", a macOS Server fix for "issues with VPP app assignment in Profile Manager" and an iTunes update for "minor app and performance improvements."

Reports: Home automation
Siri speaker, Homebridge

Reports: Internet services
Verizon email fail

Reports: Printing
HP driver update issues

Reports: Security
Intel remote hijacking flaw

Reports: Servers
DAVE SMB client; USB and performance issues

Reports: Xprotect
Apple blacklist update oddities

Iron browser
This cross-platform web browser cleans up privacy problems present in Google Chrome.

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
USB-C support and original iMac

Reports: Antivirus apps
Drive Genius, ClamXav, etc.

Reports: Safari
deleting zombie web data

Reports: Windows
massive security flaw

Visual Studio for Mac
Microsoft's "Visual Studio" development system for the Mac is actually a rebranded Xamarin. Visual Studio Code is a source code editor.

This cross-platform text editor for programmers and web developers is based on Java and supports Macs all the way back to Mac OS X 10.4.

Reports: Phishing
Apple/iCloud/iTunes scams, countermeasures, related Apple resources, etc.

Reports: Apple quality
dysfunctional "Smart Keyboard"

Reports: Apple Watch
crash fix

Reports: Malware
HandBrake malware infection

Reports: Quicken
Web Connect issues and updates

Reports: Web platforms

Adobe Flash Flaws Critical
Adobe patches "critical" security flaws in Flash that "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system" plus an "important information disclosure vulnerability" in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

FileMaker 16
Apple updates its database product platform.

Reports: Backup
CCC alerts; Time Machine purgeable flag

Reports: Help please
Continuity confusion

Reports: Linux
Mac Pro 1,1 with ESXI; Chromebook Pixel with Crouton

SanDisk Extreme 900
This rugged USB SSD offers particularly fast performance with a new MacBook Pro for large files.

Echo 15+
"Are you looking for a simple way to connect your legacy peripherals to your new MacBook Pro? Look no further..."

Reports: Remote access
Timbuktu Pro

Swift Publisher
This inexpensive page layout app includes templates, clip art, iCloud Drive support, merge and more.

Display your disk usage with this graphical app to quickly find what's sucking up all the space.

This app assists with safe removal of applications and their various assorted files.

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
delayed docks and power issues

Reports: App Store
app uninstall issues/tricks

Reports: Disk space
confusion and displays

Reports: Safari
drag crash bug

Reports: Malware
the nasty "OSX/Dok" malware, plus a new variation, Apple code signing, Xprotect updates, admin vs. non-admin accounts, daemons and launch agents, phishing warning signs, anti-malware services, and more

Reports: iPod
audio quality, alternatives, Mac support, Nano issues, Rockbox, etc.

Reports: Apple Mail
stuck download workaround

Reports: Benchmarks
Delock Thunderbolt enclosure

Reports: Internet services
remote power switch solution

Reports: Networking
file-sharing vs. OS X versions

Reports: Reminiscences
longevity of old Macs

Reports: Security
tale of compromise

Apple Financials
Apple reported its quarterly financial results today and announced its latest stock dividend, etc.

Critical Updates
This free utility is a handy way to see if Apple's security components are up to date on your Mac.

RB App Checker, Quarantine
These free utilities can check apps for security issues and quarantine status.

FastTasks 2
Among many other functions, this multi-purpose utility helps keep track of changes to your system profile over time, as well as scanning for "troublesome apps and files."

Monitor changes to your Mac file system, viewing and filtering them in a variety of ways.

Assign custom actions to touchpad gestures on macOS Sierra.

This Mac utility extends trackpad gestural capabilities and helps work around problems with Apple's latest laptop trackpads, using the Apple Accessibility interface to do its job.

Use all sorts of external controllers to trigger software actions on your Mac via programmable building blocks, timers and AppleScript.

Dangerous New Mac Malware
"This new malware – dubbed OSX/Dok — affects all versions of OSX, has 0 detections on VirusTotal (as of the writing of these words), is signed with a valid developer certificate (authenticated by Apple), and is the first major scale malware to target OSX users via a coordinated email phishing campaign."

Reports: Apple apps
iPhoto migration to Apple Photos

Reports: Help please
launch services clean-up, 'Reversetemplated' crashes

Reports: Networking
file-sharing problems after Apple security update

This very long-lived web browser offers a wealth of features for short money, plus versions for Macs that go a long way back, and a mobile version, too, which just got Handoff support and a security update to guard against IDN spoofing.

Reports: QuickTime
tips for converting abandoned Apple formats

Reports: Displays
LG UltraFine 5K review

Reports: Phishing and Scams
bad bank practices, Unicode trick/trap and Firefox tweak

Reports: Privacy
secure messaging issues

Reports: Router security
Linksys security flaws

Reports: Storage
Akitio Thunder SATAGo

Note to Readers
Here's an update on our "challenges and changes."

2big Dock Thunderbolt 3
LaCie promises a Thunderbolt 3 storage system and dock... for later this year.

OWC press releases
The long-time Mac company is promising more future Thunderbolt 3 products (although its DEC expansion base for 2016 MacBook Pros is still unavailable, following January announcements, and its Thunderbolt 3 Dock is still in pre-order status after a previous promise of full availability for February).

This full-featured network backup application offers local encryption for security, full Mac metadata support, multiple-version and changes-only backup, an open, documented storage format, bandwidth and budget controls, and more, while supporting inexpensive storage at Amazon (Amazon Cloud, AWS, Glacier), SFTP servers, NAS, Google Drive, etc.

