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Resource id #59SQLite 3.19.2 (Freeware)
A small, fast and reliable library designed to provide easy access to an SQL database engine on multiple platforms, including macOS

ViewedIt 1.13.0 (Freeware)
Record your screen, your current browser tab, or your camera feed and quickly share the video with others by using this simple Chrome extension

Latinum 5.2.6 (Demo)
A straightforward application designed to provide users with the necessary tools for Forex and CFDs trading and technical analysis tasks

TripMode 2.0.1 Build 490 (Trial)
Block the bandwidth usage for certain applications in order to control the traffic when connected to mobile networks, or if you have a limited quota

Xversion 1.2.5 (Trial)
Connect to Subversion repositories and manage your working copies in a well organized user interface that provides support for dealing with most tasks

Honey for Chrome 9.9.4 (Freeware)
Google Chrome extension that automatically applies coupon codes to your checkout when available, and offers you the option to browse all the coupon offers available on various stores

Touch Bar Simulator 1.2.0 (MIT License)
Places the Touch Bar panel on your desktop so you can see how the menu changes depending on the selected app and also interact with the buttons

Putty 8.0 (Commercialware)
Terminal emulator that can be used as a SSH client and provides support for other network protocols, such as FTP, Telnet, SCP, and more

Recordam 1.3.1 (Demo)
Audio recording tool that can deal with various input sources, relies on popular audio file formats, and comes with a built-in library for managing your tracks

Growly Notes 3.0 (Shareware)
Offers support for free-form note taking and enables you to organize entries by category, assign color labels, and rely on templates to save time

Copia 1.0.3 Build 528 (Freemium)
Unobtrusive and straightforward macOS utility designed to help you manage your clipboard easier via a streamlined and easy to use interface

Maxthon 5.0.18 (Freeware)
User friendly web browsing application for Mac OS X designed to help you sync your preferences to all your devices, by using the Cloud.

Outlinely 2.7.2 (Trial)
Minimalist outliner that makes it easy for you to write down notes, organize your plans, keep a journal or write blog posts using a Mac

PhoneLog Pro 3.1.2 (Demo)
A handy and user-friendly application that enables you to keep track of your phone calls by saving various details about your conversations

WOT 3.3.1 (GPL)
Browser add-on that comes with support for Safari, Firefox, Opera and Chrome and shows you which websites are trustworthy based on millions of users' experiences

Wondershare TunesGo 9.5.0 (Demo)
Bypass all the annoying iTunes restrictions and transfer music from both your Mac towards your iOS or Android device and vice-versa

Creo 1.0b6 Build 10683 Beta 6 (Freeware)
Development tool for mobile application that integrates support both for designing the user interface and writing the code that powers the utility

Bear 1.2 Build 4715 (Demo)
Writing application that comes with Markdown support and a companion iOS client that offers you the possibility to effortlessly sync the texts between devices

Wizard 1.9.7 (Demo)
Data analysis and statistics utility that offers you the possibility to analyze the information stored in XML or CSV documents and detect patterns

Conquer 1831 (Freeware)
A free-to-play MMORPG that is settled in ancient China and offers you the possibility to develop interesting characters while interacting with other players

Mac Linux USB Loader 3.4.2 (Commercialware)
Open source and free OS X utility designed to help you make a Linux flash drive capable of booting on your EFI based Mac computer

CGM rc Heli Simulator 1.473 (Demo)
An enjoyable and realistic RC helicopter simulator that enables you to pilot a wide variety of helicopters in different environments

Mumble 1.2.19 / 1.3.0 Build 2407 Dev (BSD)
A free, open-source and user-friendly voice communication application specially designed for gamers that need to chat with other players

Net.Rummy 2.8.5 (Donationware)
Keep your mind sharp by playing this Rummy based game against the computer or with your friends as long as you have an internet connection

Leawo Tunes Cleaner 3.6.0 (Shareware)
A practical and easy to use iTunes cleanup tool that offers you the possibility to quickly repair and re-organize your iTunes library.

ScaleMaster 2 1.1.2 (Commercialware)
A simple and user-friendly application specially made for musicians that want to learn more about scales and experiment with different types of scales

NP Worksheets 2.0.5 (Demo)
Lightweight and intuitive macOS application designed to make it simple and fast to design and print your own custom Number Pyramid worksheets

Sid Meier's Railroads! 1.1 (Commercialware)
A fun and engaging game where you can build a railroad empire in the location of your dreams.

Movie Maker 3.3.0 (Commercialware)
Offers you the possibility to organize your images in a slideshow, add audio effects or subtitles and then export the result to a video file

Wake 2.4.2 (Trial)
Upload images, videos and screenshots to your team's private web domain easily, facilitating communication and collaboration, with this helpful menu bar app