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Resource id #59Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.20 Build 114629 (GPL)
Cross-platform, free and general-purpose comprehensive virtualizer for x86 hardware, designed to be used for desktop, server or embedded devices

Tri-BACKUP 8.1.1 (Trial)
Reliable backup utility that makes it easy for you to protect your data by creating multiple backups on different external drives

StarMade 0.199.535 (Shareware)
Minecraft inspired space shooter sandbox game where you need to explore the surrounding space around you and to destroy all enemies in multiplayer mode

pdf2csv Convert 10.1.01 (Demo)
Convert the bank statements that you receive in PDF format to CSV files in order to import them into various finances management applications

uBlock Origin (┬ÁBlock Origin) 1.12.2 (GPL)
A straightforward and powerful general purpose blocker for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome that enables you to efficiently block unwanted content from different websites

Flux 7.0.4 (Trial)
A user-friendly, comprehensive and reliable XHTML / HTML and CSS designing tool that enables you to easily create your own websites

Coollector Movie Database 4.9.1 (Shareware)
Personalized movie database combined with a video collection manager designed to give users the option to organize video collections, rate movies or add them to a wishlist for future watching

Etcher 1.0.0 RC 4 (Apache)
Burn OS images to SD cards with the help of this minimalist application that can verify the cards before starting to burn the data

Bee 2.4.11 Build 4237 (Trial)
A streamlined task tracking and management solution and plain-text notepad for Mac with support for GitHub Issues, FogBugz and JIRA

backuplist+ 8.5.7 (Freeware)
A free and very accessible macOS application that helps you backup all your important files and folders or clone entire operating systems

csv2qbo Convert 10.1.01 (Demo)
Can convert the transactions from the account statements offered by your bank in CSV format to QBO files that are compatible with QuickBooks

Dropbox 24.4.16 / 25.3.23 Beta (Demo)
An intuitive and very easy to use application that makes backup, syncing and sharing secure and a lot easier on all supported platforms

Exodus 1.23.1 (Freeware)
Cryptocurrency manager that delivers a user-friendly environment for keeping track of your assets, sending or receiving funds, exchanging the blockchain assets to different currency, and so on

Scribus 1.4.6 / 1.5.2 Dev / 1.5.3 Build 20170423 Snapshot (GPL)
Versatile and multi-platform desktop publishing application that enables you to quickly create various types of professional looking documents

Hammerspoon 0.9.53 (MIT License)
A small and straightforward utility that makes it easy for you to perform various automation tasks on your Mac with the help of extension sets

beaTunes 4.6.14 (Trial)
Helps you analyze your iTunes library and create better playlists based on the songs genre, download missing metadata and eliminate duplicates

EVE Online 15.03.1135520 (Trial)
A massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) set in a science-fiction based, persistent world where you can explore over 7000 solar systems

Steam 04.24.2017 (Freeware)
Cross-platform and highly popular game content delivery platform, designed from scratch and developed by Valve Corporation to help gamers buy and play games from the comfort of their own computer

Vivaldi 1.8.770.56 / 1.9 RC 1 (Freeware)
A simple web browser for macOS that aims at providing a really fast experience even though it comes with limited hardware requirements

Opera 44.0.2510.1218 / 45.0.2552.453 Beta / 46.0.2573.0 Dev (Freeware)
Beautiful looking and fast web browser designed to offer its users quick access to any website via an intuitive and simple to use interface

TextSoap 8.3.4 Build 2163 / 8.4 Build 2171 Beta 2 (Demo)
Easy to use OS X utility that offers you the possibility to quickly clean your text by removing unnecessary paragraphs, tabs, and so on.

FUSE for macOS (formerly OSXFUSE) 3.5.8 (BSD)
A powerful software solution for macOS designed to help you extend the list of file systems handled by your computer or create new ones.

Rewind 1.2.1 Build 124 (Demo)
Records your Mac's screen together with the sound captured by your microphone and the system audio, and enables you to rewind the latest 60 seconds of activity

Allavsoft (Demo)
Downloader tool that can save to your drive videos hosted online, offers you the possibility to record new content, integrates conversion capabilities, and more

Dolphin 5.0 / 5.0-3441 Dev (GPL)
A free and very useful application designed to act as a GameCube or Wii emulator and to bring the console gaming experience to your desktop

R 3.4.0 (GPL)
Provides quick access to a language that enables you to perform the statistical analysis of various types of data and generate graphics for the results.

Kodi 17.1 / 18.0 Build 20170423 Alpha 1 (GPL)
A practical, smooth-running and intuitive multimedia player and entertainment hub that enables you to enjoy your digital media form within a well-designed interface

ExactScan Pro 17.4 (Trial)
Lightweight and powerful macOS utility that makes it simpler and easier to use your scanner with your Mac for obtaining high quality scans of your documents

ExactScan 17.4 (Trial)
Streamlined and powerful macOS application designed to make it easy to you scan your document faster and easier using a Mac and a supported scanning device

BombSquad 1.4.116 (Shareware)
Interesting arcade-style collection of mini-games where you can throw bombs at opponents, race against them or toss them off cliffs