Reports: Data recovery
detailed procedures, experiences, SSD issues and a thank you

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
dongle guide, power supplies

Reports: AirPort
uses for cheap AirPort Express

Reports: Backup
Spotlight, CrashPlan Enterprise

Reports: Help please
Spotlight/Time Machine follies

Reports: macOS Sierra
USB drive issues, locations

Reports: Safari
we trace the drag crash bug to use of an external display...

Reports: Scams
tech support scams analyzed

Reports: Storage
USB-C dongle dismounts, performance issues, Thunderbolt

Reports: Apple factories
vs. U.S. factories

Reports: Backup
WiFi options for lazy users

Reports: Internet services
ATT email problems; $1 billion Verizon fiber buy

Reports: Servers
experimenting with Ubuntu in the cloud

The modern web browser for PowerPC-based Macs gets critical security patches (plus performance improvements and bug fixes), as it tracks Firefox updates and prepares for an upcoming "Feature Parity Release 1."

Xcode "critical" bugs
Another update (less than two weeks after the last one) "fixes several critical bugs".

Reports: Email
Verizon-AOL migration and issues with authentication, POP, IMAP

Reports: Home automation
Z-Wave, Zigbee, HomeKit, Levito, OpenHAB, X10 and more

Reports: Microsoft Office
update issues, Google support

Reports: OS X Server
SMB issues, CrashPlan, filenames, HFS+ on Linux

Reports: Routers
Netgear fiasco; AirPort Express discount

Reports: Safari
drag bug; window positioning, sleep/shutdown bug, scrolling

Reports: Security
email malware, Chrome phishing vulnerability, and more

Reports: Windows
experiences and faulty hardware

Reports: Virtualization
Mo kudos; old Mac apps in JavaScript

Reports: Apple Mail
Time Machine tricks (and issues)

Reports: Networking
networking failure traced to USB adapter interference

Reports: Calendars
Google vs. iCal issue; BusyCal kudos

Reports: Email
issues with Gmail, personal domains and SPF/DKIM

Reports: Apple ID
email address issues, 2FA

Reports: Internet of Things (IoT)
PDoS attack bots, wireless TV hacking

Reports: Passwords
retrieving saved WiFi passwords

Reports: Privacy
DNSCrypt, demographic data

Reports: Security
juice jacking

Office 2011 security patch
Microsoft patches an Outlook security flaw that could let attackers "gain access to the user's authentication information or login credentials" via spoofing tricks.

Apple video app patches
Apple cleans up more bugs in its video apps and makes a few other improvements.

Nvidia Titan Xp
Nvidia's super high-powered graphics card is actually supposed to have Mac drivers soon (but you'll need a pre-2013 Mac Pro or hackintosh to host it).

BackPack for iMac
Add a handy shelf to the screen support stand of your iMac or Apple Thunderbolt Display.

DiskMaker X
Easily make bootable OS X/macOS installers on flash drives or hard drives.

Adobe Security Flaws Critical
Adobe patches "critical" security flaws in Flash, Acrobat, Adobe Reader and Photoshop CC that "allow an attacker to take control of the affected system."

Freeway Pro
This full-featured web design app, with a focus on graphic design, is currently available at a discount price with a free 30-day trial.

This web design app serves as a replacement for Apple's abandoned iWeb.

Like Apple's Continuity, this app integrates a cellphone phone with your Mac... except it works with any bluetooth phone; it works with OS X 10.9; it supports AppleScript, and more.

This Mac app offers much more flexibility for Time Machine backup scheduling.

Reports: Backup
suggestions for synchronizing two Macs

Reports: Lawsuits
print cartridge lawsuit at Supreme Court

Reports: macOS Sierra
update patch for Adobe; more display problems

Reports: Malware
nasty malvertising browser locker and iOS 10.3.1

Reports: Servers
remote problems with Mountain Lion

Xcode 8.3
Apple's software development system, which runs only on macOS Sierra, gets an update to fix "an issue that could produce app archives that were larger than necessary", following another recent update.

Reports: Apple Messages
connection confusion and tips

Reports: Apple TV
YouTube TV debuts

Reports: Phishing/scams
Apple phishing, 2FA and location confusion

Reports: Security
Broadcom WiFi attack affects Android, as well as iOS

MacInTouch Challenges and Changes
Here's an update on some MacInTouch challenges and changes.

Reports: Windows 10
data collection privacy issues

Reports: iOS 10
32-bit vs. 64-bit app confusion, an Apple "bug" that switched on iCloud services customers had turned off, plus battery life and more

Reports: 2016 MacBook Pro
booting from flash drives; Snapnator

Reports: Apple security
software updates and authentication issues (2FA)

Reports: iPads
Windows replacement pricing, iPad 5G review

Reports: MacBook Air
replacing failed SSD

Reports: User interface
the miserable mess that is iTunes (vs. the original app); tips

Reports: Messages/iCloud
a set of experiments to sort out confusing behaviors in various messaging situations

Reports: Keyboards
Logitech and Microsoft issues, wireless problems, mice

Reports: Passwords
cracking, lock-outs, LastPass flaw, Captcha, etc.

Reports: Scams
iCloud breach phone scam

iOS Security Update
iOS 10.3.1 patches a security hole that lets an attacker "execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip" (CVE-2017-6975).

Reports: Displays
various Dell 27-inch displays

Reports: iPhone security
file system encryption, firmware and secure erase

Reports: PDFs
setting preview icons for Windows