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  • Leaked Trump Plan To 'Nationalize' Nation's 5G Networks A Bizarre, Unrealistic Pipe Dream
  • US Telcos Threatened With Loss Of Government Contracts If They Do Business With Huawei
  • Trump's New Rural Broadband Executive Order Doesn't Actually Do Much Of Anything
  • AT&T, Huawei Phone Partnership Killed At Last Second By More Unproven Accusations Of Huawei Spying
  • Chicago Considers Another Dumb 'Texting And Walking' Law To Raise Revenue
  • Competition Dodges A Bullet As T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Dies
  • Giant International Egos May Derail The Sprint T-Mobile Merger
  • Wireless Carriers Again Busted Collecting, Selling User Data Without Consent Or Opt Out Tools
  • Mission Accomplished: Ajit Pai's FCC Declares Wireless Competition Issues Fixed
  • After Backlash, Verizon Will Give Rural Data Users A Bit More Time To Get The Hell Off Its Network
  • Prepare For An Epic Bullshit Sales Pitch For The Competition-Killing Sprint, T-Mobile Merger
  • Verizon Hangs Up On Tens Of Thousands Of 'Unlimited' Wireless Customers For Using Too Much Data
  • Unlimited Data Customers Report Fewer Network Problems Than Capped Users
  • Verizon Begins Throttling Wireless Users, Effectively Bans 4K Streaming
  • Canada Appoints Lobbyist To Top Telecom Regulator, Follows US Down The Regulatory Capture Rabbit Hole
  • Verizon Throttles Netflix Subscribers In 'Test' It Doesn't Inform Customers About
  • Comcast, Charter May Soon Get Even Larger With Joint Acquisition Of Sprint
  • Wall Street Still Annoyed That Competition Forced Wireless Carriers To Bring Back Unlimited Data Plans
  • Wireless Data Revenues Dip For First Time in Seventeen Years -- Thanks To A Crazy Little Thing Called Competition
  • AT&T Unveils A Fake 5G Network In The Hopes You'll Ignore T-Mobile Is Kicking Its Ass
  • T-Mobile Backs Off Added Fee For HD Streaming As Unlimited Data Wars Heat Up
  • A Little Something Called Competition Forces Verizon To Bring Back Unlimited* Data
  • New FCC Boss Kills Zero Rating Inquiry, Signals Death Of Net Neutrality Enforcement
  • Report: President Trump Picks Former Verizon Lawyer Ajit Pai To Head FCC
  • FCC's Wheeler May Need To Stick Around If He Doesn't Want His Legacy Demolished

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  • Signal Fade
  • Taco Bell Refries Wi-FI
  • Boingo Adds Gogo Support
  • Cablevision Bumps Wi-Fi Speed Significantly
  • AT&T Gives Free Wi-Fi to 20 New York Parks
  • Free Wi-Fi in New York's DUMBO Neighborhood
  • Alaska Airlines Completes Wi-Fi Install
  • Tempe Wins Suit over Wi-Fi Hardware
  • Towerstream's Plan for Manhattan-Fi
  • T-Mobile Adds Free Wi-Fi Calling
  • American Airlines Trials In-Plane Streaming
  • False Kid Porno Raid Gets Media Play
  • Eye-Fi's Direct Mode Turns Card into Hotspot for Mobile Transfers
  • Metro-North Has Secret Wi-Fi Train
  • US Airways Sees Low Internet Usage

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